Thursday, August 25, 2011

almost done.. im starting the back tattoo and i've already ruined :(!!! ITS SO HARD!

im gonna give it a rest for now, im gonna go buy myself a new bikini!! woo..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


10 September 2008

Thats seriously how i left it last..

3 years later.. lol
i'd take another better picture but my webcam aint plugged in and i cant be bothered lol

Slow death

I have the hardest time dealing with grief and accepting it is even worse.. But it's not that someone died.. But more like someone isn't in my life as much as they use to..
My friends would have to be one of the most important things in my life because they bring me the most joy and happiness.. Despite everything negative that's happened. They will always be the best..
And i know I do complain a lot about my friends but I would still rather have them around than be a lonely sour lemon..

I miss everything so much.. I miss our little game nights, poker nights and all the random get togethers.. I miss talking on the phone for hours and seeing them the next day for window shopping or coffee..
I miss how together we use to be, when someone had a problem everyone would be there to help, we were just like that..
But I guess that's just how naive back then.. To think something like that would last..

I just miss everyone so much..
People walk in and out of our lives..
I guess I can look back and say these were the greatest moments in my life.. Just being able to share it with these people..

I hope I never forget all these moments :)
But I am grateful for the people I still have around me, they are truly the best..

I'm going to try to start having poker and game nights again :) I don't care if I have to drive people and I don't care how much money I end up spending, It will all be worth it seeing everyone I love together

This time tho, I won't invite the negative people who hates everyone.. Tho that's going to be hard seeing as I'm dating that guy.. Haha
I'll make him stop being negative, lol.. I'll get him drunk! Lol! He stopped being awesome when I stopped letting I'm drink.. (mike was right)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm sooo fulll!! And my tummy is a little upset from mixing milk n chilli.. I had a big bowl of weetbix then had Korean BBQ right after..
Been eating my weetbix with Milo :D

Creativity bubble.. I just spent all my money on fabric.. Wat a waste!! I should've waited till I got paid, or after our holiday.. Ohwell.. I have plenty of time now..

I'm just repainting something I attempted a couple years ago, I should've taken a before picture.. So you can see the difference.. I haven't finished but it looks much better than before..

We're leaving for gold coast this Sunday! I'm so excited!! But I'm a little nervous.. I don't want to waste any time there cause we're only going for 3 days.. :(
I can't wait! we have so much to organize..

I had a dream last night, that was a little embarrassing and sad.. And horribly stupid.. But I guess its something that belongs in my 'weird dreams' book.
I was single cause Dave broke up with me and that resulted in me calling my exs for a date to a party... I called my first ex and asked him to come but he wasnt able to.. Then called my last ex.. I got there earlier and had so much macaroons.. And was waiting for him to come but ended up not wanting him there.. So i called my first ex back and begged him to come instead, But was too late and he ended up coming and I felt so gross watching him talk, I went to daves to apologize..
It felt like a nightmare.. Lol I woke up n saw Dave next to me and felt so relieved he was still with me :)

I love him so much..

Monday, August 22, 2011

I rushed this one, I'll redo all the drawings on photoshop when I've got time
Xmen evolution is so exciting

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm so full of creativity and energy.. I really want to do something!! Make clothes, draw, take photos! paint! But I can't seem to get my sleeping pattern fixed to do anything productive!! It's so depressing..

I feel like it's all going to waste

I also haven't been up during daylight to find myself a traineeship.. Rwar! I'm mad..
All this new excitements caused insomnia and after 24 hours lack of sleep everything gets too fuzzy to do anything productive..
I haven't been able to sleep properly lately :( and I feel horrible! At least it stops me from spending money :)

My mum and daves mums gotten me things to help me sleep, nothing works, sleeping pills don even work and my doctor refuses to put me back on the strong sleeping pills

I love dave so much, all I can hear is his snoring.. and kissing my arm in his sleep.. Tehe
I'm going to eat.. Again.. (third meal already) but food helps..
I finally caught up with Lauren and William!

Not to mention everyone else from high school I rarely see

My twinny, she had her late birthday party today :) it was so good to see her again..

I also finished my painting for Gil.. Tho I ruined it..
Also, Gil if you are reading! It's your late bray present! Lol I've finally gotten out of my block and I finally have time!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ink painting..

Anywhos! I'm going to blog about how I make spaghetti bolognese..
After reading the food magazines, I realized how many different recipes there are for spaghetti bolognese, people like to make it their own type of way and I just want to share my recipe I've been perfecting for myself for the past 10 or so years :)

Spaghetti bolognese would have to be my favorite dish along side lasagna, but the thing I love about spaghetti is that where ever it's from, or who ever made it, it will never disappoint me (cause lasagna can be too try or too rich n stuff) not just that, but it's just so easy :)

Anyways here my ingredients

I never measure anything unless it's for baking, but I normally make spaghetti to serve a whole dinner party.. (we eat that much)

- mushrooms
- carrots
- pasta
- mince meat
- canned tomatoes, (I use whole peeled tomatoes cause it's softer and easy to crush)
- tomato paste
- garlic
- onion
- lots of herbs! (bay leave, thyme, oregano, paprika, fresh basil)

First I chopp the carrots up inti tiny cubes n start boiling it, I want the carrots soft!
Chop onion, garlic and mushrooms
Sauté Onion n garlic til it's brown n has the beautiful aroma. Add mushrooms!

Put the tomatoes into a bowl n crush them with your hands, i don't like buying already crushed tomatoes because they are really hard and gross (sorry, it's 3am n I can't word things out as well)

I then add the tomatoes, tomatoe paste, heaps of herbs, carrots, salt and pepper to taste
And! Here's my trick! After mixing that concoction together I let it simmer for 40 minutes.. It thickens the sauce and the flavour is more intense..
I use to add red wine into the simmer, but I really don't like the taste of wine, so I guess you learn from trying right?

After the simmers done, in another saucepan I put the minced meat in and scoop a bit of sauce into it so the meat absorbs the flavour of the sauce (this is really fussy, but if you cook the meat with the sauce originally that meat can over cook and get chewy)
When the meat is pinky brown, than add to the sauce mixture and cook for another 5-10 mins so the meat is fully cooked
Taste, salt n pepper if needed.

So that's my sauce :)
I'm going to estimate the measurements for a small serve
- 200gm mince
- 1 can of tomato
- 1 and a half table spoon of tomato paste
- a carrot
- 2 garlic cloves
- a small onion
- teaspoon of paprika/thyme/oregano

Lol I hope that helps?

We met up with daves cousin and we were talking about healthy food for daves brother, because daves parents work 12 hours a day 7 days a week they never have time to make dinner, do they always come home with fast food and it's really unhealthy for a guy who's locked up in his room all day with no exercise.. Joy suggested 'lite n easy' cause it saves a lot of time, it's healthy and it's cheaper than buying fast food everyday.

Dave took some of the meals so we could try them as well

I had the spaghetti, it took 8 minutes in the microwave

And was actually really nice
It was just so small!! But I guess that's what you are suppose to have..

And Dave had the roast chicken, it came with potato, pumpkin, peas, cauliflower and gravy! Yumm...

My current favorite! Yummy

Anyways! Should sleep.. Or at least try to..
I have a Fucking cowlick I can't get rid of.. Far out!! It's so annoying :(

My hair will forever be floopy!!!!!

Dave: my knee!
Nat: what about Nats knees!!

Lol its so lame I was laughing for so long..

Friday, August 19, 2011

i've been re-living my childhood though cartoons.. watching Xmen evolution on youtube, man i use to love that show.. i've also been watching kim possible as well..
i love cartoons with a little bit of action and a lot of smexy females.. haha, they use to inspire me to draw comics
i really miss having cable tv but i guess its alright seeing as the shows arent like they use to be.
i ended up making costumes today, getting ready for our costume party!! i thought since we're all dressing up my little doggy can as well :) cause she is super cute!
how cute is she!! hehehe
dave said to dress her up as catwomen.. how weird would that be right??? haha
but instead, i made her a little batman cape :)
also made dave a costume as well :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I feel sickkk!! Feel like throwing up

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tehe I love my bf, his off to work another day but yelled 'I love you' through the window by his car before he left.. :)

<3<3<3 those little things that makes someone so amazing..
Knowledge should not be for sale

Friday, August 12, 2011

i posted on the wrong blog.

come visit!