Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Food and Wine 2012

 I had another photo shoot recently for another newspaper!! woot woot.
 i love working with these guys, they are heaps of fun :) not to mention, very easy to work with.
i love this shot, because it actually shows you what these guys are famous for, jumping around with instruments ;P 

 Food and Wine show 2012!

This year we went in a small group because everyone else was busy.
Tina, Daryl, Dave and i drove to the city around 10am, got parking and got in only to see this
FREE YOGURT! omg. best thing ever.. walking through the doors of a building to be greeted with free healthy sweets.
this year there was heaps of food sample compared to last year. 
Tina finally tried sashimi!! even tho she hates seafood!!! woo!! so proud :P
 they also had this donut.. and you can personally inject creamy yogurt into it... IT WAS AMAZING O_O
We were able to score 2 for 1 tickets for an Adriana Zumbo show for $30 from the internet.. oh how i love the internet.
but it was a little sad when we found out we were sitting all the way at the end... so we couldnt see much.. 

but then again, the whole show was a little dissapointing because we didnt get to try anything, and he wasnt even that informative neither... 
But lucky us.. when we walked towards the stage to try to take a picture of him the ladies that were sitting on stage because they were lucky enough to be picked out of the 1200 people crowd ended up sharing the dessert with us :)
 Thank you ladies!!!
 Adriana made a carrot cake that is going to be in his stores soon..
it has gold dust on it.. it was really nice, but we could only take one bite out of it before it was overwhelming..
either way, it was better than going out of there upset because we couldnt try or win anything :)
 More free samples!! YUM!

My batteries had actually ran out for both cameras trying to record the show.. so i didnt take enough photos.

The things we ended up buying!
 Rekordering Cider, the best cider ever!!! :) 
i think it was 4 for $20 at the show but the retail price is 3 for $20? i cant remember.
 Maple beef jerky for Dave, his obsession for chewy dry food. $10
 Free weight watches pack. they were handing them all out to people that i managed to score myself 2 bags.
 OMG!! the best!! we were also so lucky here too because they had ran out of the 'sticky date pudding' but while we were being all mopy about it, the lady actually found one and gave it to us for free! so we managed to get 5 for $10 including the magazine and freezer bag :)
 i bought myself a little cancer bear
 Steak knives!! we really needed new ones i cant remember how much this was.. $15? $18??
 2 for $5 tea tins :)

 White hot chocolate! Yummo!!
 Lychee balsamic vinegar, very different and beautiful. 2 for $30
 Free samples!
and the good taste bags, lucky us, we got the good food bag and the other bag for $10 for 2.. which they normally sell for $10 for 1!
 After the show we went to the zumbo store and actually saw that he was selling the V8 cake!! woo!
it was AMAZING!!!! this is one of those cakes that actually shows you why he is so famous..
because its a 8 layered cake.. and every layer compliments one another.. its out of this world. 
 i want to go back and buy more!

Beauty Box Haul

I've spoken previously about my discovery with Bella-box here [Link]
I found out about Bella-box through Fashion weekend as Bella-box was one of their sponsors.
But after a little bit of research i found out that Australia had not just one, but 4 different types of beauty boxes. And so i signed myself up for 'Lust Have it' who had also recently bought out one of the other beauty boxes 'Glossy box'.

So essentially, these are boxes full of beauty products/samples that are sent to you every month for $15 including postage and handling.

I had read that people who has purchased 'Lust have it' and 'Bella box' has found that they had gotten more value and was more impressed with 'LHI' than 'BB'
so i thought i would give it a try.

Because i signed up for 'LHI' late during the month they had sent me the may box as well.
This was the May LHI box
It came with a sample size Biore scrub
Sample size biore toner
sample size chloe perfume, i hate perfume.. so getting perfume samples is really annoying because i end up giving it to someone else to use/try
lush soap, i love lush products!! they are amazing!! this one had a strong smell of toothpaste. but the end result after using it on my body instead of just holding it to smell was much better.. (duhh, its soap.. LOL) but it felt really refreshing
full size eyeshadow, this just reminded me of charcoal. but i guess its cause i dont know how to use eyeshadow too well.
Nicole by O.P.I, i read in the other blogs that O.P.I does animal testing, so i was already a little upset with this product. then to see that its so small and that the colour faded really fast was even more disappointing.
 and 2 biore pore strips.
i own pretty much all biore products because i just love them. they are a fantastic brand and everything they've produced so far has been amazing. Dave has highly sensitive skin as well and its one of the only products that doesn't burn his face.
But i guess i was a little down getting products i ready had. then again, it served its use with all the traveling we did recently.

 June BellaBox and Lust have it box

 June Bella Box
 Every box comes with a card explaining what their goal is for the month, what they are planning to promote, etc
 and a list of the products, product information, where to purchase it and prices.
Kiss Nail Dress (28 nail covers) - $13.99
 i've never tried this before, but this was an amazing product.
i had enough to cover one whole hand and my toes, i then decided to be a little creative and add them as patterns on my other hand. but that only lasted about 5 days compared to the whole fingernail being covered which hasnt come off yet since the 18th?
i ended up giving the rest of the product to hairly and she was able to cover both hands with it as well.
its soo easy to use compared to the sally handson one, which gets a little tricky, it lasts longer and it is even easier to remove.
simply peel it off.
but i loved that i was able to get the whole product as well
Benefit POREfessional Pro Balm 7.5ml (22ml - $58.00)
its just a small sample, but its enough to try it out.
i just tried it, and im not gonna bother putting pictures up because it didnt look like it worked..
but maybe i'll give it another try later?
Nak Diamond Polish (100ml - $22.95) Full product
This product is suppose to be a hair polish.. which i guess works.... but it doesnt work for my hair.
it makes me hair look as if i didnt shower for days.. but again, i could be using it wrong??
Pure Fiji Body Butter 43ml (235ml - $29.95)
body butter! im really picky with my body butter, i normally use it all over my body before i go to sleep, but i cant stand greasy ones because i end up getting stuck to my sheets or smearing it everywhere..
and there is no point buying a fast drying one that doesnt work..
this is really good tho, drys fast and leaves my skin smooth.
Facial Fresh Cloth Treatment Masks (35ml) - $8.95
i haven't used it yet. so i cant say anything.. 

I didn't realise that they had given 2 bonus products until i read the website again and realised i actually for 7 products this month.
BONUS product: Olea Olive Leaf Drops by Comvita (12 drops) - $6.00
Because its winter they included olive oil cough drops. not to my liking, has a weird taste.
BONUS product: Fan Di Fendi Fragrance (50ml/100ml) - $130/160 another perfume sample.. blah..

 In total that's $73.45 in value.

 Lust have it June box
LonVitalite – 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask  (5 pack -$59.00)
LonVitalite – 24K Active Gold Full Eye Mask (5 pack - $45.00)
i havent tried these yet. 
 Bloom – Glitter Eyeliner  ($14.95) full size
i don't know how i feel about this, i think its possible to get a cheaper glitter eyeliner at the $2 store that gives the same result because i had to give it a couple of coats before it showed anything.

more perfume.. blahhhh...
Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau So Fresh  RRP $115 for 75 ml
Marc Jacobs – Daisy  RRP $90 for 50 ml
Batiste – Blush Dry Shampoo  50ml ($9.95 for 150 ml)
This was a live saver after i used the Nak diamond polish from the Bella box because it removed the greased up look. 

$41 in total value.. 

So here my verdict.
I personally like 'Bellabox' more because i haven't been disappointing yet. it comes with a cute box, which is a totally bias opinion because i make more use out of the cute boxes than the bags, but i do know that a lot of people do prefer the make up bag more.

But the thing i found better about 'bellabox' compared to 'lust have it' is the website. 
'bellabox' has a custom profile you can adjust so they can know what skin tone you are, know what colour would match you better and what products you would prefer/enjoy that month.
because i also read that some darker toned girls may end up getting very fair foundation and they get upset because they aren't able to use it, so its a smart idea to have a custom profile.
also with every review you do for each product you've tried, you get 5 points. 
for lust have it, i didnt use most of the products yet and had to do a big review on all products at once.
it gets a little frustrating because you don't get the points for products you have yet tried.  

Anyways, thats just my opinion. hope it was a little handy.