Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stuck in the middle

They have currently told us that there is nothing more they can do..

and this makes me so frustrated because it makes me feel so horribly useless..

i just want to scream out to the whole world and let them know that life shouldn't taken for granted..

i have so much on my mind i want to let out, but i just dont know how to say it, or when i do have the words for it, i forget it afterwards..

so i guess i'll just ramble on about what i do remember.

Life can be taken away so easily. you can be saving up for your dream life style and suddenly there is just no point because you are stuck in a bed waiting to die.
when you die, all the money and things you have wont go with you to heaven or whatever anyone else believes in, and if you were able to trade it all for your life or health, you cant.. it doesnt work that way.

Dont destroy your body and hope that one day when you stop hating the world, the world will give back to you. because it might just do it.. but that's just taking it away from the people who havent spent almost all their lives destroying their own body.
If you arent happy with who you are and what you are doing, change it. if you are healthy now than its not too late to change.

it is not wrong to be confident, just dont be cocky..

Dont wish for life or this world to be a better place, Change it to be better.

Stop complaining about the little things in life.

*sigh* well i should get some sleep.. i've been up all night researching about cancer..
Made my own little fact sheet..
click for larger picture.

death is a sad thing.. it always is..

but when the person you know is suffering before death also, its hard to comprehend.

Just dont let it happen to you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

EB Expo & Masterchef live

Dont mind my spelling and grammar mistakes, i haven't slept yet.. and its 7am ><

 EB Expo!

This year was the first year ever EB expo. The EB expo is a 3 day event showcasing all the latest games, where you can play for the first time in Australia before their release.
 All the gaming brands you could name and things you didnt think would be there, were all there..
Dave and i didn't actually get a change to test out any of the games because we didn't want to wait so long in the lines. and if we ever did end up getting to a game, we wouldn't be on it for too long anyways because we'd feel guilty making other people wait.
 its cause i betrayed him and wore a superman shirt that day. i dont even like superman!
My favorite game.. i stay up all night for weeks trying to finish it on my 3DS, then when i finish, i restart and try to beat my record.. 
Scorpion <3 2="2" and="and" are="are" but="but" cool="D<br" enough="enough" from.="from." game="game" geeky="geeky" guys="guys" hellsing="hellsing" im="im" know="know" looked="looked" mario="mario" not="not" other="other" still="still" the="the" they="they" to="to" war="war" which="which">
 they were showing and letting people play around with the new Parrot AR DRONE 2.0 which can be powered by an android or iPhone!


he let me hold his gun =D
 My favorite game as a kid. i wish they would bring back the old version on our newer consoles..
She is sooo hot!!!!!!!!! i cant get over how hot she is!! she gave me her card :)
i now need a 8bit costume and then i can rule the 8bit world!!
Minecraft sword, i have never actually played minecraft, people told me there were zombies in it so i avoided it.. but then dave showed me what their zombies looked like.. so im able to play!! yay =D

My rooms messy cause i've been trying to make more cosplay. 
 we also got the axe too for daves brother/sister
 we got some photos taken too, only as souvenir
but they told us to buy 2 tickets because there are 2 of us.. then when we went to get the photo the other people told us we could get 2 different pics cause we had 2 tickets.... so.. we ended up with 2 pictures..

Masterchef Live

Its that time of the year again where foodies all group together to enjoy the success of which Masterchef has provided.. Expo style!!
 this guy was showing us how to peel a pear without a peeler.
 Best Blueberries!!! Australian Blueberries
 This is an awesome idea too!!!
i wanted to get one for my parents, but if it dies, it be a lot of money loss :(
 Debbie!! the girl works so hard!! but thanks to her i was able to get free tickets and give a few out to some of my awesome friends :)
Mini herbs!! they are so cute!!! i want some :)
my first ever greek salad, i've never tried it cause every time i go to get a salad i always chose Caesar!
cutting up the lamb his been smoking for a while now, we were first in line and got ourselves 2 plates so we didnt need to share :)
This was actually made to promote a cooking school instead of a brand.
 it was so good!!! you really do taste the smoked flavour.

Himalayan Salt BBQ hot stone!!!! i think this is amazing, it cooks you're food, packed with flavour from the healthy mineral Himalayan salts , self cleaning, as it is naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial

that slab was $40 and could get up to 150 to 200 uses out of it!! thats frikin awesome!!! but we never managed to get back to the stall to buy it :(
This place was so lovely!! they kept giving me freebies :) i have yet to try their pastries though, i've just been so stuffed with other sweets that i dont have enough dessert stomach to hold it all :(
The Sweet Spot Patisserie i couldnt find their website, but i found their eatability page.
Chocolate sculpture by "Choc'O'holic" i cant find their website :( its such a shame cause their chocolates were awesome!! also.. more freebies!! YUMM!! 
(edited, i found their website!
 i was actually talking to the maker of the chocolate sculpture as well as the owner of the store, he said he entered that into the Hunter Valley chocolate competition, and i was telling him how i watching the world chocolate competition and when the sculptures are ready to the stand, they have to move it, and most of them end up breaking before getting to the stand. and he told me his one broke too!!!! its so heartbreaking.. :(

i love this!!! a man out there spreading the word of peace :)
its beautiful.

 minis from the sweet spot.
 i only ordered 4 but they threw in an extra one for me :)
 Freebies from the sweet spot.
 Chocolates from "Choc'o'holic"
 We are almost out of Lychee Balsamic vinegar (which, if anyone is interested you can get from here
but we thought we'd try something different this time and ended up getting apple balsamic instead from

Both beautiful products. amazing on salads, you really taste a strong hint of lychee/apple.
the usual buys from Zumbos, Macarons.
and the V8 cake
sugar pink ribbons from Sweet Cake Decorations, for my pink ribbon breakfast. 
the lady was telling us that they were fragile so we have to be careful, and i ended up dropping them.. luckly nothing broke :)

Debbies and Nathans 21st

So last weekend was my old/new friend Deborah birthday.
I've known her for so long now, since high school but we were never proper friends till recently. we've became a little closer thanks to facebook, exchanging small gifts and stuff from our brother but never actually meeting because of our schedule clash. i find it a little funny that we've gotten closer through internet but we live so close to each other.

well it was her 21st birthday recently and as an events organiser, she organised a giant party for her and her best friend Nathan at the Shelbourne hotel to celebrate :)

The 21st cake she ordered was recommended to me by Tina, it is actually her bosses shop, a little hobbie on the side to make cakes! 
you can find her here Cake?

i was able to get a piece of the cake, (they had a little bit of difficulties when cutting it cause there was no knife, and every one was too busy dancing to eat afterwards)
But i did cut myself a little bit while everyone was dancing, and the cake was amazing!! i always found that cakes that are so pretty like that never taste as nice, but this one was moist and tasted as lovely as it looks, so i highly recommend this her work :)
also, we ordered this a week earlier, (honestly, not enough notice for a baker) and they did it all within a week.
 Birthday boy and girl
 some munchies supplied by the hotel
 Debs siblings, i've known mark for a long time now, he always comes over and his my favorite out of all my brothers friends (i can say that, if you met him, you'd know what im talking about, his just so loveable) 
and Beryl, my new BFF lol!!! she is only 14, which makes me feel horribly old.. but after talking to her for a day while we were making cake pops, i realised that we have so much in common!! its so nice :) i feel like i can talk to her for ages. 
she also showed me youtube videos... lol!!! (Pikachu on acid and desktop stripper!! LOL)
 Debs awesome friends
 The lady of the night :)

Her dress looks so amazing!!!
They are so cute together, their not a couple though, but you can see how close they both are :)

Deborah really pulled off an amazing party!!!
she even got a photo booth!

i wish we were closer before, shes been such a great person..