Friday, December 31, 2010

one night left before the year is completely over...

Soo a list of 10 things that happened this year =D
1. i started working at little star.. yes.. that happened this year
2. i saw lady gaga and neyo in concert
3. i fell in love with avocado
4. i started blogging about food
5. i finally went to Qld
6. i finally gained weight =D (6 kilos)
7. kiet n vicki had a baby
8. i met kim, neaw n lisa =D
9. i joined the gym
10. dave moved in

n my new years resolution
1. save money
2. go somewhere
3. be fit
4. figure out wat i wanna do still...
5. make more time for art..
6. stop eating shit
7. be nicer
8. gossip less

=D sounds simple enough.. sides the last one.. think its gonna b hard not to cxomplain bout stupid people.. but i'll try
i love swimming =D
we also went to the beach lst night too ^__^

well i wish everyone a happy new year
and just remember, if this year wasnt the best.. then there is always next year.. right?? 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

look what davie got me =D!!
matches the one quine got me. only the fish is gold =(

anyways i have some awful restraunt reviews!
ok, first, we had dinner with kim a couple of weeks ago at santos after work.
i ordered an oyster plater! baked oysters with a creamy sauce coated with cheese.. YUMM!!!
it was yummy.. but a bit pricey.. still.. oysters are always worth it..
i also got myself some crab meat pasta.. which was nice but not as nice as the one from 3one7 =)
kim only got dessert.. ice cream coated with chocolate..
steve, neaw and regan got the fettuccine avocado, but it wasnt as good as it normally is..
and dave got the risotto marinara, he said it wasnt that great..
and kevin got a chicken ceaser salad, he kept complaning about how the chicken seemed microwaved.. and he told us the next day that he ended up with food posioning from the salad.. =(
the thing about santos is that sometimes its nice.. than when they change cooks, it isnt..

but you know what is amazing!!! a sandwich i got at parramatta.. but i compeletly forgot the name of it!!! >
me and my mum shopping!! tehehe man i spent wayy too much

me and davie went to stockies the other day and ended up eating at viaggis..
i ordered a mussels tapas plate, the only thing there that was nice
dave got the same thing as before, risotto marinara.. this one was really raw.. it was so gross..
i got the chicken avocado salad.. the avocado was yummy.. but everything else.. man you know when salad isnt washed it tastes really really dirty.. well this salad tasted really dirty..
and as always their pasta tastes off..
it was really sour.. and tasted like it was pre cooked weeks ago then re-heated!
couldnt finish anything.. it was really that bad..

the service is the worse ever... ever..

man i am wayy too distracted to write at the moment.. but i finally got the internet back.. haha

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a couple of new things in life =D

i recently signed up for the gym.. Which is a big step for me cause i never ever saw the day.. but i love it.. it gives me more energy and its quite fun so i want to get more people into it.. and i honestly thought it was for faggy guys that wanna buff up for no reason, or girls who think they are too fat when they aint.. but its more too that.. LOL
so i've gotten a free pass to anyone who wants to try it out with us one day =)

my goal is to be healthy enough to donate blood, so when i get my cholesterol down, and zinc up.. then get re-checked for everything else.. i shall donate blood =D!

another thing.. i got an extra 100$ bonus for working on Christmas.. =D so that makes... 700$ for that week ^__^! and im working through new years as well.. so i'll get another bonus.. =D

the only bad thing about getting more money.. is i've been spending it all as well =(
i've put 250$ away.. and i spent the rest already >
but who could resist buying things on boxing day sales.. haha

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

it has been such a busy busy week.. and i can not believe it is that time of the year again!! i love christmas.. there is so much down fall towards it tho.. but i love it.. it is such a jolly time =D everyone gets to be a little bit giving.. and a little bit selfish.. 
i've spent soo much money this year on my christmas.. but i got heaps of presents this year =) (the most i've ever gotten actually) so i guess i am pretty happy.. not cause of the presents, but cause i was special enough to receive
some =)
i found this laying at home when i got back.. hehe a cute little something from lynda
i love all the little things that lynda gives, they are so special =) tho they were a little crumbled when i opened it.. but it doesnt matter.. tastes the same in my mouth =D!
thank you heaps lynda! they were yummy! i ate them all wrapped in some spicey seaweed.. hahaha
this was from lana and ajay, its the only thing i asked for really.. lol i thought it was super cute.. and it makes me smile.. cause its just too cute.. Thank you girls =D
Big box of chocolates from warren.. i will never finish that.. HAHA there is just wayy too much there!!
thanks warren!! i still owe u your proper gift!!
this was from my boss! O_O!! she is too nice to me =D 
something from gilly n almerik
WOO! if you guys dont know how to play, then tough.. but it is an awesome game =D thanks to almerik, king of board games.. always chooses these awesome funky ones..
Thank you guys so much! dave pretty much jizzed his pants when he saw it
something sexy from neaw =D haha and the spicey seaweed i was eating the shortbread with ^__^! 
Thank you neaw! me and dave love it.. hahah

i also got other gifts that i didnt take a picture of.. but i got a paint set from leanne ^_^ which would come in handy soon! so thank u heaps leanney, and dave really loves his gifts too..  
and this is what i got dave =D!
my one was a birthday gift from neaw and steve.. and i bought dave the other bunny and the matching costumes =D hehe and a banana.. LOL

so i would just like to thank everyone for making this such an awesome christmas for me and dave =)

well.. it has been PACKED at work lately.. and we are so understaffed its crazy! steven had just gone to the gold coast to celebrate with his family and mariea quit.. so there isnt much of us left =(
so i ended up working a lone yesterday on a friday shift, and it was only me, quine and ken.. and we were so busy that everyone in their family had to help out.. uncle took some orders and also cleaned tables, both of quines mum and aunty was washing up like crazy in the back.. and even the kids were helping pack away from tables too! lol and i havent seen quine have to work that hard in ages.. 
but it was such a good night for us =)
im now going to be working 12 days straight.. since Wednesday.. >< but! its alright.. i get a day off on the 3rd to spend with dave =D so if anyones free then.. WANNA GO BEACH???!!! cause i do! 

oh ohh! we also went shopping! it was such a great thing that westfields parra was open for 36hours.. cause we were able to finish work and just go shopping =)
it was a hectic day for me and steve.. we got up at 11 to go gym, and after gym dave had to go work.. but we were there till 2pm.. then me and steve ended up going swimming, and it is soo good swimming after the gym..
after that.. we both went to work.. Then shopping.. hahah packed day
but we could not wake up the next day.. we were soo high the night before.. then crashed completely the day after.. haha
i ended up buying new shoes.. A little gift for my self =)
woo shoes!

anyways, daves parents are back from their hoilday =D brought me back a tshirt from movieworld =D
didnt bring dave anything.. LOL!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

when you keep telling yourself a lie, you will end up believing that the lie is true..

i have a restaurant review today! tho we were there on sunday, i finally have time to actually blog about it
we went to parramatta cause i didnt want to eat anywhere around the area.. and thought we'd try something new and decided to go to restaurant 3one7, it had lots of radio ads.. lol  (also, cause we didnt know which italian restaurant to go to so we ended up going to the one we heard on the radio)
lemon lime bitters for me n dave =D
garlic bread as starters, it was average..
dave went with procuitto wrapped chicken with napoleon sauce.. it was yummy! but it looked small.. tho dave still managed to get full off it
lana got the spagettie napoleon, just a normal dish, but it was beautiful
and i got gnocchi with a crab meat in a creamy red sauce..
IT WAS AMAZING!! lol was sooo big as well that i couldnt even finish it..
the thing about this restaurant was that it has such a large gluten free menu, and i decided to try the gnocchi gluten free, it cost a little extra but it tastes the same, which would be awesome for people who have a problem eating things such as wheat.. like lana.. lol tho she didnt get a gluten free dish, she didnt get that sick.

after struggling on trying to finish my dish.. and debating weather or not to get dessert.. we ended up choosing the creme brulee
it was sooo good! the best thing ever.. it was light, yet still thick and creamy.. if that makes sence..
was so yummy..
i lightly recommend the restaurant, it had amazing service, such friendly and fast waitstaff, the food isnt too expensive, ambiance could be better, but the food is really good =D
man i am so craving the creme brulee atm..
Anywhos, i made dinner tonight cause it is my day off  =D
YAY!! day off.. then!! 6 days straight of work =( boo..
i made my family some pork roast and roasted pumpkins.. im not the biggest fan of pork.. and i thought this would be so dry but it was so nice, im very proud of myself =)
tho i didnt make the crust right, i needed to add a butt load of sea salt to it to make it crackle.. but i didnt want to add that much salt.. O_O
 but it turnt out better than i expected, so im happy =D my parents really like it as well which  is awesome and davie isnt home yet to try it =(
 lana, dave and i also stumbled upon some of ben and jerry ice cream at a small cafe in front of borders in parramatta westfields cause loft? or something.. and thought we'd give it a try cause gillian raved on about it haha
we tried the chocolate fudge brownie and the strawberry cheesecake
and it was SOO NICE!!! hahaha sorry, i feel like a shitty reviewer cause i keep saying everything is nice =D!
but it is!
it was so rich, but not sickening like magnums are..

yumm.. i want some of those too.. ^__^ i want sweet things!! >=(

i was mucking around with make up before cause i was super bored and thought i could do with some new lovos =D
tho i always feel guilty taking lovos.. 
i was caking on my make up as well.. haha and it makes me feel so silly cause i look like a drag queen.. but in photos my skin looks perfect! lol
tho you know something, i do believe the camera adds some weight to you, cause i believe my body is fine in real life, but in photos i look tubby.. lol unless of course if u always do the same slant to make ur face look skinnier.. lol
but there are soo much tricks and things people use behind the camera to make someone look amazing.. like celebs =P
but it is so much fun taking photos.. haha =D and playing with make up ^__^
OH! another reason why i was playing with make up was that i got a little foundation sample from loreal and thought i'd try it out
it was oone of thier recent products out on the market, they sent it ages ago but i completely lost it till now.
i've always liked mousse, cause its light.. but it just means u have to cake it on to make it work right?? well, i think it made my skin really dry looking yet the texture was a little oily.. which is awful! LOL but i guess, different people have different skin right?? it just made my skin really dry..

anyways, im off to daves place, we havent been there in so long, but we're house sitting while they go on holidays! and you know what that means =D
it means we can play scrabble!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deck the halls!
so its the day after the party =) and i am actually happy with myself and not having party remorse.. haha
this party by far would have been the biggest one i've planned.. not the people.. or food.. but everything else..
but i had a lot of fun, tho i wish i were around a little more for everything, i think i was minding the bbq too much and missed a lot.. but its alright i guess..

anywhos, photos!!

 i would love to thank everyone that came!
even the people that stayed for only a bit =)
also want to thank gill for stepping out of her comfort zone for me =)
n to everyone who made it such a night
also would love to thank albert, ajay n lana for helping out clean everything in the end, we finished everything by 6am.. ><
and to everyone that came early to help, i really appreciate it, sure shows me how awesome my friends really are 

anywhos!! need sleep!! =) 
didnt get enough today