Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lifes gotten a little more busier lately, today however i have the morning off (as usual) and i have it all to myself.
i just got a phone call from work asking if i could come in 3 hours eariler, which means i dont get to see dave before i head to work today. also.. i have no idea how im getting to work.
mums cars been at the mechanics a lot lately, i told her to just get a new car thats reliable, cause shes spending so much money already getting it fixed every so often.

Anyways, Today I've got 2 restaurant reviews

The new place near my work places finally opened up after a long wait. it looks so beautiful. the previous owner of the sewing supplier decided to close his shop as well as buy out the shop right next to it and turn it into one big Thai&Lao restaurant 'Sitney
 The owner currently owns the one in Parramatta and whole other bunch of things. he is family friends with Dave's parents and also are work neighbors with my bosses.
the first night it opened was a finger food party to celebrate the grand opening, the only thing was that it was limited to invites only. but cause Dave's mum was there, she fed me some crab meat fried rice while i was working, it was actually very yummy. 
but i think this made such a big impact in popularity, a beautiful place people werent able to try! lol
But on the weekend with the real opening, it was 30% off and it was completely booked out. took all our customers away haha.

Monday is Thai night for Dave and I, and he asked his parents if they wanted to go out to eat as well.
my expectations of this place were really high, i thought it was going to be like Holy Basil, something that would hit the news papers for being so amazing, but i guess we were hoping too much.
the food was the same as every other thai place. some aspects better, some worse.
the lighting was soooo dim so sorry if the photos are a bit blurry.
Dave ordered Massaman curry as always. i loved that they put crispy sweet potato in it, but the real potato was so hard! as if they overcooked it to the point that it turnt solid again..
but this came out pretty fast.
thai pawpaw salad
chicken feet salad
ox tongue, This was amazing!! soo tender. best one i've ever had..
raw beef salad, it was spicier than i asked.. and was very strong as well. 
vege in oyster sauce
we also ordered the cooked beef salad but that took so long to come out, by the end of our meal.. so i forgot to take a picture of it.

when we went, it wasnt too busy.. but we had quite a lot of little problems happen. after ordering our drinks and food, the food came out before the drinks did, and when Dave's dad asked where his wine bottle is, they told him they didn't have any left without giving them the menu to choose another one (i know i sound anal about this but its just common sense)
around 20mins into the meal and dave still hasnt gotten his coconut juice.. he asked where that was as well.. and the waiter just said "sorry, we dont have any" 
then why wouldn't he tell us earlier!!! gah!
i just wished they had experienced waiters.. cause they kept messing up our order as well. we ended up paying for 2 bowls of rice when we only got one. Dave's mum didnt care too much cause it was only 3$ but its just annoying.
the bill came out to $180 and the waitress also messed up with the money.. LOL! then when we got our change back, another waitress was just holding the book.. staring at us.. staring back at her.. waiting for her to put the book down.. o_O it was so awkward!! LOL

overall, it was just normal.. 

Another new place Dave and I decided to try was a korean BBQ place in Strathfield called Doo Ri
I LOVE KOREAN BBQ!! this place was pretty nice too :) but then again, i guess its pretty much the same as every other Korean BBQ place.
 Cant have korean bbq without pork belly.. yum.
 Wagyu beef  (kobe beef) i've never actually had any till that day. and it is by far my favorite beef now. so beautifully tender and i didnt need to under cook it.
 and brisket. i wish we didnt order this tho. its too thin for me, so it ended up being overcooked fast.
 and boiled rice... they didnt have normal boiled rice, i much preferred just white rice tho. this was a bit too soggy and sticky.
 and for dessert!! moochi frozen yogurt. this was so yummy!
 and their range of toppings.
i think i would rather just spend my time at a local place like Cabramatta for korean/asian food. but the best thing about strathfield for me is that they sold the sunflower seeds i liked for only $1 each!! SO CHEAP!! i bought 5.. lol

Anyways, everything's lagging so i'll just blog later.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Haul entry

Hi hi!! This is a little haul entry
ALSO! i finally did my hair!! i got it dyed to a lighter brown and finally got rid of the blonde.. but cause i cant stand having one complete colour, the hairdresser added some highlights for me :)
it took 5 hours for everything, had to dye the blonde parts a couple times cause it turn green the first time.
Anyways, since i was so good and saved up so much money, i thought i'd shower myself with a small shopping spree..
 i bought a new dress for a party, but i dont wanna show yet.. lol ($130)
 got myself a new moisturiser.. ($80)
 i also got myself some perfume and a blazer, and ended up spending 300$ shopping, so i ended up getting 2X$20 gift cards!!
 and bought this dress today with the gift card. i love finding very cheap sale items that are too large for me. gives me reason to be creative and make something else with them.
the material and colour was just so nice!! and it was $27 down from $100
 and, my love for food magazines..
dave also got my a superman tee
and skirt.. and while he was at costco
he got me this~!!
soo much candy!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

its hard to recover from a small hiatus..

i've been feeling way too lazy to blog, that and i've taken extra shifts at work, its getting to the busy season now!!

anyways, so whats new with me??
i am currently obsessed with super heros and villians..
got myself an awesomely comfy batman tee from target, i think i'll get another one incase i wear this one out ;)
its just so comfy!!

i've also saved up a buttload..
and this is after bills, fuel, groceries and food :D!!
more work and no play makes natty a little more wealthier..
(im not gloating, im just very proud of myself)
ohh! what else is awesome is that i gained interest in my savings account.. i cant rememeber when i opened up the account, but i put 2k in there that i would never touch again and i got 17$ worth of interest, its my first time gaining interest so im fairly excited ^__^

the weather has been so beautiful lately!! i cant wait till summer comes by and all im going to be doing is hitting the beach and pools!! yaya.. i've noticed that i'm getting a small obsession with bikinis/swim wear, i have so many now!!

But! last weekend was so great we ended up going to the beach, the only sad thing is that we left at 2pm.. to get ajay.. and ended up at the beach at 5pm..
it was freezing by that time.. but we did end up getting in the water!
i finally was able to use my underwater kit, it isnt the best, i think i would rather stick to the sony cybershot, it just you have to fiddle so much with the controls to get the right settings.. and then test it underwater..
its just really time consuming, not to mention not being able to focus properly or use flash under water was really annoying. BUT i was able to get a close up of an octopus we saw :)

 it got curious of the camera and grabbed onto it while i started screaming! LOL

the day after we was suppose to go to the beach as well but we were all too tired.. :(

So i've been trying to find the peach tea i tried at kims place, it was the most amazing tea i've ever tasted.. but she doesnt know where its from, but i saw this and bought myself some blooming tea.. it looks like this at first, all weird and round!! and smells of beautiful matcha
and when you pour hot water onto it, it opens up..
it has such a nice taste as well... but it wasnt peach flavour.. it was just shaped as a peach?? (after research on the internet)

i've also have some photos we took during moon festival..
i love the culture and food!!
ice cream of the future!! i've tried this when i was younger.. but it reminds me of this..
all the 90's food i loved are gone :(
mini golf at Cabramatta??! lol
Thai dancers
black sesame paste on a cracker..
chilli fishballs!! yummo.
my favorite people :)

i cant remember when, but dave took me on a date a couple weeks back, we just decided to go somewhere a little more fancier than just steak.. and went to parra to have some 317 :)
Creamy garlic prawn on a bed of risotto.. 
the most creamiest thing ever..
prawns were beautiful tho, i stopped eating prawns cause i've gotten so iffy over eating over cooked prawns.. but this was awesome..
wayy to creamy tho.. shouldve just stuck to garlic bread =P
i think this is the 317 chicken?? i cant remember, but it is chicken stuffed with ham and cheese with a creamy herby sauce on a bed of steamed veges and roast potato..
i kept eating daves potato, it was so good..
i love crab meat pasta, so now whenever i go to an Italian place this is what i always ordered.. but i wasnt able to eat this dish at the time cause of how sickeningly creamy the last dish was, so we took it home for later.
while walking back to the car, dave and i got some free samples from cold rock, it was ice cream with cookie dough
and my cocktail from mounties.. yum =D

Anyways so on other news, dave and i bought a new camera! my old cybershot ran out of batteries... LOL!! not the best excuse to buy a new camera...
 its so pink!!!! haha like almost everything i own..
the old camera and the new camera...
there are so many new features on the new camera, like 3D shooting
this picture.. but u need to hook it up to a 3D TV for it work..
it also has background defocus.. 
which i didnt use properly..
 a gourmet function..
 omg delicious thai food!!
 i donno, dont think it makes much of a difference..
 man, i really gotta thank so many people for turning me onto thai food..

BUT you know whats so bad about the new camera?? THE TOUCH SCREEN!!!
WTH!! the last camera's touch was amazing, but this one is so bad.. i dont get it..
why would u sacrifice the touch screen!!! :( so depressing.
(again, this doesnt sound that much of a big problem.. but imagine trying to take a photo, trying to change the settings and taking forever.. not to mention it touches the wrong setting.. GAH!!! and trying to focus with the touch now is so bad!)

2 more things..
 i was playing around with make up and this is what happened..
it wouldve looked cooler if i knew where all my paint were tho, cause the blood looked so pink!
but i guess its still the best i could do with red lipstick, carbon black paint, cool red paint and some black eyeshadow.. right?? :)
its been a year since i dyed the blond.. and i never wanted to touch it for as long as i could cause i dont want to ruin my hair..
does show how long my hair has grown since last year..
but im hoping to get my hair done soon :) (if i aint lazy..)

Anyways, so thats my month so far..