Monday, January 31, 2011

my hands smell like tomatoes.. or my nose is just not working as it should be
well.. since i've gotten my computer back, i havent felt like doing anything on it..
but i really do want to blog.

well first of all i want to talk about this restaurant that Dave really wanted to try
everytime we pass the shop we wonder why there are big ass lines outside.. so we decided to be those people in the lines and try it out for ourselves..
while waiting i was reading a restaurant review they had stuck up outside said that this place was like a fast food joint.. i didnt understand that until we sat and ordered.. the food was brought out straight away! faster than fast food even.
we had mi gorang to share, i didnt like this too much.. but dave and lana seemed to =)
satay chicken sticks.. THIS WAS AMAZING! it was fairly little tho, but it was really nice... really juicey and full of flavour..
this is what they are famous for, Roti! this one was a plain one for around 5$ less.. and it comes with 2 curries of the day, one was seafood and the other was vegetarian..
its like a light pastry, sorta like indian nann bread but lighter
tho it was served on plates that look like they were meant for prisoners.. they are absolutely beautiful
they also had different flavoured rotis, and we ended up getting a buttered one as well.

this place wouldve been the fastest we've ever been in and out of a restaurant.. the food comes out soo fast.. tho there is a waiting line outside so if its more than 2 people it might take a little longer.. but other than that its well worth it..
im craving some now >

another place we ended up going to was passionflower to kill some time.. i ended up ordering the lemon lime and bitters from the 'cheaper' side of the menu.. and that was a big mistake..
we couldnt finish it.. it was pretty bad..
im now starting to not like passionflower as much as i use to.. working at an ice cream parlour i realise how much ice cream is really worth.. so since they are charging 6$-7$ for ice cream flavours we already have at little star for 3.80$ i really dont think its worth it..
but they do have flavours like thai tea.. which is now my new favourite.. and stuff like rose petal..

well enough about food! i've been going out so much lately and spending too much on crap.. i've even broken into my savings.. about 100$ down >
but i've had so much fun the past couple of weeks =)

we discovered a new game with almerik and gillian =D 'ticket to the ride'
i love that almerik works at a game shop.. he always brings home such awesome games =D! very addictive games too..
 it was Jiselles first month the other day =) shes sooooo cute!!
and kyleen looks well too which is awesome =D

it was also kerries birthday on the same day so i werent able to stay at kyleens for that long
we left to the city at 6ish.. and got there for dinner..
william and sonjae took us to an asian place called east ocean..
we ordered about 6 dishes and rice.. and it was horrible that day.. bad service.. we got our first dish 30mins after we ordred.. which wasnt bad cause they did say it might take awhile.. but after that it too them another hour and a half before we got everything.. and the entree that sonjae ordered came out last..
by the time we got the rest of the food.. the rice was cold..
i didnt end up eating anything really cause i just lost my appetite waiting..
the boys ended up complaining and paying only 150$ for a 200++ meal.. it sounds horrible.. but it was so bad =/
we left the restaurant at like 9pm or something.. which wasted so much time and money =/
we then went to karaoke for 2 hours.. and to charlie chans!
the bartender made us a shot called the flaming charlies!
best shot ever! it was made with Kahlua, blue madori, baileys, absinthe and cinnamon!
 the night ended with us walking around everywhere randomly =D overall we had a great night..

the next day tho, recovering from all the alcohol.. dave and kevin had a work party!
it was a bollywood cruise, all paid for with free alcohol... 
i also met their co-worker Diana.. who is a friends ex!

it was so much fun =)

i need to get to work now.. so im going to cut it short.! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

i am so heppy..
but i am also happy for another reason..
i randomly got another payrise! not much.. but it just means i've been working well, which is awesome =D
i am now technically the highest paying staff there.. =D 

anyways, its my last shift for the week, and i've only had 3 shifts this week.. which is the shortest its been for a long while now.. but i am just so excited for the weekend =)

lanas been staying over lately randomly as well, we went to the city on monday so dave can get all his uni stuff organised..
DAVE GOT INTO UNI =D how cool is that
and just a year ago he had no job, license and was only going to tafe..
how he has it all =D im so proud..
he also ended up getting into UTS as well, which is awesome.. sersly.. who wouldve thought a lazy bum like him would get into UTS..

we've also been hanging around my house lately cause we have no money to go out and spend..not after monday at least.. i spent over 200$ when i shouldve been saving for daves birthday

anyways, blog later, much to talk about

Sunday, January 23, 2011

what i like about work..

working at littlestar has been such a great change

so there are many things i love about my job =D
there is how awesome the customers are.. they are soo nice sometimes..
there is the enjoyment in serving people food and seeing happy customers..
theres making food..
and eating it too ^__^!
its where most of my social life happens, with my awesome workmates
my boss is really nice as well
and the fact that i am able to work in a fast pace environment without having to work under someone.. (while my boss just watches over us =D)
but most of all i love that i am able to come home with awesome stories to share about work!!!

ok so a part of my job is to clean the toilets.. cause we have to clean the whole shop every night.. anyways during one of our busy days we ended up running out of toilet paper in both the women and mens toilets... and since we had some hand towels, a male customer decided to use that as toilet paper after doing his business..
the toilet ended up being clogged with poop and paper towels and the males toilet had to be locked up for the rest of the night.. me and steve ended up cleaning the whole mess..
steve flushed the toilet.. and the water went up.. instead of down.. man the guy used sooo much paper towels that even after that many hours.. it just couldnt dissolve.. i had to grab the poop soaked paper towel with the toilet brush.. and threw it into a bag steve was holding.. it was sooooo gross!!!!!

and the other day.. a group of people were outside eating and this man from the table came in and told the boss in viet that 'if u let anyone else on the table pay.. i'll burn your shop down' LOL! and he looked serious..
and so when he came to pay.. she joked about saying its already been paid for.. and he then told her jokingly "you better have insurance cause im going to burn the shop" while paying for the meal..!! he was joking.. but it was funny..

oh! this happened just yesterday.. but there was this guy around 20ish. he bought a scoop of jackfruit ice cream on a cone.. and steve made it for him.. and when he walked outside.. took one lick of it.. and the ice cream fell right off...=(
but he didnt come back! he just left with his non ice cream he just payed for

there was also this other moment last year when our regular customer came in with a massive fish...
if u knew how big out countertop was.. then you'll know how big this fish was..
but since u dont.. heres ken!!
it took 2 people to carry it in.. ken cut the head off for the customer.. and had to use a butchers knife and a hammer to get through it... he also gutted the fish too and the guts filled a plastic bag..
it smelt sooo bad and there was blood everywhere..
took us so long to get rid of all the fishy smell within the day....

thats all i can think of at the moment, i am just so distracted..
toodles =D

Friday, January 21, 2011

i am finally up during the day!!
Anyways while me and dave were in the city for waggamamma we decided to try the new Taiwanese dessert place that seemed to be packed out all the time called 'meet fresh' in china town
i ended up getting the taro, red bean and pearl herbal jelly (cold version)
and i love asian desserts so this one was really nice for me =D
more info here!

 it was also zaks birthday 2 weeks ago and we all went clubbing for his birthday =D

the week after we went out randomly to karaoke and the boys all got drunk.. i think it is our weekly tradition now to get kevin drunk enough for him to not remember this..

 dave also got me another late Christmas present =D it was something i really wanted to replace my old one..
 a new wallet ^__^ i wanted to buy it but it was too much over my price range.. for a wallet that is... and since dave is now working his buying me all the things i want =D 
tho he doesnt need to, but its nice to finally be on the receiving end of things =) 

 we also went to visit the restaurant kevin use to own because his friend now owns it =D and decided to have dinner there (Mt Pritchard bistro) 
my plate on top was the mixed grill.. very very meaty.. =D had some steak, lamb, chicken and a sausage in it.. yumm..
tho i didnt like the steak or chicken too much, it was just a little to dry for me even with the sauce 
 albert had the chicken schnitzel 
 dave had the surf and turf (steak and prawns)
and kevin ordered a special, barramundi and potato bake 

and on monday we went to the gym and the pools! and i am so sore now from all the ab workouts we did..

but other than all this, i've just been working and saving for daves birthday =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 so far =)
i did not realise how much has gone by and i haveny blogged about it yet.. well to start it all off i just wanted to say that as of today i have donated 100$ to the Qld floods relief.. and i hope that it encourages you to donate too..
the reason why i care so much is cause it is every day people just like us.. so imagine us.. living with everything we've gotten right now... and suddenly its all sorta gone.. most of it is there.. but nothing is useful anymore.. so everything you now have is rubbish.
and its not like a bushfire.. (which is also terrible) but u are able to pack everything into your car and flee..
but if i were to lose my possessions like my photos and memories i would just die..
thats my point at least, but there are so many other reasons why they need our help =)

timmy has signed up to volunteer there to help out personally..

 me and dave went to holy basil last night to eat and finally try their famous fried ice cream.. and as everyone has raved on about how awesome it is.. they are all right.. it is amazing! and this is coming from my friends who work at a restaurant that produce normal friend ice cream =D
the fried ice cream is made with vanilla ice cream wrapped in filo pastry and deep fried.. but the thing that makes it amazing is whats on the side.. they have this really nice sauce with this sweet crunchie toppings..
but cause of the mean i am now down 70$ they are way too expensive..
friend ice cream was like nearly 15$.. was it worth it?? yeah.. cause i am now craving some :silly:

 On new years eve, our mumma to be became a mum =D
kyleen gave birth to a baby girl and named her Jiselle =)
 she is so cute =D

Food review..
We went to waggamamma, following another radio add to see if they are really as awesome as they say... so we went to the one near the QVB.. and they were just about to close when we got there.. but the host ended up giving is 2 free buy one get one free cards and we walked up to the other waggamamma at the warlf
 well dave got the spicey beef ramen..
i had the curry chicken ramen (just note, that they all have Japanese names foe them but i can not remember it)
GAH! uploading photos suck.
we also got the pandan chicken as an entree and for dessert we had a chocolate-orange cake
pandan chicken

im going to cut this short to get some lunchings before work =D
and maybe some fried ice cream too ^__^

Sunday, January 16, 2011

reading about food always makes me sooo happy =)
and i want to share some of the interesting things i found on one of my favorite food blogs

1) there is actually a more deeper side to vegetarianism! there are actually 9 types of vegetarians
Vegan Vegans don't only not eat meat, they don't eat eggs, milk, cheese, honey, and other products you get from animals.

Lacto-ovo-Vegetarians These types of vegetarians don't eat meat, but do eat dairy products.

Lacto Vegetarians Lacto vegetarians do not eat meats or dairy products, but do consume milk.

Ovo Vegetarians Ovo Vegetarians do not eat meats, or dairy products, but do eat eggs.

Pescatarians Pescatarians do not eat any meats, but do eat fish.

Flexitarians These types of vegetarians usually stick to their diet, but sometimes still eats meat.

Pollo-Vegetarians Like the name suggests, these vegetarians only eat poultry such as chicken, duck and turkey.

Fruitarians Vegetarians who only eat fresh fruits.

Raw vegetarian/vegan Finally, raw vegetarian/vegans only eat raw products from meats and some eat raw dairy and eggs.

=D i always thought it was interesting cause i would always think im vegetarian.. but than again i do still consume meat more than i actually think

2) different types of restaurant there are in the world, from restaurants in mid air.. to all sorts of themed ones

3) Werid vending machines!!

watch this!! =D

how awesome is that.. man im so hungry looking at all this.. =(

Thursday, January 13, 2011

i've been sooo tired to post anything up.. and when i actually do try to.. it never seems interesting enough.. so i end up deleting it anyways!

but here are some of the things i've been up to in the past couple of months that i completely forgot to mention..
1. I GOT SOLAR PANELS! i was going take a picture of it and blog about it.. but i completely forgot O_O
but yeah, how cool is that =) too bad it hasnt been as sunny as the past couple of years has been.. thats really depressing
2. i got a more naggy and personal side blog , just somewhere i can rant..
3. since i cant personally help the qld flood as much as i want to, im going to donate 100$ soon =D me and some work friends were planning on donating together..
4. i am getting a new phone! and phone number.. and as sad as i am to lose my number.. i am going to be happy cause now i can get rid of awful annoying stalkers!
5. i am very very very highly addicted to bejeweled at the moment.. its so bad..

hrmmm, i know there was more..
BUT i would like to be able to talk more about food in this blog and leave my personal ramblings on my other blog =)

so i'll start with a place i ate at when it was 1am at night..
so.. what can u eat at 1am.. cause thats honestly about the time i finish work!
well! there is a place in the city called 'Chat Thai' its for all the thai spicey loveres there.. located near capital theater
they dont do a mixed thai/lao so when i went there i had noo idea what to order.. and they didnt have certain thai food there i would normally get.. but! we went with Neaw and her boyfriend Regan.. and they ended up choosing the food they normally would and we all just shared it =)
i dont have photos at the moment, but i will upload them soon. they are a pretty good place to go to instead of latenight kebabs or maccas, thats if your willing to travel to the city.
they close at 2am =)

a local place i heard was pretty great was canley heights bistro.. that random one next to the bank. they said the steaks there are better than cookshill. now i would never dislike cookshill.. cause a large plate for 10$ is fantastic.. but they do have a lot of downside.. like the fact that u get a lot of fat on your steak..
my friends said that the steaks at canley are more pricey (not by much) takes longer to cone out, but "the 5 more mintures is worth the wait"

And for all the homecookers. i made myself some white sauce pasta the other night.. and instead of using oil to sautee the mushrooms.. i used the oil that came from my jar of sundried tomatoes.. so you dont end up wasting very flavourful oil =D also, throwing oil out isnt always the best thing for nature neither.. soo thats just a little idea for everyone.

also died half my hair blonde.. woo..
my hair is now completely dead, as well as my scalp.. anddd its not completely what i wanted (its what  i asked for no doubt.. but not what i wanted..)
im still happy, Sides my bangs. they r too short.. LOL

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i have insomnia!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the lamest and selfish excuse for an entry =D
but i dont care..

Were you single this Valentines Day?

Who is your last text from?
kerrie, asking bout sat.. i have not yet replied =O

Do you think the last person you kissed has feelings for you?
Well Duhh..

Are you one of those insane twilight addicts?

What did you do last night?
finished off a drawing FINALLY and watched greys anatomy

Do you wear glasses?

How many times have you changed clothes today?
i;ve been naked all day ^__^

Do you like talking on the phone?
depends on who im talking to.. but most the times.. no

Are you busy tomorrow?
GYM then suprise party

Are you wearing short shorts?

Did you kiss or hug anyone in the last 48 hours?
yes.. i woke up today to dave kissing me goodbuy before he left for work =(

Do you think dimples are cute?
sometimes.. sometimes its just plain annoying

Do you look decent when you wake up?

Which is worse for you: being hot, or being cold?
being hot

Do you always answer your texts?

If you could change your eye color what would you change it to?
meh, anything..

If the last person you kissed were calling you right now, would you answer?
yes. then i can ask him to buy me dinner =D

Are you the youngest person living in your house?

Do you ever think “what if” about anything?
yeah, what if i were a boy :O

Do you tend to make things complicated?
all the time

Is there a girl you absolutely can not stand?
yes.. fkn kerrie.. LOL

Do you ever leave the house without make up on?

Do you expect to be married in the next two years?
depends on the ring size.. LOL im kidding..

Will you kiss anyone tomorrow?

Do you like to cuddle?
yes yes  only with the one i love.. (one)

Where is the one boy/girl you want to see the most right now?

Do you know any mechanical stuff about cars?
yes.. u learn after having a car

Do you think you have made a difference in anyone’s life?
yes =D they tell me all the time how much i've fucked them up!

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

Have you ever thrown a cell phone in anger?
yes.. it made a dent in my wall.. but the phone was fine

What’s one thing you do when you’re mad?
hit dave

Has anyone said they love you in the last week?

Do you usually have weird dreams?
ALL THE TIME! far out.. today i had a dream that me n dave were naked in his room.. then phuong came in through the window.. O_O

How was your past weekend?
worked.. it was alright

Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
i donno..

Are you insecure?
who isnt..

You’ve locked yourself outside and no-one will be home for a few hours, you?
break in

Do you want your tongue pierced?
i have it pierced..

Have you injured yourself walking around in the dark?
not as often as you'd think

Can you type without looking down at the keyboard?
now im purposely looking

What’s your hair look like today?
bed hair

What are you NOT looking forward to in the near future?
Hrmm.. i donno yet.. we'll see?

Do people ever call you by the wrong name?
my ex bf :D

How do you get to school in the mornings?
drive ;)

Do you prefer fruits or vegetables?

What side of a heart do you draw first?

Do you want a tattoo?

Would you rather have long or short hair?

What color shirt are you wearing?

Were you anyone’s first kiss?

What do you think of facial piercings?
depends, some are gross..

How did you spend the last 5 minutes of 2010?
sitting at work in daves arms waiting for the fireworks

Do you think you and your best friend will be friends in ten years?
yes =D

Have you ever liked someone older than you?
dont think i've liked anyone younger

What color are your eyes?

Is your birthday in less than 6 months?
no.. its in 6 months

Your friend kisses the boy/girl you like, what do you do?
kill him and that bitch >=(

How’d you get your last bruise?
daves bed.. it is such a bitch

now i can go to work =D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

im going to go out with a very lame and corny picture..
cause im a couple and i can =D

every year we start or end off with our somewhat new years tradition.. which is just for Tim, Warren and i to hang out and reminisce about the last year.. (the year just ended and we're already bitching about it haha)
it has been 5 years in a row now =D
first year, the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007, we had a water fight at my place, second year 2008 we went to some place to see so called fireworks.. nothing went to plan so we ended up stayed at tims and watching fireworks there, 2009 we went to see the fireworks at the city, 2010 me and dave went party hopping but ended up at kianies with tim n warren, and this year we celebrated late with just a midnight talk.
i love our little thing we do.. it brings us together =) even tho life has made it just so hard to see eachother or even keep connected.. but i think this should be able to bring us together every year =)

sooo what did everyone do for new years!? 
i went to work!! how depressing..
but it was alright, we watched the fireworks at work when everyone left and dave was still with me so it was good..
afterwards we got dressed and went to mounties
in our new clothes too.. haha
its even more sad that we werent able to actually go anywhere nice enough to be dressed up =( but i guess its better than nothing right

anyways today! we were able to see kyleen and her new baby jiselle!!
poor kay tho =( she looks soo tired and everything.. 
but she has such a cute baby =)  and soon sheilas baby will be coming =D 
how exciting..

anyways i have my last shift for the week tomorrow! then i can have a BREAK! OH YEAH
with a lot of money!!!! OHH YEAH!!! tho knowing me, im going to spend it sooo fast ^__^''


i hate blogspot sometimes.. but i hate this laptop more.. i want my computer back!