Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today was AMAZING!!!
it was my first day off in so long, off from tafe, work and events.. finally some real free time for the whole day.. and i wanted to spend it at the beach.
i was so let down today because no one was able to go so it ended up being only me, dave and ajay.. but i am so glad it was, i wouldnt change one bit of what happened today cause it was just so much fun =) i am so glad i have an awesome bf who puts up with all my shit and someone like ajay whos so fun to be around =) she makes me so happy.
We went to marubra beach, my favorite go to beach =) its easy to get to (for me) its cleaner than most close beachs and it is never very crowded =D

there were blue bottles there today tho
LOTS of them!!!
 it was so scary walking around near the water cause there were so many blue bottles there..
 we walked all the way to the rocky area and hung out there for a bit.
 and found a cute little jelly fish in the water ^__^ it was so small!
 it was also a fantastic opportunity to try out my cameras underwater features!!

but i am sooo tired now that i'll finish the blog later.

though it was such an amazing day, we were finally able to fly the kite that me n dave struggled with before, me and ajay also got hit by the kite.. which would have been such an awesome youtube video..
and we saw a whale jumping around in the water.. =)

wish everyday was as awesome as today

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i am finally getting better!!! just a little.. tho the food poisoning i had the other day is still lurking around.. but other than that i am a little more healthier.. but how i found out will be a mystery for people that i dont actually tell personally.. haha
but it is fantastic news, it just means i dont need to freak out as much anymore!!! yayyy..
im a little bummed out at the moment by people.. im just talking to a couple of friends at the moment online about something that happened today and just the thought of an unworthy friend makes me really sad.

i think its a big thing to open up to someone and giving them something as big as trust in return for theirs.. and yet they just take advantage of you.. and complains about you not being a better friend?

sometimes the voices in my head tells me that it would just be better if i didnt have any friends.. so no one would make me mad or disappoints me...
how easy would that be, you wouldnt have to drive people home or buy things for people.. or do anything for anyone..

im just so mad that i have done so much for certain people.. and they dont even fucking appreciate it.. let along care that it even happened..
they just keep coming back for more and having nothing in return...

selfish people who have no idea what it is to actually do something for someone without asking for anything back... or people who are so fucking lazy they cant do things for themselves..

everytime i tell people about my friends, i have to mention how horrible and lazy they all are before they understand what im talking about...

i just feel so sorry for everyone else in my situation..
thank you for understanding.

Friday, September 24, 2010

facebook isnt working!! my life is over...

man this might be the best thing that ever happened to me.. i can finally actually get some paintings done! or try to at least. i would love to paint everyone i love a picture of some sort =D
i dont.. i was only kidding.. but i do want to get some work done =) feel so useless now since i've been sick from tafe for a while.

anyways, my daily routine is nor,a;;y go through the food blogs, beauty blogs then the manly blogs! yeah cause im a man!!!
haha.. but i decided to go and check out the news today (to see if facebook is banned or something o_O) and i saw this

and i started freaking out cause i was a little scared after watching 'food inc' last night that food can easily be contaminated and that meat houses are one of most dangerous places to work at..
but you do hear about those stories where people have accidentally cut a finger.. or hand.. or leg.. and then what do they do after?

but i was freaking out for no reason...

"A meatworker has suffered injuries, including a suspected fractured pelvis, after he was crushed against a wall by a cow in Melbourne's west."

LOL!! how lame is that.. (not for the man, i hope his ok) but it was a little mis-leading right?? unless my dyslexia is at fault here..

but then again, everytime i hear crush i think of this

anyways im up pretty early today =D! cause it is such a beautiful day... for shopping! LOL but i am so broke..
i havent even paid for my phone bill yet.. ew..

Anyways heres what i found interesting on the net

its just quick and easy ways to do certain things..

oh! fantastic news! i am finally able to go on the Queensland hoilday i've been dreaming about for 5 years now.. only with different people everytime i plan to go.. LOL
but!! davie finally booked the tickets and we're going in 2 weeks!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!
i've never really been anywhere sides vietnam.. once.. and i got sick there.. so it wasnt much of a great holiday.. mum was upset most the time there cause we have horrible relatives.. and when we were with the awesome ones, i was sick.. and depressed..
but yay!! finally able to go!!

man i am so hungry.

Monday, September 20, 2010

DEFQON1 and Moon festival!!!
soooo frikin tired!!!
defqon was alright actually..
it was loads of fun for a while, just dancing to the music like everyone around, really awesome atmoshere..
but for me, it got boring really fast.. but still fun while it lasted.
i loved the light show , it was amazing with lasers and fire..
tho we had some trouble before we entered.. they werent letting us in cause of all my camera gear i brought along.
we made sure that we were allowed to bring them to the event cause some places you werent.. but the website said all professional gear is fine.
but when we got there everyone told us we werent allowed to.. stood there for 10 mins confused n pissed off till dave talked to the superviser.. how annoying!
so many people were dressed up!! it was awesome..
n you know wat the best part was (for me.. n the world)LOL
everything was made from recycled products!!!
the stage! the statues.. everything!!
also had this can exchange!.. where you trade in 1 old can for half a token, tokens cost about 25$ for 10 tokens, and they can by snapped in half as well.
but it promotes recycling! which is an awesome idea.
but by the end of the night, it got soo trashy.. soo much rubbish everywhere!

and moon festival the next day..
i had lost my voice and was going through my day as a mute or talking like im going to die in 20mins..
so it wasnt that easy at work.. but it was still good, i ended up working in the kitchen all day.
 i was only at moon festival for 10 mins cause i was running late for work and this is what we ended up buying. also some lush berry strawberries.. YUMM
 got these ice creams for 1$ each, i love asian ice creams.. they are cheap and the melon one is soo good!
 got these drinks for 3 for 5$
it is suppose to be beauty in a drink.. which sounded weird.. like i have no idea if it actually works.. but it was really nice! so i thought we'd give it a try =)
 and moon cakes, they were buyone get one free for 5$
im not into moon cakes.. but i thought it was cute that it had a tiger on it! cause its the year of the tiger this year ^__^ haha but im going to give them to my boss
 man moon festival just reminds me of all those old highschool days.. just going there cause it was the event we all went too.. and oddly enough even with the internet, underaged drinking and all the technology we have these days, there were still sooo much youngings there..

i'll upload the other pictures tmr, need sleep!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

i am finally back home!!
and something has gotten me really mad
LOL (thats my fake mad face i do to dave when im fake mad at him..)

*sigh* you know that thing.. kinda like a zit.. you think its gone forever but in a year it comes back to annoy you once again =)
yeah.. well im having that problem again..

i dont get how certain people can get "yes.. text me randomly with the number u promised to delete ages ago" from LEAVE ME ALONE! makes no sense at all..

and cause you gave me full permission to complain.. Im going to be a bitch and abuse that.

ignoring all the times u did try to talk to me through tim and warren, txting really crossed the line.. 
far out.. what happened to wanting to move on.. -_-''

people like that deserve to die =)

but its ok..
frozen yohurt has calmed be down.. =D!!
but now i am soo cold!!! ><

the realisation of weakness is slowly hitting me and it makes me a little sad to know that i am not as healthy as i should be.. and weaker than i thought i am..
i getting a full check up this week and next, got my blood works done today and go back tomorrow for other check ups =)

but you know.. honestly in a way.. i wouldnt be sad if something were to be wrong with me.. i would live out my life the way i am knowing that my purpose is to only and just be happy.
it seems more simpler than studying to work for money for a future..
never liked that way of thinking.. cause as repeatitive as this quote is but "what happens if you just suddenly die tomorrow?"
then you wouldve wasted your time right?

but thats my way of thinking.. it might not be the best and responsible way but im happy right =)

today i spent all my money on new jellwery..
now my ears look sexy ;)
replaced all my earrings on this ear sides the tragus..
and got myself a proper industral and something to cover the infected piercing.. now it looks AWESOME =D yayy..

im thinking about getting more ear piercings done when i get more mulas.
just some more helix and maybe a double tragus =D

but i spent all my shopping money on it already =( so no shopping tomorrow unless davie gives me shopping money ^__^

NO MUST RESIST! im only going to just get more candy anyways.. LOL

anyways i've noticed a change in my hair!
its a lot more thicker since i've changed shampoo and conditioner..
but lets just pause for a moment and think about our hair.. i dont think people appreciate it as much as they should!
so here are my list of things to do to keep your hair awesome =D
1) plain and obvious.. Dont constantly straighten or curl your hair.. (that should be obvious at least..) even if u have the top of the range GHD you got for 500$ or more, it will still kill your hair =)! my proof is when i realised my hair started to look like pubes..
would u preferre some days with loopy hair? or pubical looking hair..
another alternative is blow drying, its less harsh and if you master it then it should be easier to do (it also looks more natural too)

how to not waste.. =D i learnt in hairdressing school that if you want to wash your hair well you dont use a handfull of shampoo.. use only the amount of the size of a 10cent piece.. the trick is, you shampoo twice.
they say that our hair has a resistance that opens up the hair follicles, and the first wash, as much shampoo as you have in it, it never really does the job cause it only washes off the resistance leaving all the dirt on the inside still there.
conditioner is made to close the follicles which leaves it silky and shiney.. but remember to wash it off well.. or then ur hair will look oily..
if this doesnt work then just experiment on how it works with your hair

3) Know your limit! if your hair already looks like pubes.. i best suggest NOT bleaching it for the 7th million time =D i think you would rather want to savour as much beautiful hair before u start getting grey hairs and HAVE to dye it..

4) if a certain shampoo and conditioner isnt working for you than change! my hair was falling out a lot when i was using my old shampoo.. but i thought that was just normal and i was just low in zinc, but it was also the shampoo..  so try different types of shampoo for a week or 2, or even finish the whole bottles off, and if u cant, let someone else have it =)

5) dont be rough, when your hairs wet, use a wide set tooth comb, try not to rub it like crazy with a towel, pat it or squeeze it.. or just let it dry naturally =)

just simple basic tips.. (sorta just me telling you guys to leave your hair natural) 
but its just better than having to trim 2 inches off your hair everytime you see split ends

there is no magical cure tho.. so just treat it right

anyways.. i have to pee now =D 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Life, My Feelings, My Food

and him =)

i was just going through my old blog and giggling the way through it..
you knows its about the same time last year when my life started all over again.. not just for me.. but for everyone around me as well... everything isnt the same as it use to be and i guess i am happy for that.
im glad for my friends that have found new lovers that truely make them happy and not ashamed of being with eachother..
i am also happy for my friends who have separated from their partners, it just gives us a chance to be our true selves and grow up a little before actually settling down..
i am so happy for everyone that has managed to finish their uni/tafe degrees! it was been quite a long experiance buts its over and they can finally take another step up towards building a future.
im glad for everyone who have managed to get a small job, or big one even =) it gives you a new look towards responibility life
and i am also glad for all the new little people coming into this world, and a promise that we'll try to make it as awesome for them as it were for us.

i feel as though i havent grown up as much as i wanted to by the time i am 20.. i know i have changed but i dont know weather that is a truely happy thing for me.

i just have so many doctor visits now.. so i've been kinda busy

but! i have new food and new photos!!

we went shopping the other day and saw this!!
its a flavoured straw that you just put in water and drink..
how funky is that! would you try it??

its just like the milk ones!
speaking of which.. i've had such a craving for flavoured milk lately so davie bought me this!!
blurry photo =( how cute is the little happy cow heheh
it was super cheap cause it is only a little sample packet =)
yumm!! too bad davie doesnt have milk at his place =(

also bought myself a fruit flan!! YUMMM
but i havent eaten it just yet

i keep forgetting about it.. lol davie made me too much food tonight.. wat a waste tho =(

ajay was also over last weekend and she got some contacts =)
shes had green eyes natrally so the contacts are so light in her eyes

and she also got a chance to play with the puppies
they are soooo cute now!!

quine also asked if i could take a photo of the fried ice cream for her for our new menus ^__^
does that look yummy??? =D

i love him..
whatever happens.. we're in it together..

Monday, September 13, 2010

another week over =)
another day dancing with the little ones

Sunday, September 12, 2010

last night was leannes 21st!!

shes an old bugger now =D

it was so much fun, the theme was disney and so everyone had to have something to do with disney on them. though not much people dressed up but it was alright =) she had a juke box as well, everyone breaking windows with their singing =P
it was so nice to meet new people there and also catch up with all my old friends =)
though i wish i had more time to talk to most of them. but i guess we always have facebook for that reason right =P

 though i was able to catch up with william which is pretty awesome, one of my favorite people to talk to, we went to a restaurant after leannes party just to have some food and catch up =)
 i was freaking out the whole time we were there cause we went to the asian restaurant in canley and william is allergic to MSG so i was asking the lady weather everything had MSG in it.. haha
i love this picture, leanne is so cute
i had a change in clothes but not in shoes.. so i look silly now.. haha

Anyways now to prepare for another party!! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to work!! yay
we got new uniforms!! =D
but they aint as cute as i thought they would be..
still cute tho =D!

our first day back and we've gotten so much new things ^__^
quiney gave us all a present each and bought some new teapots and teacups.. cause we keep breaking them
these teacups don hold much tho.. but they are still cute!
bubble tea =D!
oh how much i've missed thy..

mum called me during work cause she was excited about making a fish.. and asked if i was coming home that night to have some =D
me and dave had heaps cause it was so yummy!
tho dave takes awful photos.. so it looks gross..

its almost annes birthday so i was helping his mum make spring rolls for the party =)
she turnt 8 this week and we're celebrating on sunday after leannes party =)

also.. does anyone know any really good brownie places?
cause the only one i know is dominos.. and gosh they are amazing ^__^

i gotta go! talk soon