Thursday, April 28, 2011

i know that one day, i'll meet the pie of my dreams..

my old msn nick name.. LOL
Merry belated Easter!
i've been carried away doing nothing and trying to fix my sleeping pattern.
But you know what i love the most about easter??
the fact that after easter.. there is a butt load of cheap easter chocolate eggs!!! YAYY!!
My fave i always wait for every year would be the Darrell Lea's Rocklea Road half egg!
 i do like the darrel lea's normal rocklea road, but the egg always has more chocolate than the normal bars.. =D! yum 
Look what else i found today while shopping =D!
Lychee and Blueberry flavoured pocky =D
 They arent as nice as the normal flavours, but they are still yummy =D

and last, something to fill my munchie void.. !
i found it hidden away =D my mum always hides food away so we dont end up eating it..
but i've already gone through half the packet! its so yummy!!! horay for thai snacks!
they are so cute tho. bitesize!

Anyways, i hate that i keep getting bad news from the doctors, so i have to go in next week for another blood test an injection.. WOO! heres to feeling more awful.. =(
but on good news!! davie got payed from work so his taking me shopping tonight!! YAY! i want new clothes!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Its been a while since i was able to sit on my computer chair and just blog O_O or even go on facebook properly.. 
Anyways. Due to my money shortness from all the holidays.. i've been a sad little girl and have been staying home playing board games =D
But i did have a night out a week ago, which didnt end up going my way..
But it did give me a chance to acutally dress up.. tho that was a little wasted that night as i ended up in the city by 2am... when everyone had left..
Just makes you think weather everything i did was worth it?? but thats only a small thought.. i think that if my friends need me, than i will be there :) so that when i need them later on in life, they will be there for me..

Before our little trip we have been going over to my place and just waiting till the trip as well as buying a lot of crap for the trip as well..
We all met at my place for jervis bay at 9, but because of all the delays we got there around 1-2pm.. and got the keys to our lake house early.. unpacked then went to the beach!
by then it had gotten a little cold so we left early and went back to make dinner =D
we had brinner.. it was sooo yummy =D!
our first night there everyone got off their face.. 
it was out own little frat house, seeing as there were more boys than girls..
the second day everyone was recovering from last nights drinking.. and we ended up doing nothing till night time when we went fishing by the lake =)
We then came back to play a big game of poker where the loser has to drink 3 shots! Rum, Tequila and vodka..! it was soo gross...
our new friend 'phil' which we renamed him took the last of the tequila and ate the scorpion in it =D
on our last day there half of us went back from while the other half went to the beach to snorkel and fish :)
we happened to come across a massive sting ray.. it was as big as dave.. and we couple get a picture of it properly cause it kept swimming away! and chasing dave!
it was huge tho! it swam right under dave and touched him..
we took lana snorkeling for the first time on my boat cause shes so little that she kept getting blue when she was in the water..
in the end, dave caught a fish.. it is the tiniest thing tho.. lol but at least we caught something!

Friday, April 22, 2011

We're all back home =(

how sad..

Friday, April 15, 2011

I have good news! And bad news.. (for me at least)
Bad news.. We cancelled our japan trip =(

We're now going to vietnam.. and not just that! but Lana and Warren will be joining us!
im sooo excited!! i cant wait. =) and because the tickets were on sale, we got them for 700$ per person, 2 ways
This now comes in handy.. my travel plans for Vietnam Stacey, Monica and i wrote in 2009

Another thing i am very very excited about is that we also got tickets to gold coast as well!!!
We were up till 6am waiting for the special, 7$ from sydney to gold coast and 40$ back! it cost more for one person last time than it did for all 4 of us.
and since we spent 440$ on a hotel in japan.. and cant exactly use it anymore, the travel agent said we can use the money on a hotel for gold coast..
so we're booking the a good hotel!

im sooooooooo excited!!!!!

and next week is Jervis bay!! Everything is all organised and paid for :) I CAN'T WAIT!
i bought a boat for the trip!

Lol The night before Lana and Warren were over and we ended up watching 'Shutter Island' And 'Black Swan' and during it, we started to sing the pokemon theme song.. LOL
and because of that, i ended up finding my old pokemon sound track.. and was playing it in the back ground.

so the song you're hearing is 'Vacation' Vitamin C

Love this song..

Ajay, Lana and i were reminising on our past, and i decided to play a little bit of home videos lately and also reading out my diary from when i was in highschool. We were sooo dramatic.. but
lol im going to upload more videos, cause i think they are soo funny =D
shorts that people can enjoy =)
i also dug up some videos from last year too that i'd like to share :)

Enjoy =D

This was after a game night, when lana was wayyy too tired to get to bed.. LOL! look at her face.. shes so out of it..

Kevs bollywood moment..

Flamin charlies..! (Charlie Chan in the city!)

Just for kerrie =)

Leannes 21st!

Kevs 21st

One of DEFQON1 song

Lanas wink.. fail..

at one of our pokernights


Warren at Christmas 

the start to poker nights =)
Holy crap.. i've been reading on the food blogs lately about fake food, but never thought much of it till i saw this

its about fake eggs they are making in china. 
there were other fake things as well such as rice and grapes that are being made there by chemicals..

Fake eggs <-- click to read more

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Got myself something different today!
the herbal jelly from Easy way =D

Time to try it..!


its just jelly.. no sugar syrup, no milk, no ice.. =( JUST JELLY!!!!
it tastes soo weird..!

i also got another little thing the other week, but completely forgot about it..
a Maltesers bunny! specially made for easter ^__^
but because i have left it in my bag for so long..
it broke in half!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I've been held up by girly talks and game night lately that i couldnt finish my last blog because Ajay and Lana have been staying over for the past couple of days. We've been getting our little Jervis Bay trip organised because we're going next week!! how exciting =)

Man i havent slept properly since they've been here! lol, we've been staying up till 8am and waking up just a couple hours.. so i cant even think straight at the moment.

9th April

Such a beautiful weather today.. gotta love the sun shining and the bright warm colours..

Last night i went out.
i havent been out in a while, but warren took us to tims work where we had some drinks and watched as tim and warren played a round of APL!
and after seeing that, we really really need to practice..

so tonight, POKER NIGHT =D yayy..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MY BOOK CAME IN! one of them at least, i have no idea when the rest are coming in =(

i still feel so sick =(

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


im pretty sure its from the shots and stuff yesterday.. but omg i feel soo terrible..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just got back from the doctors.. i havent been in like 8 months O_O geez..
but i went for my yearly check up.

i got a blood test, vaccine shot and shot for my keilod (ear infection) and i have to give a urine sample in tomorrow.. FUN!!
spent 50$ on medication today as well.. *sigh*

But other than that!! i had a very nice conversation with my doctor! I was able to ask him weather he has always wanted to be a doctor or not and weather it was all worth it?
but i keep wandering if doctor patient confidential goes both ways? but i guess i shouldnt say anything he told me. but it was very interesting to know different peoples opinion of life. i appreciated that he was able to tell me.
it really helps me narrow down the choice of my career path..

My familys been really busy lately cleaning out the house and also moving my brother into his room :)
my mum has officially moved into my brothers old room and she cleaned up my art room! now we can actually stand in there =D
anyways, i decided to clean my room up as well. i moved my clothes around because i dont have enough space in my room for clothes!!! i decided to move my lingerie into 2 drawers and IT DOESNT FIT!
2 big drawers too.. 
does not fit at all..

not to mention i have a lot of stuff at daves place as well O_O and i also have another closet at a friends place full of clothes......
anyways, i got rid of so much stuff.. a huge bag stuff of crap, and the room seems a little more spacious =D

My food finds!
Tina gave me a sample of her Chai Latte a while ago but i never got a chance to actually try it =D
its so nice, beautiful spicey aroma and a very creamy taste. its worth a try for all the chai fans =)
i also am a huge fan of White hot chocolate.. but i was never able to find any.. so when i saw this! i couldnt help but buy it =D

the instructions say that for hot chocolate you only use hot water.. but i used half water half milk cause i wanted it to taste creamy.
this is a very very light version of white hot chocolate, so it isnt as creamy as i thought it would be. but its nice still. i dont think its worth it too much cause its not that creamy..

but its almost winter! any of these are worth a try =)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lately I've been getting up super early and sleeping early.. and everything just reminds me of all those Saturday mornings in Campise.. waking up early to go to Thaos house and start our adventures days.. i love those days..
they sun was so bright, but it wouldn't burn us as much as the sky does now. the beautiful bight colours the day brought..
i remember just staring out of my balcony on the top floor of our building to see if Thao's family was up yet..

Today i woke up to incenses my parents lit for our ancestors, the smell always brings me to a better place, because it was always lit on good days..
My parents have still be renovating our house.. and now that my brother have moved into his brand new spacious granny-flat, my mum cleaned out all of his room and my art room! and now there is space!!!!!
lots and lots of space!

anyways, today we had a little photoshoot.. it took awhile to get into because my car didnt start.. me and dave killed the battery and my dad had to come and replace it for me =( i love my dad. but i think he hates my car now.

i think the batch came out well. tho i wish the quality would be better.. you know what that means tho, i need a better camera! everything is so fuzy when i try to crop it.. =((

Davie and i went to eat after the shoot, had some thai food, Yumm!!
anywhos! sleep time