Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cake pops!

I've been making cake pops now since last year, and i've got a couple of new requests in!
Well this week i got a request for a Elmo red velvet cake pop and a cookie monster vanilla cake pop.
it took forever to find some tiny cookies...
but cookie monster ended up being a quick success
i gave one to my friend Deborah cause shes been so nice to us :)
Elmo was a bitch to make.. cause as much food colouring i added to the melts, it was never red enough...
it ended up looking like brains..
but after resolving the problem with expensive sprinkles, they turned out better :)

fuck you Elmo!!!
i now have a new request for 80 cake pops next week.. woo!!

If anyone else is interested in cake pops, leave a comment with email and i'll reply =)

A Beautiful White Wedding

(short post, need to sleep for 18 hour shift tmr O_O)

Last weekend, Daves work mate and his fiance finally tied the knot after being together for 7 years. I only met them recently last year but they were so nice and welcoming that they managed to squeeze us into their wedding even after plans were set :)
This was the first time i've ever been to a white wedding, (not trying to be racist, its what its called!! honest!) But yeah, the first time i've ever been to a proper church wedding. it was so rehearsed but just beautiful.
 im sorta bummed that i didnt bring my bigger lens.. cause we ended up sitting at the back of the church, cause we're the awkward asian bunch.. lol

 im so happy for them, they are such an amazing couple :)

 Finally got to wear my shoes, dont think i'll ever wear them again.. :(

 Cake looked beautiful!!!
It was such a different experience, the wedding was more for us and them to enjoy instead of the asian weddings we go to where its mainly for the guest and photos.
 the first dance was amazing, i havent known them long, but i wanted to cry my eyes out.

 meee!! =D cause im a lovo that way =)

Friday, March 23, 2012

2 seconds of fame

We got filmed during the Mardigras parade for Kylie and Lady gaga promos video, and its finally up!!

We're around 0:17

And this one we're about the last video!! 1.17

I'm getting too excited over something so small but still! Rawr!
This was one of the things that made mardigras so amazing for us :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

dip dye

I was playing around with my hair the other week
pink, cyan and indigo =D 
but you cant see the cyan that much.
i washed it right off tho because it was staining my shirt. but!! 
i finally got my roots done!!! 
i like blogging about my roots so i can keep track of how long its growing =D

But man, i will never get over how painful it is for me at the hairdressers. i know its not a big problem for a lot of other people, but i hate going to the hairdressers cause its so painful and long.
i cant complain though, getting my hair coloured is a choice and im still not yet ready to go back to black just yet.

Soo to my to cook list i can now cross off more things.
Thought the lamb and moussaka isn't in my to cook list, but its still something new!!
 Vegetarian Moussaka, could've been vegan is i didn't use add the cheese..
yum yum yum.. but next time i might make it the normal way with lamb.
Moroccan lamb shanks on rice.
the lamb was cooked for 3 hours, and it was sooo tender!!!
 it just ripped off the bone :)
 and chocolate lava cake!!
 this was slightly undercooked because oddly enough, the recipe WAS WRONG! >=(
 no matter, it still oozed out the way it should.. and tasted amazing!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Taste of Sexpo

Taste of Sydney
This was our first year at 'Taste of sydney' and our first time we tried fine dining.
Thanks to Deborah we were able to get free tickets to the event, and lucky us as well seeing as everything at the event was so expensive!!
it was completely different to what we expected cause we've been to food festivals and food conventions before, but this was different.
it reminded me of a music festival actually, only.. with food...
the ambiance was amazing!! they provided awesome seating, a very clean environment and most of all! great restaurants you can sample!
 This year 'Taste' was held at Centennial park
a black swan came so close to me.. 
either was a big lovo like i am, or it wanted to attack me.. haha

 wagyu beef and cheese slider.. $10, Amazing!! yet.. so tiny..
 The taste kitchen, where we were able to see this guy.. i cant remember his name..
 and he showed us how to prepare and cook brisket... (corned beef.. )
Crisp brisket of pasture fed cow with creamed wild mushrooms, from The Montpellier Public house

When i took a look at it i thought.. what! it looked like fried shit on grew shit.. LOL! and it so small too!! for $10
But mann.. it tastes amazing.. 
i ended up drinking the sauce cause it was just so nice! :P
 FREE!!!! yumm..
Another place we tired that i want to recommend is
its ben and jerrys meets froyo, very delicious :)
For alcohol, its something i was able to drink. (even tho im not drinking this year, its something dave told me to try anyways cause it was really nice)

And for everyone else thats interested
I dont have any pictures of the event this year cause there's nothing interesting to take pictures of, and the interesting stuff.. well u couldn't take pictures of it..
sexpo is very well advertised.. (sex sells!) and everyone honestly gets really disappointed cause its not all its cracked up to be.
its just a massive sex shop, but every thing is fairly cheap compared to the average sex shops And! its not gross and sleazy.. the staff are very nice and informative, and no one judges you there :P
you even get demonstrations! lol
there are shows such as strip shows, interviews?? hypnotism.. and other stuff.. (we weren't paying attention, it was too crowded)
there is this little booth.. where you get to watch people have sex? i think.. but u cant watch for long cause its a very long line.. and it sounds very gross and sleazy as well, but its not as bad as you think. but then again, i didnt look in.. lol
there are also rides.. and dirty carnival games.. lol! and the prizes are sex toys..
and last of all, the pornstars.. they arent that interesting.. but you do get to see them in person... and see if they actually look as good (or bad) as they do in photos or film.

But it is one of my favorite places because they sell costumes!!!! =D!
i ended up spending around $400 this year buying costumes..
This ones the one i got this year from
i love the costumes they have, they are so very well made and very pretty! they arent like horribly slutty and trashy like a lot of costumes they had there.
 it has a little tail as well!! so cute =D
This is also where i got my flight attendant outfit too =D

 and i got myself a corset from
i also love these corsets, it was so much boning in the right places that it makes me waist look like Dita Von Teese's waist.
might get more stuff off them soon :)
and some jazzles, cause i love shiney things :)

And a shop that i fell in love with while i was there, but didnt buy anything cause i already spent wayy too much..

Siggghh.. what a uselessly expensive obsession :(

Any other question feel free to comment =D
and as always, dont mind my grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.. its only a blog =P