Saturday, December 29, 2012

My 2012

This year went by too fast.. and im kinda sad that we didnt get enough time to do enough things i wanted to do.
But i am happy that i was able to visit the beach almost every week, and that my time wasnt wasted on silly friends and useless things.

i am so glad that this year i was able to spend time with all the people i love doing everything i love :)


So! Things that have happened this year :)

 We went to Melbourne!! :)
 Celebrated daves birthday there.
 I was in the mardi gras parade!!
Met some of the most amazing people ever :) people that have changed the ways i see life.
impulse buy got me another new camera.
Kev and Elisha got married :)
 Got a photograph in the news paper!!
 Got another photograph in the news paper :)
 Traveled to Moree
 Went to the snows with these lovely people
 Celebrated my 22nd birthday
Shoot a live performance at the West tigers stadium!!
 Got my dream camera.
 Finally made a costume for animenia
 Met Michelle Phan
And Daves dad passing.

Im pretty sure i missed out a lot of things, but i dont have time to go through my old entries :(
and i guess, expos aren't too important to talk about right.

But i also do want to mention all the new/stronger friendships that have grown this year..

i am so thankful to be able to get to know so many people i use to know on a different level... :)

ANYWAYS! its 4am, i've got some cake pops to make tomorrow, than more work :( :(
and i am so hungry because i havent eaten my dinner yet neither :(

so i shall leave the bloggings till next time. HOPEFULLY! i can post again before the new years.

End of the year!

BAH! i cant believe its the end of the year and i've been so caught up with work and everything else that i havent had time to be on the internet let along blog :( boo.

everything is going by so fast!!! but i cant believe so much has happened since the last time i blogged.

So to try to make this a little quick and short, i shall list down the little things i got up to lately Then!! my annual entry of the things that happened throughout the year!!! :)

Last Tuesday was my little Christmas dinner. it was only a small one this year.
bought a giant 7 kilo turkey, strained myself putting that thing in the oven.. and it took 5 hours to cook!! but it was totally worth it.. i just love Christmas roast so much..
 My honeydew snake-swan =D
 our gingerbread house :)
 and the special people who helped me prepare and enjoy the day :)

We stayed up till 4am or something playing board games, william always complains that we keep him up too late, but he loves it.

The day after Lana and Ajay slept over but i had to start work early so i left them home alone at my place. TRUST! hahaa..

and that night i still ended up staying up late watching the last episode of gossip girl, not that was needed to be mentioned, but i ended up sleeping late again despite my lack of sleep the last couple of days.

On Thursday after a 10 hour shift, i went to the 36 hour shopping night at parramatta with my shopping buddy Anya =D
We are seriously shopping addicts cause we ended up staying there till 4am..
And we found out that everything is a lie! everything was pretty much closed when we left. But at least one of the other lies that parramatta had was that we were able to get away with free parking even tho there are now signs that say that you have to pay after 6pm. hoary for that!!

by this point, i was fucked, cause i was so sick from the change in weather, over-working and not sleeping properly :(
but i still went to work.
On friday the creepy customer from my work gave me $110..
i told myself i would never take anything from him, but as much as i tried to give it back, he wouldnt take it...
he told me to 'buy smooth for my hair'
so i took his advice and i bought myself $50 worth of natural hair treatment products =D

on sat was our work christmas party!! :)
we celebrated with steak, fresh prawns and oysters from Neaws work place, and my new favorite thing to have, deep fried avocado!! YUM
this all happened during work, so we couldnt enjoy ourself with everyone so much since we were all busy trying to work at the same time. but it was still great :)

i asked for sunday off instead of working straight till new years because i was just really sick.
but it didnt mean i had a day to rest neither because it was then daves mums Christmas party.
stella came by to visit as well :)

we were also able to catch up with Tina and Daryl for a home made lunch and a couple of card/board games to catch up with them, and to congratulate them for buying their property!!! 

And i guess the rest of the week till now have just been work, spending a lot of quality time with dave because his off work now :) reminds me of the old days when we just started dating, shopping and watching a lot of movies. 

Bah, so i think i'll make a new entry for the things that happened in 2012!! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

those old days

this weekend has been such a big weekend for me in such a long time.
ever since i started working Saturdays at the cafe i've lost so much free time to be any where and see people properly..
i missed it!!!

But this week i told my sleeping patten to f off and did things i havent done in ages.

but i guess my week didnt just start from the weekend.

On Monday i was able to see my beautiful girl pal Hairly for some Thai food at Twelve spices, we were talking till the shop closed up for the night, and it still feels like we haven''t even finished our conversation.
After Hairly and i left, i went over to the Colliwood bar to see Williams band play, this time i was able to make it for half of the last song... lol

But after we left the bar, William, Denise and I went over to maccas and had our usual late night talks.

I had to cancel our morning sunrise photo shoot with Ajay and Janina on Tuesday morning because i was going to spend the day with Dave's family, also because the weather was horrible.

On Wednesday i was able to meet up with Anya and Loc for just a second before i had some lunch plans with Jenny and Steve! they had both just come back from their holiday and we were finally able to catch up and get some free frozen yogurt.
 i was finally able to use my colouring pencils that day too!!

on Thursday morning the weather was beautiful again and thought i would actually sacrifice some sleep for some photos.
 we went to curl curl beach, but we completely missed the sunrise :( 
but we got a couple of good photos. nothing im too happy with because they just look normal. but we shall try better next time.

On friday Beryl came over and we baked some ginger bread men! 
After work i went out with william and we had a pretty great night in the city.

when i got home, my dad was awake so i stayed up will 8am talking to him about our past.

I wanted to rush through the story of my week (explaining my absence from the internet world) so i could get to this.
it was such a big eye opener for me.. after having that conversation with my dad.

so Saturday morning i discovered so much about my past and my family that i can actually say that i am so lucky to be a live right now. 
It turns out that I, like a lot of other family friends i know, was born into a refugee camp in Hong Kong, so all this time, everytime i thought about Hong Kong being my birth place, i always pictured something amazing and beautiful.. but it was the complete opposite instead.
i also learned that i was a devil child. lol, not that i didnt already know that, i just now have some sort of proof that i was the nightmare of a kid i thought i was.
my dad told me that when i was only a couple of months old, when they were going for their interview to be sent over to America (yes, america!! i could've been American) that i was left with our family friend, and i was crying for hours and hours non stop, crying to the point that my white skin turned red all over, and if my parents didn't come back when they did they would've drugged me.

we then went though our old photos from all the places we use to live.
he told me about the time my mum gave birth to my brother..
my parents and i were staring the bed on an old mattress they found on the street, it was so old and broken that it con-caved in and we were pretty much just sleeping on top of each other.
and they both wont up and saw blood all over the bed, and my dad tried to call the ambulance but he didnt know how too, we were here alone and no one told him what to do after you have dailed "000".
The ambulance eventually came after hearing my cries in the background and took my mum away.
my dad was telling me that at that point when my mum was stuck in the hospital i was at home with my dad, and he thought i was possessed or something because i was acting weird and crazy.

my dad also told me about the war as well, when he would use to play soccer with his friends and the ball would roll off the hill into a ditch of dead bodies. or when he was having lunch or hanging out with his friends, people would get shot in front of him, or bombed and he would see death all over the place..
and how he still cant get over being scared about dead bodies.

i feel that i don't appreciate things as much as i should.. i mean, our family had nothing and nobody..
literally nobody here.. 

and now we have a house over our heads.. 

im really happy for every thing i have right now :)

After our long talk, i finally went to bed, had a nap and had to get up for another party in the evening.
Daves work Christmas party!
After the party we went over to Celinas house and played some card games.
 After that Loc and Anya came over and we played more card games with a hint of Bacardi 151..
shit got down!

Anyways, so thats most of my week, i still left out quite a lot tho..

but there is always next time.
for now, i should get some sleep.. another long week ahead of me..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Week

Aloha!! i feel like i haven't blogged in so long and that I've lost the urge and ability to write anything that makes sense and is also interesting at the same time. i dont just want to blabber on about nonsence and i dont just want to spam my entries with photos..

i dont know how to blog anymore =( oh the tragedy..

I know i've used this as an excuse a lot lately to get away with being lazy and sleeping all day, but i actually have been pretty busy lately, it seems like time is slowly slipping away from me..
and i think it has since its almost the end of the year.. AGAIN! O_O

But i actually have been busy, and im proud of myself for it too, because this week i actually got so much done.
i managed to get my fulls license in one go, i just simply walked into the RTA and asked if i could sit the test, and the rest was history. i guess i am smarter than i thought.. i was so nervous that i wouldn't be able to pass the test on my first go because every other test I've done I've failed so many times. so I've delayed it till now, a month away from expiry.. so technically, i have been driving on my license for about 4-5 years??
Bloody thing costed my $200.. luckily i had JUST enough in my bank account that i didn't need to transfer any money over from my savings that day.

Anyways, after that i went straight home... (after spending the rest of my money) i called up my car insurance company and paid off my car insurance.. it was a month late.. but you know what, it was better off, because now instead of paying $1200 for it, they gave me a deal and i was able to pay only $800.. not too shabby. maybe it does pay to be lazy.. LOL!

i clean my room at least once a week, twice if it gets wayy too messy, anyways, i stumbled upon my clay and thought i would make more miniatures... because cleaning my room isnt fun enough.
its so fun to make everything tiny sized!!

i ended up spending more money buying more clay stuff, and it taking a little more room in my room..

dave also bought my a pack of colouring pencils to reward me for getting me fulls.. (not really, i was going to buy them myself, but i ran out of money for the week)

but the reason for my shortage of money is cause i ended up printing out 400 photos!!
mainly to send to Vietnam :) cant believe its been a year since we all went.. it makes me so sad to look through the photos again because it was such an experience..

you know, i actually thought about it as well.. i actually cant believe we went on a holiday without our parents.. or family..
because we were there alone for 15 days, without a tour guide, and planned and did everything almost by ourselves..
i mean, sure we did have my family over there, but i think its pretty G what we did :)
i can say that if they told me i would have to travel to Vietnam alone, would probably do it.
but just Vietnam.. Lol..

I gotta get some presents ready to send over there tho :)

On Tuesday morning, i got up early to see the sun shining through my window, it was such a beautiful sight.. i called Kyleen up and we went to the beach to relax :)
i love hanging out with her and Jiselle, shes grown use to me now, which is great and bad at the same time haha.

But i do have a small dilemma when i do see my mumma friends..
not because of anything they did, but because whenever i mention it to anyone else, they are so quick to judge her. without knowing anything.
its so horrible. no matter what i said, weather it were a good or bad thing, not that i said anything bad about her, but even so, there was always negative judgement towards her because she was a young mum.
its fustrating because i actually do spend a lot of time with Kyleen, but i will also defend all the other young mums out there too, because its honestly not fair.
i dont believe anyone has the right to judge anyone because of their circumstances..
my friend posted up a status on facebook earlier this week saying how his so annoyed that young mum's get called sluts even though they are with their partner just because they had a baby. when their not, what if all the protection they used didnt work?
but its the same with mums being judged and called a horrible mum just because they did one little thing, or just because they were 'too young to have a kid'

But you know, i am at the age that my mum gave birth, as well as a lot of other parents i know too.
so does that mean we're calling our own parents dumb or having us?

gah, im just annoyed because i mentioned that Jiselle is such a naughty child, not because shes evil or anything, but because shes rough, shes a little tom boy. and she is very very very active.
and straight away, my friend and Dave judged Kyleen for not raising her right.
But they werent there, they dont know..

its just frustrating that's all,

Well i should be off, i need to clean my room again, eat then head to work :)