Thursday, November 29, 2012

my past, my present and my future.

its been such a crazy weekend.. well.. my Monday and Tuesday 'weekend' since that's my day off.

i was able to spend time with my bestest friends ever. Ajay and Banana!!!!
this was taken a while ago, but i just went through the photos recently and couldnt stop laughing.. hahaha
we look frikin sexy.

Anyways, so I've been feeling so lonely lately and Ajay and Lana came over to keep me company and hang out like the good old days :)

i had pulled an all nighter on sunday night to draw
one of the regular customers at work that I've known now for 3 years asked me draw him a portrait of him because his an old fashioned guy that prefers art over photos.
i wasnt able to sleep so i just stayed up to get up early on monday to take photos of the sunrise with Freddy, but there was no sunrise due to the clouds..

 still managed to get some good shots tho.

freddy ended up taking me to 3 beaches, and then back home again, it was really nice to see him again, i cant believe the last time we properly hung out was over 3 years ago!!!

i was able to get a small 3 hour nap in after that until the storm came, it was so loud!!! it was so loud that my dogs were crying so loudly as well :(

then dave came home and we went to buy food and made dinner, it wasnt til 10pm that william showed up, on time too, while ajay and lana showed up a bit after even tho they were suppose to be here at 7pm.. lol

we played board games all night, got william to stay till 2am playing catan, he was so sneaky and fucked ajay over so badly..
it was priceless!!! one of those moments you'd remember forever and laugh over :)

Than after william left we just stayed up playing more games, and when lana crashed for a bit, we draw penis's all over her face lol

we started watching card captors again and it just brought back so much memories!!!! we had such an amazing childhood together, it just sucks so much that we dont hang as often as we all wanted to.

mann, its been such a long time since i've pulled an all nighter like that, been even longer since i pulled a double all nighter.. gah, i ended up sleeping for 19hours after that and waking up feeling hung over. it was horrible.

anyways, i should get some sleep now too, sleeping patterns so horrible atm, but i thought i'd make a small blog.

Monday, November 19, 2012

So, a lot has happened but i've been too busy to blog about anything, so now i've got so much to cram in.. 
but i'll make it short :)
i had a small picnic with gillian and kyleen last week, its been 5 years since we left highschool but it still makes me so happy for the friends i still have from highschool.
also, jiselle is growing up soo fast, shes so amazing, shes my favorite baby so far, only because shes the one i see the most :P 
i did a shoot to help William out on his charity gig he organised.
 i bought blink 182 tickets, i was quite lucky because i randonly woke up that date, late too.. saw that people are buying them on fb and jumped on and still managed to get some tickets before they sold out :)
 i was vegetarian for a week, it was suppose to be for 48 days because of religious reasons. i honestly have no good reason to stop eating vegetarian, sides lasagna..
but i think i will start the diet again, i honestly felt so much better, less bloating etc etc.
Above was vegan pho from a charity function my mum took me too. it was really nice, but a little bit bland.
 dave and i celebrated our 3 years anniversary, my boss made me the dutch pancakes and refused to take our money that day. they are too nice to us :)
dave took me to a fancy pant restaurant at the rocks, over looking the harbor, it was beautiful.
but i was kinda pissed he spent almost 1k on me for our anniversary..
 Dave got me a bracelet
 and surprised me with a scrap book when i got home from work.

He is the best boyfriend ever..
i am so lucky to have him.

 i did my first proper landscape/seascape shots recently
janina and i didnt sleep the night and went to maroubra beach to shoot the sunrise.
got her a little interested in taking photos too :)

 and i was playing around with make up at home since i didn't celebrate Halloween this year.

AND! i just found out that the car i've been driving for 4 years now, since my learners, has turbo..
explains why it takes up a lot of fuel... but well, now im gonna get my full's before i take my car out again.

guess thats it for now. i've got so many projects to do atm that i haven't started.. and a lot of commission work to start too.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back from hiatus

the past couple of months have been such a struggle, and i took a small breather from the internet and submerged myself into games and religion.

If people didnt already know, Daves dad lost his battle to cancer.

they always tell you how horrible cancer is, but its so different living with it and hearing it from other people. its draining, and it sucks the life out of everyone around you.
the last 2 months of his life he was bed bond, and every week we went to visit him he always got worse, till eventually we all knew that there was nothing else to do but to wait.
there was problems after problems that kept occurring, he was completely fine before the trip back to the hospital, he was walking, gardening, eating properly, normal stuff.
then when he started his treatment again everything went downhill.
he ended up getting a stomach bug which caused him to not be able to eat for 2 weeks straight so he got weaker and skinnier, he lost so much weight in a week.. it was so scary to see.
then he started getting seizures and developed epilepsy,
then he got an eye infection
and started to rot away

my parents came to visit too, and kept telling my mum that when he gets out of the hospital when his better he will marry Dave and i.

We all left that day, and daves mum for the call in the morning that some thing went wrong.
he ended up having a bleed in his brain and was paralysed everywhere expect for his left arm.

he couldnt move his face, but he still cried a lot.
and it was so heartbreaking watching daves little sister telling her daddy to wake up.

then eventually he passed away.

deaths and funerals are always tough, but i've never had some one so close to the family pass away, and to have to deal with the mess that is left behind after death. its so much work and stress.

Well on brighter news
we raised $400 during the breakfast. but thanks to my boss at Little star though, she donated $250 :)

but i havent been able to transferre the funds yet because they changed my account number =(

anyways, i might just leave it at that, i feel it might be a tad inappropriate talking about anything else.