About me

All you need to know 
20th june 1990
Sydney, Australia
Obsession - FOOD, lingerie, shoes, piercings, THE INTERNET and Photography&Art!

sprinkled with personality,
mixed with memories
and baked with smiles;

is awesome

is way too awesome..

90 seconds of your life you are never getting back :)
I love almost everything positive, im all for fun and memories, even if they aren't always the best ones..
i am not just a bunch of sappy quotes, stupid regrets or silly mistakes.. i love my life and i wouldn't change anything.
i always have a camera with me and always love taking photos and video recordings, i love to capture the moment for the future...
i am a shopaholic, i can spend any amount of money given to me in one day, weather its 100$ to 5000$
i am considered the artsy type of person, i love creativity.. tho i think im lacking it since highschool
i love my friends, family and pets so much.
Most of all, i love Dave