Monday, November 29, 2010

dear world.. today i found out something very amazing..
lana can not wink...



she cant.. thats for sure... hahah

we also pointed out that she also had a speech impediment as well, so she's been trying to talk as thought she didnt have a lisp.. but she failed..heheh
she is too cute =D

anyways me and davie had a somewhat busy weekened.. 
we had gone to mounties with mike after i had finished work on friday and ended up putting only 2$ in a machine and winning 20$ from it, i ended up collecting it all in 1$ coins =D and just threw it in my bag haha
we also bumped into william and peter and had a really long conversation with them about everything and nothing haha.. 

on Saturday me and dave slept in and i missed my doctors appointment, we went out to get photos developed and dropped of a little batman suit for baby jayden and the new parents =) he is sooo cute now!!
i think they are going to be awesome parents, they already look like they know what they are doing, i am so happy for them.

we also had dinner plans with anya and loc with their group because they are heading to vietnam soon so they wanted to have a small going away dinner.
 we went to eat at holy basil, a place i never really liked but i do believe in trying to more than once to actually judge a place.. and this time it was actually very nice, i guess because we actually know what we wanted to order, that and cause we asked for the food to be mild and not off your face chilli! 
 we ended up ordering the duck in red curry, this was one of their famous dishes there. and it was really nice, it was odd seeing lychees in it but i love the different herbs and spices they had used for this dish, it was very unique
beef massaman, im a huge fan of curry, so i had to choose between this and the red curry.. and ended up getting both anyways =P this one was really nice too..
i think the only problem i had with these 2 dishes was that i asked for extra veges.. and it didnt seem to have enough to satisfy me..
and ox tongue, cause we can not go to a thai place and not order ox tongue.. haha
 we also ordered some smoothies
 ajay met up with us afterwards and ended up drinking my avocado smoothie.. and not realising i was avocado.. cause she never liked it.. but she really liked the smoothie.. haha
 also got dessert too! coconut sticky rice with mango, the sticky rice was really nice, but i dont like mango..  lol.. so it wasnt a dish for me.. 

after dinner and saying goodbuy to everyone we went back to my place to play board games.
i had just gotten monopoly deal after playing it with gillian and almerik, and also buying simpsons trivia game..
monopoly deal got really addictive and we ended up playing for money in the end, everyone just put 1$ in and there was only 5 of us.. 

on sunday we went swimming!!
Anyways i realised i have a lot to get done for tomorrow, so i should be off..

also, horay to pay rise! i can now expect more

Friday, November 26, 2010

YAY! i finally have time to blog! cause im actually up early today =D FOR ONCE o_O
anyways not much big things have happened.. but i guess a lot of little things that i can not be bothered taking photos of..
Well, one, dave has moved all my clothes from his place back to my place.. no now i have absolutly noooo space for anything.. that my clothes are all over the floor.. not that they werent before.. i was just able shove them all into my cupboard but now i cant =(
the tires in my car FINALLY gave out.. -_-'' and it is currently getting fixed right now..
i downgraded my phone plan from 99$ unlimited plan to 65$ infinity plan.. you know what the difference to that is -_-''.. with the new 65$ plan i now have 2gigs of internet data.. compared to 50mb on the 99$ plan and also i get 60$ to use for 1800/1300 numbers.. MORE BENEFITS for less money...
so if you are currently with vodaphone i advise you to always look at new contracts and try to change them cause they keep making everything cheaper! lol (note, some might have cancellation fees and stuff)

i started making Christmas things.. like little thank you notes for people that are attending my Christmas party.. hahah iam very obsessive.. thats why i've started writing thank you notes now =D lol..
Actually! i have even more exciting news!
we started building a new room in the back yard =D tho its not that recent.. haha it was there or my halloween party..
but we're getting it done sometime soon =)
my dad had just started laying tiles down and we're gonna get club lights as well =D i cant wait..
then everything will be painted..
we're planning on getting a pool table and tv down there when everything is done
dad also made a toilet for the outside......
for those drunked nights.. >< those many drunken nights.....
i also tried to cook roast lamb the other night..

this is such a beautiful recipe.. Very very easy as well =D
the only problem i had with it was it was very raw on the inside, so i suggest cooking it longer than he makes it, or roasting it first in foil before coating it with the nuts!
but it was so beautiful.. i only had 2/8 lamb cuts and dave finished the rest.. YUMM!
the other thing i did wrong was over salting it! haha dave was able to handle it but it was just too salty for me =(
check out his other videos too, he is super cute! haha

lately i've been hanging out with son and loc and their group.. i realised how much fun i use to have with them last year around this time.. and wondered why i dont see them as often as i should!
they are so much fun to be around ^__^

finally got these things to work on my webcam.. which i guess would be so boring now since everyone has a stack of photos from those photobooth photos..
but i found these ones so funny
HAHAHA im a moon!
you can see my retarted teeth
anyways, davies coming home soon, so i should clean the room =(

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I often wish that Australia celebrated thanks giving, which i know a lot of people would hate..
but i have a lot to be thankful for so i'll blog about it =D!

Things i am thankful for this year =)
I am thankful for all the new friends i've made, and all the friends i've gotten closer to this year
i am thankful for all the friends i sill have by my side
i am thankful that my health is actually getting better, and that i am much happier
i am thankful for having such an awesome family and bf ^__^

anyways, i have been out shopping for christmas gifts for everyone!! YAY CHRISTMAS.. oh how much i love thy..
i spent over $300 already ><

BUT i have to plan my shopping list for the Christmas party food =(
i was hoping to roast ham this year as well as turkey and pork YUMMM cant wait
n also hire a jukebox

today after work i had dinner with the newly weds, Anya, Joe, Leanne, Albert and dave
we ended up having such a big conversation about everything.. and leaving at around 1am! it was such fun ^__^

anyways, nat out!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 13 - A letter to someone that has hurt you recently..

Dear someone.
              i have no idea where to start.. but i think its got to get out there somehow.. ok, well lately its been really nice without you around.. really nice, not that spending time with you wasnt bad it was just a little fustrating because you were really annoying.. you refuse to enjoy yourself most the time and also try to make friends.. so in the end the only person you could really lean to was me and i was kind of sick of it cause it was just too much.. it was as tho i had another partner to look after.. but i apologised for all that already, apologised for wanting my own space, and for wanted to hang out with people that didnt hate everyone around them.. i dont want to bring someone along to something when they are only going to complain about it.. and make me feel worse for doing so in the beginning..
but i guess i was right to just end things, cause your really as bad as everyone says you are..
whats the point anymore?

i made out my little christmas shopping list for this year =D theres around 34 people on my list =(
BUT I CANT WAIT!!!! yay! i love Christmas.. i got to get my Christmas tree up and put some ornaments on it too

i can not sleep because i had a big craving for durian ice cream and it woke me up =( but its alright!!!!! i am not working tomorrow so YAY and i also had some melon flavoured ice cream at home too ^__^@@@!!!
but i should get back to sleep..=D

you know, i've never ever ever ever liked emma watson.. but holy crap i have the biggest girl crush on her at the moment.. i just LOVE her new hair..

Monday, November 22, 2010

Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

Happy -  almost everything
Sad - i will always love you - whitney houston.. that stuff..
hyped - i have noooo idea.. fast music?
mad - my chemical romance and all that.. 

tho im not really a music person.. o_O so i dont think it really matters..

anyways, the past 2 days i've been so dead tired and not really close enough to my computer to blog..
it was annas wedding on satuarday and me and gillian were the nonofficial awesome photographers there =D
these are just pictures from my camera taken by me or dave when im in the picture =D
it was a traditional Vietnamese wedding during the day
all the girls wore white =)
while anna wore the Vietnamese dress =)
after the tea ceremony we went to the park to take some wedding photos with the bride
love all the photos of her smiling ^__^
gillian had just met anna that very day and are now in most of her wedding photos =P 
but they made friends just right away ^__^ and was asked to be in the photos.. gotta do what the bride says right =D
night time was the reception, so we got a little break before heading off
dave looks so cute in a suit ^__^
it was such an amazing day ^__^ makes me think of my own wedding.. 
AHH! i wish everyone got married.. heheh it was just so much fun =)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Hrmm.. hrmm... man this is hard... cause i am not exactly sure what i've done thats made me proud..?

i guess i am proud that dave actually got his P's =D

its 4am and i have to be up early tomorrow for the wedding!! i am so excited ^__^ im too excited i cant sleep =(

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 8, my short term goals

since the year is almost about to end i shall write down a list of things i would like to get done before this year ends..
1- save up for Christmas presents
2- buy Christmas presents..
3- have an awesome Christmas party
4- save up for foster
5- finish all the paintings and drawings

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What does everyone want for Christmas?? you know i'll end up getting everyone something.. so might as tell me what u want so i can actually buy you guys something you want =D instead of wasting time and money on something u wont like =(

so please facebook or txt me ^__^
What is something that has the biggest impact on you..??
i'd say friends.. because we shape each other into what we do, like, say, look and think.. 
but to spice the answer up a little i would say that one of the biggest impact on my life would be moving to the west....
i wouldnt be who i am now if i continued to go to an all girl school.. i think i would still be fairly shy, jobless and have no confidence to do much.. but i think i'd work a little harder with studies..

honestly tho i dont know what i'd really end up like if i didnt move..

and a picture of someone i love =)
DAVE! its been a year now! wat a year.. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We popped open the bottle of white wine in order to celebrate dave and is one year.. and cause wines and stuff makes me really drunks easily i passed out after a mouthful.. hahah and i have awaken 4 hours later to write a blog =D

we all went exploring around the rocks

and took pictures =D

and ended up coming home at 2pm.. for the shortest nap ever before work >=(

that night was one of the most busiest days at work.. but it was awesome! we were running around panicing because nothing was able to be done in time with only 5 people working that night.
i wonder how next Saturday is going to go with me and steve gone.. >

anyways, after a finishing at 1am again that night i came home to a passed out man on my bed (dont freak out, it was only dave) i stayed up till 5am talking to mike and also going for a maccas/slurpy run! yay..

but that only means i didnt get enough sleep before kyleens baby shower! which was amazing!!!
it was soo much fun =)
her sister in law brought by the cutest tiny cupcakes.. they were also so yummy too =D
i never really like cupcakes.. cause they are just sugar on sugar really.. but these ones were nice.
we all played baby games!
this one was where we had to cut a string and the person who had the string closest to her belly would win =)
everyone was over.. lol.. very over.. man kyleen is sooo tiny!
look at kyleen ^__^!! hehe her belly ended up being 88cm =)
 the next game was guessing what flavour was the baby food! this game was hard... o_O
the next game was like a lottery
we had to find the one with milk in it, but we played it twice and none of us won cause kyleen forgot to put the winning ticket in.. haha silly girl. 

kyleen, roland and his sister marley =)
family photo!
group photo!!

yayy!! i pretty much finished =D

But i'll start with my task for day 6!

My heros and why!
well i could talk about Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.. but i think my true heros are my family and friends really..
my parents cause they have had it tough, i know when a lot of families moved to Australia they had relatives here already to support them, but we didnt, so they had to do everything on their own, which means they werent able to have a decent english education because they had to support eachother and 2 babies. and we ended up here with a house and enough money to survive with some luxuries too =) so they are my heros.
i also love my extended family as well, i dont came from the richest or healthiest family.. and its always tough for them over in Vietnam
since i've met them in 2005, around 5 of my blood relatives have passed away.. so everything they have to deal with over there hasnt been the best..
and so they are also my heros, because they are still hard workers compared to other families from overseas that just want money..
and my fat dog, whos sleeping in a box of shes.. hehe also, thats my brothers thongs next to her.. lol!
the lump in her tummy is soooooo big now that it is soo sad to see.. but shes still happy when shes around us, but shes been crying a lot lately and really sad.. mum said she knows shes dying so shes been sad..
i've been trying to stay home as much as i can lately just to be there when she passes, i dont want to be over at daves and come home to realise she died 2 days ago and no one has told me..
and my friends, cause they are every day people with every day problems.. and they survive them too.. =D

And a picture that makes me laugh!
this would have to take the cake.. lol
its just ridiculous..