Friday, July 30, 2010

you know what i realised..

i realised that when something horrible goes wrong.. its not the end..

i know it sounds so simple and easy but i guess tv and movies suck at telling the whole story..
this will get me back on my feet all those hundreds of times before i get everything together

Thursday, July 29, 2010

we just got back from WINTERBEATS! Neyo concert =D
 it was amazing, we werent able to sit close but we were still able to see and hear everything =)
 for the opening acts there wasnt many people and we wants to get lower for better seats but by the time T-pain got on stage the stadium was packed.
one of my favorite performers there was fat man scoop for 3 reason, i actually like his music, he preforms the way he sounds on radio and in tracks and his fat =D, he was just bouning around on stage then took his top off.. haha
he was such an awesome performer
 Neyo was amazing, he payed tribute to Michael Jackson and he preforms just like him as well.. he has a live band behind him which played all sorts of different of jazz and old type of melodys while neyo sang his songs... i dont exactly know how to explain it but it was just so awesome.
his so cute on stage as well, i'll upload a video when i get onto my computer

T-pain was so disappointing.. i really like him too but just think about his music for a second.. his famous cause he makes a mockery with the auto tune tool.. but u cant exactly use that live.. so there was a back up track playing while he make some rap noises.. it was pretty crappy..
he did end up singing some other songs.. but they werent his songs.. so 'can' sing.. but you know..
Also, i love the song 'get low' but that was only played for 2 seconds.. =(

Me and Dave also spent 100$ on the shirts.. i always love momentos so thats why i spend my money on such things..
this was pretty disappointing too.. nothing that great..
 just shirts and jumpers worth 40-60$ with the same logo on it


we went out before hand as well and got ourselves this!
it wasnt as nice as grape and strawberry was.. it tasted like lemonade with a hint of grapefruit after taste..
i dont like lemonade.. so i didnt like it.. lol
also found some giant pokky!
tho they only had 4 little packets inside =(

=O=O!! i saw this dress a couple of times in the window and i thought i'd go in and try to today..
What do you think?? it costs 270 from suduce.. and i really really like it..
the fabric is so soft and it fits perfectly..
but i dont know if i want to spend my money on a dress like that.. i'd be too scared to wear it out in case i broke it.. cause we all know i will..
but i guess i am just really sick of wearing daggy clothes when i go out..
i'd be able to afford it with 2 weeks of work =D
i also would love a new pair of heels too ^__^

My weekly craving!!!
Vietnamese spring rolls!!!
i bought myself a serving a couple of days ago after work and i just wanted more.
 so me and davie bought the ingredients and made them at home ^__^
i dad did most of the cooking.. haha
tho there isnt much to prepare..

^__^ yummy!

i've also been eating my way through the food i got from the food festival..
eating the chocolates in the box, they all taste weird cause we dont know the flavour.. so we dont know what to expect.. haha
this one looked creamy and coconutty.. (to me at least) but it turnt out to be a lemon flavoured one.. LOL
 i also drank my strawberry milk straw.. hehe it was yummy.. but not as good as normal strawberry milk
 the straw ran out.. but there was still heaps of milk left!! so i put cereal in my cup =D
while watching simpsons.. the picture looks so dirty.. hahaha

Well its bed time! night!

The best concert ever would be if Neyo and Lady gaga performed together with patrick stump on the side then michael jackson rising from the stage..
neyo and gaga would be like "that boy is a monster... beautiful monster.." LOL im so lame.. but still i love them so much!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

22nd july
i have the biggest craving for chicken at this very moment!!
 so i bought myself a large mixed snack pack.. YUM!
and some corn fritters!
they are so yummy too ^__^
that or im just really hungry

Gahh.. my computer shut down after that and now both my laptop and computer are on the fritz.. no worries tho.. i'll all be fixed soon ^__^

blog soon when my computer is fixed ^__^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poached eggs!

i was watching videos on how to poach eggs =)
they use all sorts of methods but they didnt use a ladle so i thought i'd show you how i poach my eggs, its very simple =)
first we start with a pot of water, a ladel and a spoon
add some vinegar to the pot and let boil
turn the heat down, crack an egg into a bowl to check that the egg is fine then drop into the ladle
gently push the hot water onto the egg so it can cook the top, gentle so it wont break the top niether.
do it for about 1 min or longer..

i also tried nickos way where you whist the water to make a whirlpool and drop the egg in so that movement folds the egg white over the yolk.
this is his technique click here

hehe i made dave make one =D
while i was holding the egg around.. wanting to have a poached egg fight.. =D how awesome would that be =D

Monday, July 19, 2010

hii hii!! its back to school time for most of us this week and im just getting ready for it.
im just getting my work together to hand in tomorrow =)
15 min ink drawings
20-30 mins ink drawing =)
i think life drawing would have to be my best class, i love it.. but i still feel a little un easy that im staring at a naked man.. and his junk..

My boss gave me a dress today cause she didnt want it anymore after she bought it, so she let me have it =)
quine said since i like over-sized clothes that i could wear this.. tho its a tad tight on my shoulders.. lol
i like it.. its cute ^__^

i brought some candy to work today and some of the goodies we bought yesterday for my work mates

dave bought me pizza today!! yummy ^__^
vegetarian pizza on puff pastry from dominos, my fave!
people ask me if im vegetarian whenever i tell them i only eat vege pizzas..
im not, i just dont like much fake meats, i can still eat it but i really really rather not =)
dominos are awesome for a cheap franchised pizza

anywhos sleep sleep!! tafe tmr!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

teehehe i finally put my camera underwater and took this picture from out of my fish tank.. 

i made poached eggs the other day!
they were so yummy! i made them differently to how we were taught in school and masterchef. i found that using a ladle to hold it in while the it cooks was a bit easier =)

i also took this picture of my brothers tiny shrimps under water =) im so excited for summer so i can make proper use of the camera

ajay and lana came over yesterday to lulas house with tina, daryl and dave. we were finally about to catch up and play a nice game of monopoly.
we ended up playing a 4 hour game with 7 people =) it went really well! i havent ever playing a game of monopoly ever!
daryl won the game >=(
i ended up not being able to but property cause i landed on everything but free property

afterwards lana and ajay stayed over and we made some spagetti for a late dinner =D
me and dave wanted to make one that tasted like the fettichini avocado from santos in canley hieghts which is one of my favorite but it was always too expensive and didnt have enough yummies in them.
this is how it turnt out, it was sooo yummy =D i finished my whole plate and lana had seconds =D
the only thing i forgot to add to the dish was the prawns, they gave a prawn flavour to the dish =) and we also over cooked the sundried tomatoes so it ended up really soft and lost flavour

anywhos! we went to the good food and wine festival!! it was amazing!
look it says natty!! LOL
..whats a natty food..LOL

we bought so much today and had to carry so much
we bought this new product from the apple stand
it seemed like dry apple chips!

but it wasnt.. =( 
the flavour was nice but the texture was really different than expected, it was more chewy than crunchy.. 
so with the expectation with it being crunchy, it was pretty bad..
but! since u guys know it aint crunchy.. then it might be nice for u guys =D
they were only 2$ anyways =)

we then went to have ramen to eat.
lana bought the lychee snow ice =) 
this is how big it is

anyways this is what i ended up buying today, i wish i were able to buy more cause everything was so cheap =D
i got 5 chocolate bars for 10$ and the chocolate fudge and truffle bar for 4$
how much of a bargain is that!! =D!!!
they are so yummy too ^__^
dave bought me this one =) the chocolate at this store was so beautiful, the choc chips they gave out just melted in our mouth and i just had to get some =)
this gift pack was 25$ which includes 16 selected gourmet chocolates, a chocolate bar and a packet of chocolate u were able to choose from =) i got rocky road.
and i bought some more chocolates cause i thought they were really pretty!!
 how pretty is that!
 daves sister bought me a present too hehe

she ended up buying me a creme brulee chocolate from the other chocolate stand
i not have chocolates from every stand ^__^ and im not going to be able to eat it all before it goes off.. lol! 
we ended up getting rose nectar
it was so good! this bottle was 5$ each or 3 for 12$
we got 3 and shared it with eachother.. 
check it out, its such a beautiful product and it tastes so good.
i wanna buy more soon =)

bought some asian confectionaries from the asian stand, it was soo cheap! 2 boxs of mochi for 5$ and 2 candy pack for 1$ Yumm! i wish i bought more cause i finished them the candy already =(

we ended up going home and drinking wine with the wine glasses we bought today :) 
it was so good ^__^
dont worry.. that was just ribena and sparkling water we got free.. ahah

me and dave are watching fruits basket so im really distracted
i love the show so much.. its so sad it makes me want to cry every sad part.
anywhos we're up to episode 20 =D its almost done!