Sunday, October 31, 2010

feels like last year again.. i think this summer is going to be such a great one..
last night was awesome.. it was a party to remember =)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the story of "we tried it one time and it was awesome"

i was picking dave up from tafe today and decided to make a pit stop at granville
dave says that the best charcole chicken is found here in granville at "El Jannahs" so we decided to have some. had has only ever had it once but he said its the best his ever had.
they are mainly famous for their very strong fresh garlic sauce..
but i thought it was really too strong cause they used real garlic instead of fake dehydrated or dried ones, so it has a very strong spicy taste.
the chicken was average, it tasted like any good chicken place =) reminds me of nandos but not spicey haha
but they had amazing tabouli, best store bought one i've had, though i dont think anything can beat lulas mums tabouli.. 
the meal didnt end up costing too much for take away, its half price from how much it would cost to eat in, but they were heaps nice as well. i told the guy to keep the change and he ended up giving us more garlic sauce.. which was super nice of him =)
this place is so crowded tho, and i guess if u ask a guy if they have heard of it, they would say its the best.. hahaha 

but my main reason for coming was the sweets!
we had dropped by here last week cause william wanted some and i guess me and dave just got addicted to it.
they have so much varity of deserts. it was daves first time trying baklavas and he fell in love with the ones from only this store.. haha
 we bought ourselves 17$ worth of baklava
YUMMM!!! me and dave already went though half of it!!

it is such a beautiful place. so if your ever in granville then do check out these 2 places.. its a beautiful multicultural experience  

also passed by the bp near my place to fill up and to find my beloved chocolates..
sadly.. they had ran out of the cookie and cream hersys chocolate.. which is really sad..
but i ended up getting a pack of starbursts and some reeses chocolate
i never really liked starbursts as much.. they always seemed too sweet and artificial but since we had it at the hospital i've noticed that its much nicer now since they changed the make.. so yayy!! starbursts!!

anyways, i've only gotten 2 hours of sleep today.. so i need sleepage now. 


i am constantly thinking over and over again about what my passions are and what i truly want in life..

i dont really want the perfect job or career.. that makes a lot of money.. cause then i would be working for the wrong reasons really.. (in my eyes at least)
i do not want to crave money in that way at least, it would be lovely.. but i dont think i'd want that.. not for myself at least.

i dont exactly like art as much as people think.. it has become so much of me that it makes me sick of it... if thats understandable.. i just wish it werent for forceful nowadays.. maybe i'd enjoy it more to actually get something done..

and food has become an enemy really.. nothing too horrible, its just the limit supply of cash and time and the fact that i have to feed 3, me, dave and my other tummy.. i really dont have much options than to eat unhealthy food only for the fact that they are cheap and filling.

but as i stare blankly onto my wall.. and look into the happy faces of me and my friends in the photos.. i just so sure that that is what i am here for..
yes.. that sounds so silly.. but i think thats the thing that truely makes me happy..

i keep thinking about the past.. and everyone i've met on the way.. everything i've done.. everything that has shaped me into what i am today..
how much i want to personally thank each and every one of those people for everything they have done...
there have been so many moment where random people have saved me from myself.. and everything that breaks me up inside..

but i was mainly thinking about how much everyone has changed since high school i guess..
just think.. if it were 5 years ago.. and you met the person you are today, what would you think?

i'd be a little upset, and try to change myself for the better (career wise) LOL shocked that im wish dave.. really shocked actually.. LOL me and dave in highschool would be loling about it while freaking out on the inside..
i guess this isnt what i expected 5 years later.. i really honestly thought i would be dead by now. but i guess life goes on right?

its 4am.. and im rambling.. but as someone told me last night :P that it is my blog.. and i get to write what i want when i want =D right!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

so its been a busy week here in nats world.. o_O a very tireing one too..
i just finished work and had dinner with my workmates and dave =)

was such a quite day at work today.. it was so boring..

anyways i am really pumped for the halloween party and also the house transforming again =D! bigger room for my brother... like.. MASSIVE ROOM for him.. im so jellen.. cause i let him have that room..
but i get his room afterwards... still aint enough room for me tho.. =(
parents said they are going to buy me a new tv as well and pool table for the new place we're making outside, so i cant wait till all that is done =) 
they are making a place for all our friends to hang out, cause we keep having events over here..
which brings me to wat i want to be for halloween..
any ideas? i want to keep it in touch with halloween.. so something scary.. cause i dress up normally every now and then anyways, it would jsut seem too boring =(

our first baby mamma gave birth!!!
everything was fine =) he was healthy and vicki is too which is awesome.
im so happy for them =)

warren dave and i were hanging out with kiet and vicki friday night around 3am outside mounties, they were just driving around after vicki started having contractions. she ended up giving birth in the morning
and we went to visit in the evening

i am so craving baklava!!!!

YUMM!! might get some tomorrow!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

YAY! my rooms clean!! but... now i have work =(
if wishes were possible i would wish to be a mermaid =)

anyways, i havent had much time to blog lately cause i've been going out and working since i got back from Queensland, not to mention a lot of well needed sleep!
my room is a horrible mess, it looks like someone raded through my room looking for my hidden cash stash somewhere.. the sad thing is that it was clean last week when we got home.. mum cleaned everything!!!

*sigh sigh* i got to clean it soon before dave gets home.
i'll blog later

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kept in a small bowl, the goldfish will remain small. With more space, the fish can grow - Big fish

Heres how my trip went

First day!!
At this current moment, davie is showering and I am sitting on our queen bed wrapped in towels watching MTV and typing into word cause there is no free wifi here. The day started in such a rush, I had just finished work last night at around 10.30pm and didn’t get as much sleep as I wanted to the night before hand. After dropping kim off and eating my awesomely amazing kebab from tommys, me and dave finished watching an episode of “iron chef” and then trying to fall asleep… that did not work..  I was too excited for the trip and dave was just not sleepy. So we decided to stay up watching more iron chef.
The day never properly started as the night before never really ended with sleep, but we got up and out of the house at 4.30am and went over to chinhs house, he drove us to the airport and wished us well ^__^
We left at around 6am Sydney time.. and got there at 6am goldcoast time.. hahah how awesome was that hey! But i was sooooo tired that i wished we didn’t have another hour to waste. but since we were running on excitement and adrenalin we didn’t want to just sleep right after we checked in.
So we went for a walk to find out that the beach was only 5 minutes away from our hotel, everything is right next to our hotel actually, including lots and lots of tour guide, so we signed ourselves up for scuba diving for 99$ per person and dreamworld and white world tickets for 70$ excluding the bus ride.
We walked around while everything was still closed cause it wasn’t even 9am yet..  everything slowly opened and we ended  up going into the ripleys believe it or not and condom kingdom.. it wasn’t as great as we thought.. but ripleys scared me so much.. I was so scared of things poping out and looking at me.. it was just so creepy.. but there was this funky room you go into and it would mess with your head making you think that the bridge is moving.. so you end up looking like a drunk idiot.. hahaha it was sooo funny!! Me and dave just kept going into the room.
after a long nap i decided to go visit damian in Brisbane, so we had to catch a bus to the train station and then take that to the city.. it took almost 2 hours to get to Brisbane.. so we had no time to visit damian before we had to leave back to the hotel.
Dave and I walked the city for a bit thou before leaving and randomly ate at ‘Aroma Gardens’.
Dave had a steak
I had the chicken paramagina, it was made differently.. cause i was expecting a soft grilled eggplant in between the sauce but there was no eggplant! THERE WAS BACON!!!
And we also ordered some drinks too =)
dave was really surprised and happy that they had his favorite beer here all the way from sydney too =)

The chips were amazing… Im assuming they were beer battered cause they weren’t the normal battered chips but they were the best hot chips I’ve ever had.. crispy and soft on the inside ^__^ YUMM@!!
The food was reasonable for the price, bill came out to about $50

Second day!
Second day was scuba diving!! This was something I’ve been excited about for so long… but you know, I never actually thought I’d go through with it. Anyways, it was raining… horribly.. it was also windy as well.. but you know what? We were in the water.. so it didn’t matter that much =).
After getting a lesson in how to scuba dive, me and dave went under, trying to get the hang of breathing under water.. it wasn’t as easy as it looks.. or sounds.. its I had smokers lungs lol. The wet suits must be the hardest thing to put on, its worse than trying to get you sexy jeans on after a week of bacon.. lol it was so tight and also sticky.. it was really gross..

The water was freezing!!!! I couldn’t stop shaking when I was down there.. But it was just so amazing.. there was fish almost everywhere! Not the colourful nemo fishes, I think u have to go up to the great barrier reef for that. The instructor took us to the  rocky area where he found some shells that he had broken to use as fish food, and the fish were going crazy trying to get the food off my hands.. and nibbling on my fingers =)  
I wasn’t able to bring my camera down cause I thought we might be too low for it.. but I will definitely bring it down next time! It was a short but amazing experience. . and its things like those little moments that makes me think of how wonderful this place is.
When we got back to the hotel the first thing we did was check out the outdoor pool and spa. It was really warm! Such a nice thing to do on a rainy day ;) haha and we weren’t the only ones that thought so either, everytime we’ve been in the pool it had been packed!
At night we went to hogs breath to eat, it was a first for dave.
He ordered the steak with calamari rings (no veges, just corn) lol
I had a the steak and ribs in bbq and pepper sauce with no rice
Also ordered extra dipping sauce, the honey mustard and the cucumber yogurt dip..
And a side of garlic mushrooms
Now I aint a fan of bbq sauce, and I am normally really scared of sauce that I would rather have things plain.. but I guess I’ve finally excepted the fact that I would either have to live with it or I wont be able to eat a lot of yummy food! So that day.. I devoured my food.. its the first time i've cleaned my plate of food.. that isnt pasta =D
i also ordered dessert too!!!!
 and me having to death stare my cocktail before drinking it..
me and dave explored the night life in the gold coast after that, and didnt find anything too amusing sides.. so we went back to the hotel room after wasting 20$ on the pokies machines

Third day!!
this day was suppose to be dream world day but i was sooo pooped out from the past couple of days that i couldnt get up.. let long go to a theme park..
so dave let me rest till noon and went to the tour place to postpone the ride to dream world =)
after another dip in the pool for exercise..

we went for a walk to buy some gifts and food!
 i got myself some cute little pastires.. man they were expensive.. totally wasnt worth it..
but the chocolate one was amazing! the others were crap.. lol
 found a little asian store and bought myself some random stuff..
 this stuff is awesome, its chocolate covered sunflower seeds.. and very addictive.. i use to have them when i was little but have seen them in over half my life.. before i spoke english actually..
 i got these, they look very popular cause there are all sorts of plushies and toys that are made to thier shape... so i thought they would be good.. but these were terrible..
it had a very strong sent in playdoe and it just seemed like u were eating dry playdoe
threw it away after one bite.. 
 this is very addictive.. hahah anything that comes in cute little shapes are always delicious!

Today was the day we were going to meet up with sheila as well! and they were heaps nice enough to drive down to goldcoast to see us even though they were broke =) they said it only took them about 30 mins to drive here compared to 2 hours on the train.. man that was hell..
 we gave sheila and tai their presents! 

Thank you so much to everyone who helped contribute to the book!! 
you guys made her all cry in happiness ^__^

 i'll post up the videos soon..

we later went to timezone where me and dave wasted another 30$ on games and skill testers.. but it was alright, re-living those old days of going to galaxy world while we were still in highschool..
but this timezone here is the biggest in Australia apparently..
it was big tho.. there was a mini putt putt place there.. and a bowling ally.. everything really

we then saw little tour cards for places to eat and decided to try out the "pancakes on paradise" 
 sheila and tai had the mushroom and chicken crepe.. the one i really wanted to get but afride it might be like the one at pancakes on the rocks.. and i wouldnt be able to eat it..
but it wasnt! it was beautiful =) 
 they also had the blackforest pancake!, it consisted of 2 chocolate pancake, vanilla ice cream and cream with strawberries and blueberries.
Tais niece was with us as well and ordered a bowl of 'flies' (fries.. hehe sheila said it wrong when she was ordering) 
she also had the grilled banana crepe with butterscotch sauce..YUM!
 i cant remember the name of mine but it was pretty much a red pasta sauce in crepes.. it was nice =)
 dave ordered a chicken paramagina.. hehe i think he wanted it after i had it the other night.
but he didnt like his.. 

and last! my beloved pancakes! 
 2 butter pancakes with banana and strawberries, vanilla ice cream and cream drizzled with passion fruit! 
i also ordered some butterscotch sauce too..  IT WAS SO YUMMY!

 the service was terrible, waiters were nice but was always busy.. it was a pretty big place and they didnt have much wait staff working, the booths are also ridiculously high so we weren't able to get anyones attention without yelling out to them. and one of the waiters accidently spilled hot chocolate all over dave.. i guess it was lucky it was dave cause our hotel was only a 10min walk from the restaurant.. if it were the others than they wouldnt be able to get changed =/
daves food and tais drink was crossed off the bill for us, so i guess they were still nice about the whole thing. but dave was still very disappointed..

 my friend said that people there always had horrible service cause they cater to tourists that wont come again.. so they dont care as much..

 we then headed off to karaoke
 they had these very yummy creme bulee there for only 2$!! its the best one i've had..

 it was so nice spending time with sheila, she is so big now ^__^ not much long to go till tai has another little girl in his life.. haha
they are a cute couple, i wish them tell

 me and davie ended the night with some instant udon in a cup! and night swimming!!! Best kind of swimming!!
me and davie were playing 'you got served' in the pool trying to out do eachother in underwater handstands.. lol 

Fouth day!!!
DREAMWORLD!! in the rain!! woo... at least it kept the crowd away.
i'll make this short and say we did what anyone would do in a theme park =)

after that freezing trip and buying more crap there we walked around to find a nice japanese place to fill my cravings for raman
we didnt find a raman place.. =(
but we did find a little Japanese restaurant!
  called you! they were sooo nice to us.. and like i've been eating lately, i devoured everything! 
i have absolutly nothing bad to say about this place, the food was the best japanese we've had.. and we eat a lot!.. 
the service was great, very nice wait and kitchen staff.. the only problem i guess was the actual customers.. lol they seemed snobby.. but nothing the restaurant can do about that right? 
 well we had a bowl of sashimi YUM!! (i love that dave loves raw fish as much as i do.. well he should cause he was the one that got me into it in the first place)
 fried tofu in a special sauce
 karaage chicken
 unagi-don with miso soup (eel with rice)
 soba noodles with egg, this one was really plain for me, i had to add a lot of salt and fish sauce into it
 dave got drunk on a large bottle of warm sake, cause i didnt want to drink even tho i told him i would..
 got myself a very strong tasting grapefruit juice.
 custard dessert with green tea ice cream and red bead paste, the ice cream tasted bad =(

and we packed for our flight in the morning.
 us in the plane..
 reading the typos on the in-flight magazines
 eating and blogging on the way back..

 well thats it pretty much..
i have horrible typing, sentence structures, spelling.. and anything else that shows that im a horrible English student in the entry, but im trying to rush it.. that and i can no be bothered editing it. 
so thanks for reading =)