Monday, December 26, 2011

What 2011 has brought us

I thought i would blog about this first in case i dont have any time later :)

i cant remember what came first cause i havent labled my photos as i use to :( but here goes

2011 walk through!
my life and everything around me

So to start the year off! Baby Jiselle was born right on new years eve! 

Sheila gave birth to baby porsha as well 

Dave quit his job at gigaforce, and we also met diana!

The Queensland floods.

We saw a sting ray at our trip to Jervis bay
After our one day trip to Jervis Bay, we planned a long weekend away with 8 other people!
 There we saw an even bigger sting ray!

The Earthquake in New Zealand

 Thanks to Facebook, i was able to have another reunion with the people i went to primary school with

Had to cancel our trip to japan due to the tsunami and earthquake

 Celebrated my 21st birthday
 made my own cake =D
met thuy :)
Dave got me a Tiffany & Co necklace

 i got a new phone
 Dave bought me a Polaroid camera
and i bought myself a new point and shoot camera.
 bought an ipad

 my beloved fat dog got really sick so we had to put her down :(

 i got more piercings

Tim broke Warrens leg
(he did, everyone saw it happen...)

We went skydiving 

We went to Goldcoast
youtubes being a bitch about the music uploaded, i completely forgot about the copyright issues.. :(
but i never thought that would be much on issue since your not watching it to listen to the music..

 Warren moved in with his gf, proposed and got married :)
We lost William

Dave's dad was diagnosed with cancer.

We went to Vietnam!

And the rest you all know.. :)

This year had so many great and terrible moments, i think for anything bad that happened there was good. 
but i hope that next year will be better.

Last video of the randomness we got up to this year.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Soo, i had my annual Christmas party last weekend, it was just a small quite one compared to the ones i usually have the past couple of years..
this year we bought a big beautiful turkey!!
5.6kg!! it took forever to defrost. but it would've been the best turkey i've made :) i think its cause we finally got a real whole turkey instead of those frozen pre-packaged ones.. 
yumm.. it took 4 and a half hours to cook.. but at least the weather this year wasnt that hot that i wasnt burning every time i check up on the turkey.
yumm!! i was so sad that there was only one turkey though and so many people around me.. lol.. i wanted it all for myself :(
but it was soo good i decided to buy another turkey to make this following weekend for my family.

And for dessert!
Christmas cake pops!!
i thought i'd share a little bit of the process!
I got myself a little chocolate fondue pot to melt my chocolates in as well as keeping it warm :)
bought some food colouring specially made for chocolates (as they are oil based)
trying to make green..
 cake rolled up, ready to be dunked into chocolate
 and candy for the snowmans scarf. i figured i would use almond shivers for the carrot nose, but i couldnt find the spare packet i had from my last party.. so i had to innervate..
i ended up cutting lucky charm cereal down then coating that in orange chocolate to make the noses :)
 they ended up turning out alright! so im happy with the results.
 i had some spare so i tried making my own designs..
his getting eaten!! noo!!
This year we didnt take that many pictures as we use too.. but i did manage to get some pictures in at least =D

And for my dress!! the finished piece!
i just couldnt find my belt =(

On Wednesday, Gill, Kyleen, Lynda and Lisa came over for a little picnic in my front yard. we didnt want to go any where far in case it started to rain.
we made some lunch and brought it out with us, Kyleens little girl Jiselle made such a mess of the place, but it was alright cause she was happy :)
Lynda came a bit late, but brought over some food just for Jiselle! 
we were missing 2 people to make our own group again..

the following day, Albert, Warren, Audrey, Tim and I went to get some lunch and do a little bit of Christmas shopping.
After a little bit of retail theorpy.. we met up with Dave and his work mates and went to a Japanese  restaurant, and i will blog about it sometime soon, i just dont have the time at the moment.
Grilled oysters!! yumm.
And after dinner Dave and i headed to Parramattas 40 hour sale.
where we met up with Lisa and Kyleen
we ended up getting home at 1.30am! it was so tiring!

 Today was out family Christmas dinner.
 it was the first time my parents and Daves parents would have a proper meal together, but Daves dad got held up in the hospital so he wasnt able to make it.
But my mum invited one of her work friends, the only sad thing was that she was a vegetarian! (not that its bad, just that i have so much meaty mains)
 I think today was the first day i had ever catered to someone who was a vegetarian.. it was still a success!
Half of my work roast that didnt actually roast!! so disappointed in it >=(
 After having our dinner inside we went outside to play with the kids and my dogs!
 This year, Christmas was great!
i was able to share it with the people i love, the people who make my life different in every way.
I wish that one day i would be able to celebrate Christmas with my family in Vietnam as well.
But for now, i guess a little Christmas video for them will do :)

You dont have to watch it, its just glee music and lame videos we took :)

i should get some sleep now!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Happy Holidays!!!