Sunday, July 22, 2012

the Art and Classes

I've been so busy lately.. (but mainly lazy) to blog or finish blogging, not to mention this horrible writing block i've had since i stopped working on my erotic stories... (which isnt related to the fact that 50 shades of gray became popular.. i just happened to be inspired by many other things at the same time)
But i have been avoiding my computer lately because there's too much work to be done..
and the more it piles up, the more i avoid it..

I had such a busy week last week, i tried to spend time with a lot of people before i started work again, and even tho i only work about 3-4 shifts a week, i feel as though my time has completely cut down.. but i guess thats what happens when you stop working for a month.. now i have to plan ahead!!! i hate that..

Last week i was able to see Lana before she started school again, we went shopping and i'll post up some photos in my next entry, i was able to see 'Vander' preform and win at their semi-finals at Campbelltown RSL. i got to see Hairly and make some cookies together for her step-dads funeral, And i was able to go to a long awaited cooking class with Andrea.

We had a cooking class that we got off one of those offer websites to cook at Mumu grill
The offer included making 4 desserts and a voucher for a free main meal.. although i feel as though we were a little misguided.. 
because on the offer website it said we get a $50 voucher to spend at the main restaurant.. but the voucher we got was for a main meal, which was around $35-40.. 
And that the online menu was a little different from what we were suppose to be cooking.

But it wasnt bad.. just, it wasnt what we bought.
Chocolate and Rosemary bread pudding served with vanilla ice cream
this was a little bit dull for my liking, the second bread pudding I've tried, but it just tasted like toast with chocolate.
Passion fruit cheesecake with a kiwi, pineapple fruit salad infused with mint and chilli
This was so good, it had different tastes and textures.. and it was just so simple too.
Strawberry Cafloutis and Dates&Pistachio Cafloutis
This was a little dull too, but it was nice to see the dramatic differences in taste from the different filling? fruit/nuts we used.
Baked Rhubarb mess
This was also a little disappointing, it was however the first time i tried rhubarb.. it just tasted like sweeten celery to me. there would be a lot of changed i would make to this dish if i were going to make it at home..

But i guess thats the main purpose of the menu items, to make it simple that you can alter it to your own liking.

Overall, the experience was lovely. we were able to meet new people, cook, learn and try new things.. and i was able to get to know Andrea better, which was awesome :)
the chef that taught us, Craig Macindoe
And the restaurant itself!
its a very classy organic steakhouse.
SALTBUSH LAMB SHOULDER - Slow roast (10 hours), goat cheese tortilla With roast eggplant and watercress salad with a Tahini dressing.
I LOVED this dish.. everything complimented each other well and the salad was amazing =D
VICTORIAN BEEF FILLET - Wrapped in sage & proscuitto, café de Paris butter and served on mashed Pontiac potato.
This was a little disappointing, the steak was a little dry and plain..

During the week too, i was able to draw another picture.
I recently read somewhere that it was stupid to admire a women who had so many problems, a women who used drugs, fooled around with married men and had mental health problems. a women that was completely different from how perfect her image was.

But i think that is also why i admire her even more.

It just reminds me that nobody is perfect

i found my old artworks too. Notice the big difference..
The first picture was when i was in year 8? and the second picture was from when i was 8
 my hoarding.. Years if teen magazines i kept for no good reason
 i had an urge to clean up my other room the other day.. mainly to try to find a drawing i had.. i never did find it.. but i didn find my old artworks though
 this i did during year 12? i think, but i never finished it.
 This was screen print samples i did for tafe, it was so hard to draw backwards..
 These was from graphic design
 Above was from a one day airbrushing coarse i did
 This was when i got my first webcam or something.. LOL
 Drawings i did during classes when i should have been doing my year 12 work
 i drawing i did on MS paint when i was in year 6
 more gay webcam pictures =D

And i was also able to see Ajay and Lana too!! i miss them so much :( and it was soooo nice to catch up with them with only just the 3 of us..
 Took my dog for a walk :P

i cant be bothered editing my words, so dont mind all the jibber jabber..
the narration in my head is now British due to all the British comedy.. so its hard to think these days.. lol
Anyways, gonna nap before work =D

Friday, July 20, 2012

Loc's 24th and Vanders Semi-finals

Last week was Loc's birthday, and because Anya was going to surprise him with a secret surprise party, we had to ignore or cancel on the event that Loc had planned for himself. but we did end up going to see him on the actual day of his birthday to celebrate and keep him company since Anya was off with uni placement.
We ate at Twelve spices with his friends
Nattie made cupcakes, im not referring to myself in third person, theres another chick there named Nat! :)
Looks like its Natties birthday instead lol
Loc with invisible Anya
i ended up Photoshopping her into the picture afterwards :)

I didnt know what to get him, because we made him something for his surprise party.. so i ended up drawing a little picture of us as cartoons.
It was such a great night

 Loc's Surprise party!
We went to Hurricanes. It was my second time there, but first time eating a main meal instead of just dessert. 
the food was quite decent, but its just average to me i guess.

During the dinner however i had ruined the surprise that Anya was going to take Loc to karaoke.. which i feel sooo awful about because they always try to surprise each other and always tell me that every year someone seems to mess it up.. and it was me this year!!! O_O! BAH! i did good all week too!!! :(
They said it was okay.. but i know they were thinking of stabbing me in the eyes with the steak knives.. loljks.
there was more cake!! with relighting candles that would never go off and caused the room to be covered in smoke! luckily the smoke alarms didn't go off.
it was funny tho =D
And my presents to Loc

He is such an amazing, selfless person and I'm so glad to have him in my life :)
His absolutely too sweet for his own good.

Vander News!!!

On monday after having a little shopping spree with Lana (and returning some clothes that didn't fit me.. Gosh thats so depressing..), I traveled to Campbelltown with William to watch his band preform.
They were in another battle of the bands that could score them a live gig at a west tigers match if they won the finals.
it was really nice carpooling with William, we had so much to talk about like the good old days in art. but as far as Campbelltown was, i don't think it gave us enough time to catch up.

Anyways, i was running late.. (i honestly dont know how i always manage that) and we ended up getting there at 6.30pm when we were suppose to  be there at 6 to set up.
But when we arrived we were told that the other bands were late too..
and the gig ended up starting at 8pm, which means they were REALLY late.. lol
The good thing about that night was i was able to see the difference between what types of bands everyone including 'Vander' was. And i dont want to brag or anything, but 'Vander' was the best band there.. (although, there were only 3 bands playing)
but i noticed all the little things that william and the band members did that the other bands didnt like sound checks, coordination, and mainly.. original songs...
Where as the other bands all had technical errors, didn't do sound checks.. which i sound important because you can noticed when one instrument would suddenly sound louder.. and it throws everything off.
what i didn't like about one of the bands was that 6 our of 7 songs they played were covers.. it sorta sucked because that band won second place..
 But guess who won first place!!!!
 Vander!! :)
i swear, i almost had a heart attack.. i feel as if I'm sorta in the band as well because I've become involved in what they do now.
But it was so great that they won.. i really hope they win the finals because having that gig would mean so much!!! it'd be such an amazing experience..