Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Reasons

things have gotten pretty bad with my health lately.. so i've been staying at home not doing much but sleep and watch movies.. and eat a lot.. nothing too extreame or i might get worse..
daves been taking care of me, he doesnt always do the best things but he tries so hard..

so i wont be blogging as much =)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Food ART!

i find these things interesting cause its my 2 favorite things..
Art! and FOOD!

there use to be a short film on ABC when we were little that ran for a minute or so and it was of a stop motion film of vegetables and fruits turning into every day object and things =)
i can no remember the name of that show tho.. but i know it was foreign and had funny background music =D if anyone knows it please tell me!

in spite of now remembering, i however have just come across some art that was made from food! =D
This is by Carl Warner

they look so awesome!

Jason Mecier

One of my favorite youtuber
Watch his clips, they will make you gasp, unless i've already shown it to you =D

Saxton Freymann

have you ever heard of edible accessories??

GAH! dont you just want to eat that handbag!
they are all made by this lovely lady, Fulvio Bonavia! food on the go.. yum ^__^

There are also famous paintings of food too =D
my favorite artist for that would be Pamela Michelle Johnson
she makes large scaled paintings of food! now thats something i want to do =D

hehehe sorry! a part of my studies is to learn about artists, and these ones just make me full of joy really =)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i think im going to save up for a new lens for the canon camera and also thinking of getting a nikon camera as well. so i would be saving about 4k or so? more even.. lol

Anyways we went to daves mums factory yesterday to deliver them dinner cause they were working late and i was able to try some of their clothes on =D!
im not going to upload those pictures cause it looks so weird.. me and anne went through all the out of date fashion and did a mini fashion show. tho i did manage to pick up some nice stuff =D
i got this skirt which needs to be taken in a little cause its a bit big on the waist.
i got this very old fashioned dress.. it's not my size, its broken and dirty.. but i love it.. haha
and my fave! this one.. its a very long skirt but i love the fabric so much i want to turn it into a dress
that looks like this =D.. something along those lines ^__^

after an hour of going through all the clothes daves mum gave me this jacket they had just made
it was 200$! from lili =D
i love it so much.. its so warm!
but it had shoulder pads in them before and i asked her if we could take it off.. =) shes so nice ^___^

Monday, August 23, 2010

Food porn!!
 my tummy wasnt feeling too well today and i wasnt in the mood for anything besides profiteroles
so we made some
 they are so yummy ^__^!!!

i blame Gillian as the reason for liking profiteroles, pavlova and strawberries..
hehe cause she use to love them and somewhat, somehow pressured me into eating them.. unintentionally
so thats the story of why i love those foods.. =D

i think certain people can get me into trying, eating and liking certain things ^__^

like dave was the one that got me into eating raw salmon sushis back in year 9 or something

tho i must say i cheated when making these.. cause it wasnt made from scratch
i never like making packet foods too much cause it wasnt enough effort into making it your own recipe...
but! i must say.. one of the best home made profiteroles comes in these packets
 i couldnt find a big picture.. but you know what im talking about =P

Anyways.. so i've been trying Michelle Phans facial tutorials.
 i like them cause shes cute, they are so nice for your skin.. and all the ingredients could all be found in your kitchen!!
if you dont know who she is then click here!

i tired her "make your pore strip"
Located here ---> click!

and her olive oil scrub
Located here ---> CLICK!

i made dave try it with me too to see the comparison with different types of skin.
i have normal skin and dave has dry skin..

the pore strips work pretty well picking up tiny little hairs on our face but not too much pore, although i think that is a little better, i think in some cases, an empty pore can lead to becoming a pimple..
thats the case for dave at least.

and the oil scrub was really nice, tho it was tricky getting the oil off our face afterwards..
but the end result was awesome. our skin was tighter and softer =)

so give it a try and check her youtube out.. i think she has the best tutorials by far.. thou.. her tutorial voice can get a little annoying =P
i like her normal voice more ^__^

i've also put her blog in the tabs on the side of my blogs, she hasnt updated in ages but it still is a good beauty read =)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

today's program brought to you by a singing child

how cute is that! she asked me if i was going to put the video on facebook.. and i said no, i was going to put it on my blog instead 
she was wearing Andrews clothes that didn't fit him.

i have lots of photos today =D of a non eventful indoor week we had.

we'll start off with my love of food!
have you heard of the Killa burgers before??
It is an Sydney burger joint located at Carramar, where the old Red Rooster use to be. They are best known for their KILLA 30cm burgers!
but you wouldn't believe it till you see it..
its the size of a birthday cake! literally! they had to put them into birthday cake containers for the take away customers.. LOL
But we didnt get that burger, instead i got the large beef burger with killa size chips, regular coleslaw, and Dave got the Killa ribs meal.
thats how big it is..
this is how big the large beef burgers are.. i couldn't even finish it..
and daves sister couldnt fit it in her mouth..
the ribs were the best ribs i've had so far =) 
they actually had meat on them.. BIG CHUCKS OF MEAT! 

the only down fall was that we ordered the ribs with peri peri sauce but they gave us the smoked BBQ sauce.. and i am highly scared of BBQ sauce..
THO the ribs were soooooooo nice that i didnt care..
now thats saying something..  cause i am really really scared of BBQ sauce.

the meal was fairly expensive as well, but cause of the size i think it was worth it.

tho daves mum bought us thai food.. so we had such a big dinner that night.. we left the thai for the next day ^__^
and got ourselves those duck eggs.. you know the ones with the baby ducks in them.. =P
they are so yummy..

we took daves sister out yesterday to ride her bike.. and it turns out that she cant really ride a bike.. 
but we had heaps of fun flying my kite =D the wind was so strong yesterday that it pretty much flew itself
then the bike had a turn flying the kite
after that we went back to my place to set up for BOARD GAME NIGHT! 
lol.. yes.. another Saturday night spent indoors when we could be out having a life..
tho i think this is honestly more enjoyable.. or we wouldnt be doing it.. ^__^
i dont have photos of yesterday, however i have photos from last week
we got mike to put on the man thong son and i found at Kmart
and he did..
it was so hot......
we played monopoly and scrabble last week, mike was winning in monopoly and put his money on his broken money clip..
after everyone had gone home me and dave engaged in a game of Chess..

Who was the Ultimate champion!!!!


anywhos.. yesterday we had 3 games of Cluedo and Trivia Pursuit
Me and dave were playing cluedo the other night to get the hang of the game and found it fairly boring playing with 2 players cause we were guessing each others cards.. which made it easier to win.. at the same time..
but we had 6 players last night and it was quite funny..

HAHAHA i sound so sad explaining board games atm..

heres a webcam photo of gayjay

YUM custard tarts!

NOW for some lol moments
Me and my brother... (and steven, my bear)
Guess which one is my brother...

HAHAHA he looks so cute.. like "one day, I will be someone"

us and my mum, and some scribbles on the photo.. LOL
photos with my dad =)
dave says my dad looks like a pedo in the left picture >=(

it makes me a little sad that we dont have much photos of our family all together anymore, we are all old now.. and its harder to get my parents together... LOL no.. they just work at different times of the day.. so they are never really home or either sleeping or something..

i'll get some soon >=(

but for now.. i shall sit back and enjoy my big load of chocolates

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election day..

time to vote between bad and bad...

Tho i just have one thing to say..
for all the people that says that they dont want to vote for Juila Gullard because shes a WOMEN.. and that WOMEN aren't suppose to be on top.. you guys are sexist!

the queen is a women...

there.. point made.. LOL

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OK i have info from the lovely ladies from Lushious Lashes!! ^__^
Lashes is $30 fullset for 1st time customers.. At the end of august the promotion is over
Fullset is $50.. Infills is $25..

Acrylic Nails.. Fullset is $30, Infills is $20 
Manicures is $15 

Eyebrow - $10 
Lip - $5 
Chin - from $7 
Underarm - $10 
Full face - $30 
Stomach - from $15 
Arms - full arm $25, half $15 
Legs - full $30, half $20 
Bikini - from $15 
Brazilian - $40

Contact number and information about the what tha lashes are and how they work are on their facebook page ^__^ 

Sonjae, Dave and i went to the new thai place 'Spicy Aroma' a couple of days ago, sonjae keeps saying how nice it was so we gave it a try =)
 coconut juice! me and Daves fave!
 Sonjaes plate, stir fry rice noodles with veges and chicken (i think it was chicken.. LOL)
Dave ordered ox tongue and prawn tom yum
he said he liked the tom yum from '3 Hippo's' more, i must agree too cause i only eat the veges they normally have in the soup.. but they had no veges! so i was only drinking the soup =(
i normally go for a green curry whenever i get Thai food but i thought i'd try the beef massaman
which was delicious! tho its just the Thai version of our vietnamese beef stew  

nothing too special, but the place was really nice ^__^ 
tho the dessert was a little weird
deep fried lychee's on vanilla ice cream
its so weird! but it was nice, they dont put enough lychee's thou =(

i actually took my DSLR out this time and the photos came out much better than the point and shoot camera so i think i'll start bringing my DSLR everywhere now.

anywhos im bored!! someone come amuse me =(