Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Someone elses treasure

Just got a little gift from a friend :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!

So its the great time of the year again! 
i love Chinese new year, it just brings me back to those old moments i use to have when i was younger, celebrating it with all my little friends :)
I never really do much for Chinese new year, but this year i ended up going to 4 temples :)
On Sunday, which was new years eve, Daves mum took us to a Thai temple where we sat listening to the monks chants, got our bracelets, some fruit from the monks and our fortune read.
We then went to 2 Vietnamese temples where we prayed, read our lunar fortunes and talked to the monk.
There was this tree with little red pockets tired to all the branches and if you donated a little money you were able to pull off the red pocket and see what your fortune read..

"Just a solid rock unshakable by the wind, wise ones are not moved by praise and blame"

 And on Monday, the new year, I went with Kerrie and her family to a Chinese temple to pray.
but i wore my red dress, i dont have a photo of it sides a webcam photo.

i also found this in my webcam picture that i didnt post up yet, its a lighter my brother for from Vietnam.
 I've started working 6 days now, my weekly paychecks look pretty nice at the moment.. lol but it just means i never ever get to see Dave :(
Chinese new year was such a busy day at work, we were running around like crazy and all our stock started to slowly run out..
but at least i got a coconut.. which is cool.

 Before work however i did get a chance to go to the city with kerrie on a little date.. lolgay.
 We ate at Ramen kan, they changed their menus! they now have a $3 menu =D!
 teriyaki&pepper fried tofu! $3!!!
 Ebi $3!!
 Prawn Gyoza $3!!! soo cheap!!!

 got a little something for me and dave.. 

but after that i've completely spent my $100 allowance for the week :( now im not able to spend my money on anything..

 but thats ok, i still have my camera!
 i was mucking around with the bokeh effect =D
Love heart bokeh!!!
 and bokeh background =D
those are both the same lights =D

 Happy New Year Everyone! 
i wish everyone good fortune and health!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rewatching Sailormoon

Man, watching sailormoon makes me think about how the generation now doesnt know how good this use to be..

im currently up to the episode where Nephrite dies..

makes me cry my eyes out every time.. 


Wait actually.. i think when Krillin from Dragon ball Z died was even more heartbreaking..
but at least he gets revived afterwards..

i gotta watch that again.. 

Anyways, i also drew another picture =D
im not that great with coloured pencils tho but i always remember the picture of Kyleen when she was little in her house n thought Jiselle should have one too!

lol there was a scene in sailormoon where nephrite says to sailormoon after she transformed, 
"I watched you change"
lolol, perve..

Sunday, January 15, 2012


 The other day i woke up to find some macarons on my car! it was the first night i went to bed before midnight so Anya n Loc just left it on my car :)
 They are so sweet!! they always bring us so much sweets!!!
 im not quite sure what the flavours are.. they all just taste like almond to me lol
but they do look yummy!


I had the biggest urge to draw the other day and i just did :)
Freddie Mercury, i think the funny thing about tumblr is that it makes you appreciate what use to be great..  well i did at least, i kept seeing Freddie mercury so i thought i'd draw him, his such an amazing inspiration but i never really thought about him because no one really talks about him..
Lady Gaga
Baby Jiselle :)
These pictures took about an hour an a bit to draw :) they are only A4 sized.
Progress picture :)

And a painting i just did..

im so proud of myself, 3 drawings and 1 painting in one day :)
painting is hell annoying tho, i hate cleaning up after i finish painting..

 i also wanted to take a picture of a dandelion.. but it blew away before i got a good picture of it :( 



Dave and I are on a budget now because we are finally becoming adults.. LOL!
Well we're trying to save for our trips and also our future together. 
so we're trying to learn to stop spending so much and eat at home, cook our own food and try not to spend as much on useless things.
we're so tight on money this week!!
 Last night Dave and i made some tuna bake!! it was so nice but its so rich!!! blahh.
 and we baked a cake, i have so much cake mix at home and because we didnt want to waste more money on dessert, we decided to make cake instead :)
and davie bought me some chocolate, yum yum.. i love these..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hot Drinks at Home

I just want to show you my way of making hot drinks at home :)
I hate the way some of the instant hot chocolates or lattes instructions tell you to just add hot water and stir, it just tastes like water! lol..
 First you will need your desired instant drink powder.. I'm using chai i got from Tina cause i made myself hot chocolate last night, i just wanted something different :)
a pot and a whisk
 and a mug full of milk :) make sure you leave room for the foam too
 add them all together, turn the heat up to high
and mix fast till the milk has turned to its desired heat, i didn't time myself, but I'm guessing around 2 mins or less?. if u stop beating, turn the heat down, the constant movement of the whisk stops the milk from over bubbling or burning.
look how much its raised :) i didnt whisk it for too long so there isnt as much foam
not as great as cafe style drinks, but its a good idea to get all the lumps out of your drinks and insure that your drink is mixed well.
This one was the White hot chocolate i made the night before, i just sprinkled it with some chocolate powder :) Maybe i should use a clear glass mug next time so u can see the foam.


I went to see my friend Kaylie to pick up a lens she no longer wanted yesterday.
 here is my little lens collection!
 and samples of what the new lens can do :)
 turned out better than i thought actually, cause i had low expectations for this lens

The last picture is of the present i got from Nathan a week ago!! THANK YOU NATHAN!!
i woke up one day and saw a package in front of my bedroom door, and started thinking "wtf.. i didnt buy anything off ebay recently.." then saw the return address was from Queensland and freaked out!!
i ripped it open and saw the blue Swaroski box.. and freaked out even more!!! mostly cause the box was battered.. thats why i didnt take a picture of it.. then i opened that box thinking it was going to be shattered inside.. but it turned out to be 2 charms.. 2!!!
I love it! just what i wanted for Christmas :)

i was thinking that because i have so much free time i thought i should actually go out and take pictures with all my lenses, test them out and actually try new things with them, i have quite a lot of lenses that i don't even touch, what a waste! 
i also have so many other different types of cameras that i never use as well..  but i havent used them in so long i have no idea where everything is :( 
im currently trying to find my SLR.. i seriously have no idea where it is..
i just wish i had someone that can come out and take photos with me :)

My Daily Happenings
 Since my boss is out on holidays we were able to get all the staff members out for a nice of food and drinks at phuongs house, i had such a great time. i hate that we can never get to hang out all at once because if one of us are free the others are working. so it sucks.


 Our beautiful city :)

  We went to eat at Mamak with Kerrie and Kev, then visited Ryan at star city.
 Everything was so filling and delicious, i think i ate too much that i wanted to throw up lol..


 For Dave's mums birthday we went to Dragon bowl to eat. om nom nom.. yum.

And! i've been addicted to watching these videos lately.. 
its just so interesting..