Wednesday, June 30, 2010

its 8am.. another sleepless night... 
staying up to the early mornings watching movies and sex and the city..
having the best breakfast.. and yet still hungry
but something happened this morning that i found amazing
for one.. im up this early..
and 2, it was so cold today that everything frosted over
cant tell the difference..
closer look!
how pretty is it!!
anyways should get some sleep.. i have work tonight!! ><
the voice in my head is british at the moment, cant control that after watching a couple of british movies.. so everything i am typing at the moment.. sounds british.. imagine it
i am currently freezing and my hand is completely numb.
ok, i've gotten into a much more comfortable position now.
i've been meaning to blog lately since i've been home bound for a while due to the fact that we only have one working car at home.
mum just needs my car to get to work as her ones being fixed and no one is able to go pick it up..
aw dave moved his head.. i was just using it as an arm rest..hehehe
anyways i am in the best of moods..
pondering on what i should buy next...
i was thinking that since i dont have a car at the moment, my impulsive buying would stop for a bit.. which is such a great thing!
it means that i havent broken into my work money nor have i spent the 50 i've been saving since last week.
with my next work payment on sunday and tuesday i might have enough to get myself a new phone =)
how awesome is that! i am so thrilled at the moment.
i payed for my tickets to defqon and winterbeats.. and daves too.. got the book i wanted from the internet, getting  my current blackberry fixed and soon after i would be able to buy myself a new phone!! ^__^
which also leads to the new erge to get a piercing..

yes.. i have many already.. and yes they all dont turn out well.. but GOSH! how much i love piercings..
they are so fussy.. and i am not a careful person.. so i always get them infected..
but i honestly dont care.. i love the pain and the thought of something in me.. wow that sounded horrible..
But!! here are some of my thoughts on what to get..

im going to get a dermal on my belly for sure.. 90$

i dont know weather to go for more earrings.. which would be the triple tragus, a chaffe piercing, or more dermals along my back.
you guys can choose those ones.. lol cause i'll end up getting them all but i dont know where to start..
AND im contemplating on weather i should get my nipple pierced or not..
i would love to, but the thing is.. i've heard too many bad stories about them that they kinda scare me..
friend from tafe, her one got ripped out.. and im ok with other piercings getting ripped out..
but if i end up with half a nipple.. i dont know what i'd do..
BUT! then again.. how many people have nipple piercings.. right..??

anyways i wanted to get my hair done.. and buy new shoes.. thats how bad my complusive spending is..
but i had no way of getting there! which means i didnt spend my money!! how proud are you of me YAY

ok i'll stop talking about money

i'll talk about love..
i've been watching love stories lately and i've just been thinking..

what ever happened to those thoughts of that one person..
i know this might sound all shitty n stupid if u didnt see it at my current point of view..

But do u remember in those movies we use to watch..
where the guy sees the girl.. and just says.. "im going to marry her one day"
and how certain he was of things..

was that in how i met your mother..?? i think it was..

i really meant to say cornier movies.. u can imagine it right??

at the moment in life, i feel as tho i dont have those thoughts anymore and i cant understand why..
and not just for myself.. but for my friends to find the person they are going to marry..
is everyone just a huge asshole or a big slut for us that we possible take the seriously enough to even consider them?

hahaha i sound so silly at the moment..

i just hated the thought that as we got older.. all that dream and fantasy died out..
those old thoughts of love... not the naive ones..
the ones where u were able to feel something special..

i cant talk tho... i have so much floating issues about love these days..
cant bare to let myself fall into any of that again..
dont want to feel stupid and used by the end of it..

you know what tho.. i am with such an amazing person..
and what makes me feel so wonderful is that everyone actually likes him too =)
and not faking it like everyone else i have a slight interest in.. haha..
well.. sides the girls.. every time i tell someone i like a girl all they say is 'nice' hhahaha

ohh! i am also over my small lesbian crush.. haha she was hot while it lasted.. but i started dreaming of that other girl again.. LOL
cant control what you dream of hey..
well time to get back to keeping dave warm..
his been sick lately so its the most i can do ^__^

also i think im allergic to band-aids... they r making me rash up..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my goal.. YES i finally have one !!!

my goal is to save up enough money to buy myself a new phone.. =)
im hoping to get the new while blackberry bold outright! =D im unsure how much it is..
it should be around the same price as my last blackberry right..?? only this time i dont lose the outter case for it, i actually take care of it and i dont open it up.... -_- LOL
i am also selling my blackberry storm.. i will not however sell it to my friends cause that would be a nasty thing to do.. i think i'll bring it to cash converters or something n see how much im able to get for it..

(the battery died again.. and im not waiting for another one, other than that it works as well as a blackberry storm 1 should)

im also hoping to save more money and get myself an ipad as well.. =) not that i need one atm.. but seeing as they are cheap, and apple products do have a higher networking ability than any other products due to the vasely growing applications they have.. i thought i'd get myself a little apple in my life.
i still would rather prefer a blackberry over the iphone anyday..

i think i've saved enough money for vietnam.. cause my mums going to give me some money to go =) also.. its super cheap there.. live like queens with only 100$.. lol

im also hoping to finally go to the hairdressers and get my hair done, however i dont want to spend much and i dont know what hairdressers to go to..
and suggestions??
i wanna get blonde put into it like i had in highschool, and i want a small trim..

i have an hour to work n no car, daves walking me to work today ^__^

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

gahh another day to work on my assignments.. *horay..*
but because i lost my other one i had to re-do it.. and starting from scratch on oils are so difficult.. cause there is just so much thinking involved.. you have to work by layers, using funky mediums.. woo.. but! i manage!! =D
heres how it is now, i have to work through it again with 'fat' medium.. lol fat..
you likey??

soo i have a lot of photos to show off =D yayy..
first are my tickets!!!

to Winterbeatz !!!! woo!! i cant wait to see Ne-yo

i love his new song Beautiful monster.. <3

also my bracelette from albert!! (the one on top)
its 9crt gold >< wonder how much that wouldve cost him.. cause the one at the bottem that my mum bought was 300$
the celebration at pho on my real birthday..
tho it wasnt much of a celebration.. WHICH WAS AWESOME..
the best cake out of the 3 i bought for all the parties..
baked ricotta cake.. YUMM!!!
we stayed at pho for 3 hours blocking one of the big tables off because we were so busy in our own little world just talking and talking.. that we later went to the cafe and had some hot drinks to continue our talking..
tho 2 people have clocked out of the conversation by that time =P
warren was on his phone talking to a girl!!! ooOOoooo
and albert was so died from playing with his phone.. LOL not really but ever since his gotten his iphone to knock out his previous 5-6 years old tiny slide phone.. he was very very intrigued with the new technology..

at home and dave had a quite night drinking our new tea flavours and eating the left overs from the BBQ
it doesnt look as nice as it sounds or smells but its tea.. so what do you expect right ?
at tafe there was this girl that would always have a water bottle everyday.. but in the water bottle was these funky little floating things cause chia seeds..
they look like this..  but when they are added to water they start to look like this
 we put them in everything now.. lol

well i got so much for my birthday... so much lingerie that is.. so i decided to lay them out and see how many i actually have..
i can not count... i think it was 25?
but yeah.. all sorts of shapes and colours... all different things...
i've noticed that i no longer have anything to buy at the cheaper section of bras and things and have opened my spending range too around 100$ and over there..
cause the last 2 times i've been there i've spent around 150-170$ on each occasion.. lol
the most funny thing of all this is that i dont even wear it... lol
not even for dave..

HOLY CRAP.. i just realised.. there is more costumes!! i didnt include anything i've made..
so theres mummy, Christmas, Alice, mermaid, geisha, goth, emo, my little gay vest and my formal dress..

oh btw! thank you for everyone for helping me build my collection..
i wish i were able to hand them up instead of having them all stuffed into a drawer

well i gotta get painting, chao!

Monday, June 21, 2010

i was thinking this morning while sleeping in for the first time after my birthday, i was just wonndering would people forget me if i died like they did him..??
its only been 2 years and it feels like no one really remembered that a friend of ours from school passed away.

would my death be like that too? would people forget me when im gone?
i always thought that when you died, you would always be there with-in someone, they'll always remember you and always have a happy thought about you.. or is that too naive
in all honestly tho.. in reality things are different.. right?
people move on and get over things..

its just a sad thought

on a happier thought, my birthday was quite enjoyable.
i got soo much this year!!
i got a new playboy bunny suit with the official 50th aniverary bunny ears, tails, cuffs and collor.
i got 150$ gift card from warren, I KNOW RIGHT!! HOW SWEET IS HE =D
and i got a lot of alcohol... lol, I DONT DRINK!!
i hope people like re-gifted alcohol.. haha sorry.. it just feels like such a waste on my shelf..

im so busy with my work at the moment, i havent finished anything yet so im hoping for an extention because i started all over again.
so i shall talk soon! i miss everyone so much that i really wish to see everyone again soon!!!
R.I.P Luis Lovero

Its been another year and so much has happened since you were gone

Thank you heaps for all the birthday wishes.. and all the ones on my phone too ^__^ 
And the ones in person =D

this year has really been the best
so its my birthday.. another year older.. blah blah blah..

as disapointed as i was with last nights turn out.. this year has actually been a very sucessful year!
i am currently happy, i am finacially stable, im still at tafe.. barely.. and just many things have changed for the good.. sides the fact taht i've become more of a bitch =D but thats ok i guess.
so heres to being 20..
it has been a long and yet short time getting here.. and it was completely worth it..
i am so thankful for everyone that i've met and everything that has happened to lead to this moment..

i hope that i am this happy when im 40..
and hopefully by then i would know what i want in life =)

but for now im just going to live with anything and everything that is thrown my way ^__^

Friday, June 18, 2010

holy crap!!! big party at my place tomorrow and i need to get everything prepared!!!! i'm expecting a lot of people =( i dont know how many cause most of them RSVP'd to both mine and marieas birthday..  but GAHH!!!

i need to buy food..
is it better to just rather 'not' do something?

im at the biggest brain fart at the moment cause there is lasani in front of me.. =(
i'll re-phrase that line sooner or later

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HII!! im finally able to blog cause i have about an hour before work starts..
i am also pretty sure i am a little sick because i've been so tired lately and waking up feeling like crap, even if i've had more than 10 hours of sleep.

there was a plane crash yesterday right near daves place just 2 streets away, and we had awoken by his parents telling us to go outside and look. we were too tired to.. Lol but because of the crash we had lost power in most of the canley area, so we had to go back to my place for a hot shower and anything electric..
i found this funny tho
click here for more info about the crash

i've been playing with my camera a lot lately.. not enough.. but enough to figure out that the flash isnt as easy as it looks.. lol there is so much more to understand about it.. but since i am doing a photography coarse at tafe, i'll learn it all in due time ^__^

i love these photos, the lighting was perfect..
we look like we're glowing since we're both wearing white.. lol
you know.. honestly.. i still find it really weird that i ended up with david from school.. LOL its just something i really never pictured.. so when i do actually look at pictures of us.. i just start to wonder how things like that happen.. and what our other school friends think o_O

new sunnies.. lol

i dont like the thought of taking lovos too much, but i believe that it is nice once in a while.. just looking back on them you could really see yourself grow..
and as always, i never ever edit myself.. it just ruins the concept i just mentioned.. lol

i had an interesting weekend this long weekend, i went out on Saturday and Sunday for a little bit of shopping therapy..  it helped heaps =P
we went to buy the flash on sat as well as what i'll be wearing for my birthday
and went to DFO with my mum on sunday.
found myself a nice dress that was marked down from 140$ to 35$ woo!
tho i dont know when i'll ever wear it..

on monday Tim took me out to the city ^__^
he had his parents over from vietnam and i mentioned that i've never been to Sydney tower.. so they invited me to come along with them ^__^ they are so sweet.. he surprised me with a little cake as well
because he might not be able to make it to my birthday =(
i still havent had any of that cake tho.. looks yummy

Seal Doppelgänger!!!

Wayy too much HIMYM
im so hungry..

we went shopping yesterday 
look what i found at the shops..
they look like this.. and taste hella weird.. just a very strong taste of broccoli and a very hard crunchy texture..
it was nice actually.. i also bought myself some grape fanta.. that was yummy..

after we got home we walked the dogs.. 
All 4 of them..
guess how that went?? haha
it was so much fun.. hard tho.. dave had 2 of the dogs and i had the other 2.. 
the fat one was running all the way around the block ^__^ 

and i experimented with my sony camera..
wish i didnt have to rush it like i am this blog.. think the pictures wouldve looks better..
but it just shows you dont really need an SLR.. tho i guess the sony camera is much more better than my old cameras

Sunday, June 13, 2010

twas a very lovely and tiring day today..

last night we slept late due to the fact that steve pulled a sicky so i had to cover his shift.. AND that albert was a tad over his limit at 3am and we picked him up from livo =)

anyways, so we've been talking.. and it turns out that i am the girl that gets everything she wants.. =D
heres how things work..

i tell my dad everything that is very very expensive that i aint able to buy myself.. or make.. and he does it for me ^__^
i told him the other day that i wanted to buy a flash for my camera.. and bam
also told me to buy a tripod while im at it
though he didnt buy these for me, he gave me money for it.
he ended up giving my an envelop the other day full of money, cause i was too tired to get up, he put it in an envelop and left it under my door.. then he went to work. horrible hey..
he gave me 1000$ to get clothes too =)
and i put some money away for defqon and neyo tickets, we're now also going to kevins smiths show so i got to save for that too ^^
i also bought Omni-bounce, which was 50$ gosh thats expensive for a piece of plastic..
and finally got myself a lens protecter

today i had to work as well because kimmy pulled a sicky...
well not really.. cause it was her mums birthday today and she wanted a day off to spend time with her mum =)
but i was really tired after 2 days of horrible sleep and work..

tmr we're getting up early to go to DFO again, want to take my mum there for a little shopping.. ^__^

ohhh and heres some photos from tonight
i miss mariea, im glad i was able to see her again ^^

omg some girl was talking about boobs today in the toilet.. and was talking to her friend and said "at least yours are real" then looked at me -_-''
stupid bitch
MY BOOBS ARE 100% REAL!!! just cause u are short, ass-less and boob-less.. does not mean all of the asian population is..
although.. most are.. LOL

well should get to bed ^__^ i have a big day tmr too