Monday, October 31, 2011

look what i found.. MAHAHA
its the mustache from highschool!!
 it was in my old highschool wallet.

last shift before holidays!!! also extra 40$ tip tonight, wootwoot. 

anyways, while cleaning up, i ordered some thai food from sitney. i asked them to make the pawpaw salad..
but it was so fucking chilli!!! OMG!
though, i guess it was perfect, cause i wanted it with as less chilli as possible.. 
still a little ridiculous that i asked for no chilli and i found the biggest piece of chilli in there..

im rambling cause im so nervous! i cant believe its happening. i cant believe that we're actually going on holidays.. life if moving forward. i feel like a bigger person!!

also, why is greys anatomy so sad... im so upset now cause everyones dying!!! :(!
man i think i've been crying every night now cause its just so sad.. but i cant stop watching it cause i just need to watch it O_O!

man i havent been away from my parents for this long.. 2 weeks without them! im gonna be so homesick!! lol

my mums going to miss us as well, shes going to finish work early on Tuesday just to drop us off to the airport :) 

oh also i bought myself a travel book!
from typo.. it was 24$! how expensive for a frikin book!!
BUT! it is quite handy.. i just hope i get to use it as much as i want to.

also got myself a new bikini as well..
i think im addicted to buying bikinis/swimwear
i have like 9 pairs now?

 also, you know my neck dermal anchor
we finally took it out!
how weird does it look right!! without the top on it
it was sooo hard to take out that its all sore now..
but i finally changed the colour! yay..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random blogging

i really want to blog, but my mind is all over the place atm so this is going to be so random.

First of all, Warrens already in vietnam!! his called me and messaged me how his going and his loving it there =D
i just bought myself a little something for my trip!
a brand new red luggage!! how sexy is it!
i thought that since this is the beginning of my traveling journey, i thought i'd buy myself my own luggage.
also got myself a new backpack, cause carrying around the country road bag was hell last time. i got one big enough for my cameras, so i wont b too worried carrying my cameras around vietnam.
and some australian souvenirs for my relatives! i dont know if i have enough.. i think i'll buy more on the weekend.
but im so excited! we've been planning this trip for about 4 yeasr or something. just a holiday in vietnam with friends, and we're finally going! the funny thing is that the plans were with monica, stacey, rob, william and tim.. and none of them are going.. lol
im so excited and nervous!!! 

so.. i have this big obsessions with cute little things right? but i have to limit myself to only a few cute little things or else i'd buy everything and end up giving them away cause i dont have any space. so i have limited myself to buying key chains/key rings..
look how cute they are!! LOL
my keys.. i only have 2 house keys n my car keys with 5 keyrings on it lol.
but they've gotten dirty lately.. my car cat and my camera pig.. :(
so i decided to give them a bath =D
 they were extremely dirty..
i love these little animl keychains, tim bought my the pig ages ago during highschool at moon festival.
and i saw the donkey and cow this year and dave bought it for me :)
tiny mario star and mayo!!
look how cute it is!!!
its not edible tho, i already asked..
and a tiny vibrator.. (dont worry, its not used.. BUT ITS SO CUTE!!! i just had to get it..) lol
there are more keychains.. but they are all attached to something..

man, today i went to the shops to pick up some pads and ended up spending 50$ on groceries..
 i currently have the biggest cravings for sweet potato chips
 stella n i went to the travel agent to look at holidays yesterday as well and saw a 104 day around the world P&O cruise for 22k..
i really want to go!!!

also, my ring flash came in. its a little hard to get use to but its pretty cool still. and for the price ($30) its alright. its better than nothing right??

and lastly, daves parents have met my parents =D! finally!! they've been buying eachother stuff ever since we've been dating, but they've never met. my parents think its going to be awkward, and they think its pointless if they met n we ended up breaking up.
but they've met! its also pretty good that they speak the same language as well, daves mums been saying that ever since we got together daves been able to do n eat more things.. lol
and my dads been telling daves mum all sorts of things about dave as well lol (cause he lives here now)
dave said that he talks to my dad more than he talks to his dad.

anyways, i've been delaying cleaning my part of the room for ages now cause i've been too lazy.. so i really should get to cleaning it cause dave gets mad that i tell him off for not cleaning the room when i never clean it anyways.. lol

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i baked!

 made myself some hummingbird cupcakes
 and some very very tiny carrot cakes..

Monday, October 24, 2011

i have nothing to do today!! its too frikin hot to do anything :(
i want to make some carrot cake and hummingbird cake, but its too hot to bake!! 
i hate it when i dont have my car, if it werent this hot i would go for a walk to get some ingredients to bake!! 
im also craving some ice cream as well.. yum yum.
so during the weekend was our early Halloween party.
everyone looks so cool
but we didnt get enough photos that night 
 batman and catwomen

anyways, so i recived my other item dave got me off ebay. 
make up!! the 120 pro palette
but its completely shattered.. 
thats what u get from buying make up online. not that i blame the supplier, just something so delicate delivered all that way from Hong Kong.. you cant expect much.

i wanna go shopping!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

tiny cupcakes!!

 made some red velvet cupcakes for me n davie :)
yum yum. (they are way too sweet for my though)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

woot woot! almost halloween!!
i wish more people are as excited as i am..
im so scared of zombies and everything about them, but i sure do love all sorts of zombie make up

Sunday, October 16, 2011

the day my teddy bear has the same teddy bear as me..

best day ever..

Friday, October 14, 2011

Short blog - Too many photos..

its gotten to the point where there are way too many cameras to upload pictures from that i've gotten a little bit lazy..

This entry brought to you by 'Big fish'
 lol.. my brother was testing out weather the water was alright for the fish.. and the fish lived.. so he put all this bigger fish in the tank
So anyways, i finally received some of the stuff dave got my off eBay.
10 pack of pens that can write on Polaroid photos
i've got too many now, so i wanna be able to label them so i know whats what lol.. not to mention draw all over them tehehe
dave also got me another 100pack of film
so much film!! but im hoping to use most of it in vietnam with my relatives :)

anyways! photos from the noodle market!
there were colourful lights all over the trees.. they were so beautiful
i got myself the borek
soo cheesey..
Peking duck from iron chef, 3 pancakes for $12
sweet chili fishballs
and pandan jelly drink from chat thai! drink was $6
 vietnamese crepes, yumm..
pancakes! (more like crepes) 
got myself a mango pancake
more food..
curly moo frozen yogurt..

last time we missed the noodle market, but this time we caught it just in time :) it was really nice, but it wasn't filling for how much we ended up paying. might as well go to the actual restaurant

Anyways, me n warren decided to try stone-grills.. 
we haven't tried it before because of how bad the reviews were and how many people complained about it.. as well as how expensive it was.
salad dressing
the hot plate n chips
dipping sauces
the meat.
this was all $69, it wasn't good at all.. which makes me feel bad to say cause the service was really nice. but the food was just so plain.. 
just imagine cooking plain meat on the stove with no oil.. and adding BBQ sauce n stuff on it.. 
it was really dry as well.. so we didn't end up finishing the food, got a doggy bag and gave the remains to my dogs..

But i did get to try the ice creams at V-lounge.
i got myself a scoop of rock melon ice cream, $3.50
 and thuy got 3 scoops of Durian, wild berry and bubblegum. i think the wild berry one was amazing!! soo yummy. but i like little star durian much more :) (its more creamy compared to a gelato texture)
 i also happened to see my friend Patrick there as well and he gave me n thuy his nutella pizza :P it was really dry cause i guess it was sitting there while they were eating their main pizza, but it was still nice of him.
but after a teapot and ice cream, our bill ended up being only $12, thats so cheap!
But, their prices are quite different, expensive drinks but cheap ice cream

i got this from the food n wine, but never actually tried it before. i dont know what camomile tea tastes like but this one was really nice.