Friday, March 22, 2013

My late night work

Ah im so excited now that i just wanted to blog about it.

Not about leaving for fiji in 3 days.

or about Sexpo and buying new things for my collection..

But actually getting so passionate about something that you just cant stop.

Lately i've stuck my nose into a few books. I've got one last section to read in the "writing for dummies book" to go, but its about editing and im no way there yet. I've read a new chapters of another novel writing book, but its so slow! so i put it down.
and as for novels im reading "Girl meets Boy" which i loved at the beginning, but because this book is actually 12 different short stories, the first 2 stories were just so good that all the others cant compare and i dont want to read anymore =(
I've also skimmed though a lot of 'life of pi'. i actually skipped to the part where he was on the boat with the tiger, i wanted to see how he wrote the imagery for the beautiful surrounds that were portrayed in the movie. but then i found myself reading from half way of the book all the way to the end, reading what happened after they found him and finding that 'comfort' after finishing a book, even tho i didnt read it properly.
im currently reading gossip girl. i wanted to see how they would have wrote that too. and i amd really enjoying it. its really easy to read.
I've got harry potter on audiobook as well as ebook, and i've only gotten past chapter one, not that it was bad, just that i thought i would save it for the plane ride to Fiji. =)

And as for my writing. i've actually started writing my second story. and since i've started reading, you notice the big change in my writing style.
im just so giddy that i have finally found a style of writing. The only problem with that is that its as schizophrenic as my personality <3 p="">
last night i havent slept. and after fan girling i ended up punching out 3 chapters one after another. i was on a roll!! woo.
i swear. i have never stuck to anything for this long...

But now, i need to get some people to read my work and tell me if i should fix stuff.
Because the second story is a little more different..... =/

i should sleep tho. i only had 2 hours of sleep since 4pm yesterday. and had a big day today with a photoshoot where i was the model. It is so much hard work.

Anyways! night night world.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

i think the writing is slowly getting too me..
i've been so horrible emotional lately..
and been eating A LOT of cake. A LOT! seriously.. i finished 2 cakes on my own in less than a week. one of the cakes i finished in less than 24 hours =(
im lucky i dont put on the weight i actually eat.. imagine if i did. god.
i've also stopped my weekly exercises for now as well.
And i've somehow gotten sick. probly from stress..

I think its a little funny that my blog entries shows my slow transition into schizophrenia! woo..

I'v also started my second novel/story... thing...
And it sounds a lot more enjoyable than my first, but, its driving me more insane.
my brain might start to bleed soon..

the only thing keeping my slightly alright is youtubing Mozart and Beethoven.

i am currently obsessed with beethovens moonlight sonata, i mean, i've always loved the first movement. but only just discovered there were more. and it drives me mental =)
i just want to write a whole page about the 3rd movement.

Anyways.  a week till our holiday.. yay....

Also. do you believe in ghosts and fortune tellers?
because someone told me that when they went to the fortune teller, that someone i pray to in the past life said hi to me.. and only me..

it freaks me out. i didnt think they could hear my thoughts..
But for someone with too many thoughts as it is.. i mean so many that my second personalities have split personalities.. gosh.
its a lot to take in. so if anyone reads this.

let me know what you think about the past life.
because i always do wish him well whenever i pray. it would be nice to know that i am being heard. and that he will look after our families and everyone i love. thats all i ask for.

And a pony.. LOL! jks. (i dont like ponys)

oh yeah! and i still got productive after saying i wouldnt take much photos till my holiday.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

odd conversations

i had a coupld of funny conversations the other day. thought i'd post it up cause it makes me lol a lot.

It was my brothers brirthday the other day, he finally turned 21, but he wasnt himself, he seemed sad.
it was funny... lol

Anyways, so my dad bought him a cake.
And he wanted to celebrate. He wanted to get my brother to shower after he had finished work and change so we can get some photos. but jaz was too sad? lol
but he sat there, watched the candles melt, melting the cake as well. and my mum decided to eat the cake before my brother was able to cut it.

Then my mum asked me if i was turning 22 this year
Me: no, im already 22
Mum: then how old are you
me: 23
mum: then jaz is 22
me: no, his 21, its on the cake
jaz: we're 2 years apart..

We had to reassure my mum that the 2 kids she gave birth to was 2 years apart.. lol..
Shes not dumb or stupid or anything..
shes just silly.

then when i was driving to coles with dave i told him how i thought about my dog.
nat: Gon is a cutiepie
dave: *gasp* you said i was a cutiepie! tsk..

Lol, over dramatic bitch.. hahahaha

so, i've gone into my next phase again...
im currently obsessed with anime


So i wraote all that a couple of days ago, and instead of just continuing and pretending i wrote all this junk in one day, i thought i would separate it because whats going on in my mind lately has completely shifted.

I think the writing is slowly getting to me.
i have this urge to be at home, in front of the computer typing away
or in my bed reading the many books i have or writing in my notebook..
Every moment im away doing something else, i feel like i need to get back home.
But once im home, i am too tired to concentrate properly, because i was tired from work, or too hungry..
i also haent been eating properly lately too. all i had to eat yesterday was cake.
Matty was being a smartass, telling me that if i have cake for my PMS, then it wouldnt make sense cause cake causes fatness and fatness causes more pms LOL!!!

well anyways, i ended up getting myself sick. so now, with so much motivation and strive. i dont have enough energy to concentrate on what i really want to do.

i also want to draw as well.

On a better note tho.
i've got a fan =)
but its not that type of fan.
I've been showing some people my story. which i still believe is horribly written, now that i've been reading a lot more books.. i can compare it to what i've writen and get a little sad that i havent found my style yet...
but i havent found my style in anything else i've done neither...

but people seem to enjoy it so far. so i must be doing something right =)
i also ended up getting 2 txt messages, of 2 different people (that dont know each other what so ever), asking if i've written any more chapters.. AT THE SAME TIME!
it was frikin amazing. i wish i screenshot it on my phone before i answered them ahaha.

Anyways, to my point. i've been feeling.. un-nat lately..
and daves noticed it and have stayed away from me lately. and when he isnt, his being extra nice.. he was actually the one that bought me the cake LOL!!

i borrowed more books from the library tho =D
the first book had noodles on the cover................
but i seriously should have read the blurb at the back because its not something i'm keen on reading really......
i think with my stomach too much :(

And before i go, i wanted to add one more odd conversation i had with a friend from tafe.
us talking about our deigning life etc, and i mentioned that i sewed
Gerald: hence the costumes
Nat: way too many costumes, not enough room around the house
Gerald: what a whole wardrobe
Nat: more actually, seriously.. its everywhere..
Gerald: your really a character nats

I thought that was funny....

But seriously.. Dave and i did a giant clean in my room, got rid of a giant bag full of crap. shredded up all our old documents, and all of that crap
And i kept pulling costumes and fabric out from everywhere..
i dont really know what to do with them because i dont want to get rid of them, and they are too tiny to give to anyone else, and too slutty for kids.. HAHAHAH

ohwell. Whenever i ever get my own place, i need my own dungeon. it will be full of costumes, wigs, shoes and lingerie.
and a pole to swing on when im le bored.

i also want my own bathroom too, so i can fill it with olive oil and bath it in all day. =D

One day..

Oh! and for my photography work. i've postponed all of them till after my trip to Fiji!
because i am to gosh darn broke to go anywhere =( so no new pics for a while.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

i like long walks on the beach

i just found out that a new series of teen titans is going to be released this year.. BOO-YEAH!

im putting in my best efforts to try to blog, even tho im distracted, bored and unmotivated..
i dont want to do anything :(

Anyways, i guess i'll just talk about my work this week.
aside from making coffee for people at the cafe... and working with a 16 year old that owns a LV and Prada bag...


I had a paid photoshoot on sat with a lovely guy.
 As always, click to enlarge ;) hahaha

All the photos turned out so well, he was a natural, could u tell it was his first time??
it was my first time shooting male pin up, i think i need to study into it a little more, maybe get some more new poses for next time we have a shoot.
and the post production wasnt so fast too! normally i spend hours working on glamour shots..

we had the shoot on Saturday, and if anyone remembers Saturday, they would know that the weather was horrible.
It was wet and gloomy, luckily, it wasnt raining where we went and we finished when it did start to sprinkle. 

But the tide was high, and it ended up getting higher than my knee high boots and wet my pants... and i didnt even bring a change of clothes :( had to sit in the back of the car in my underpant afterwards.

it was all worth it tho, the things you do to get the great photos.
i ended up getting about 300 photos in an hour. :)

but a good thing that day was what i got back as well. my friend always tells me to get paid for what i do, even if its something i love.. because its only fair.
i never ask for anything tho, but seth ended up paying me for the hour, paying more than my set price, drove us there (so i didnt need to worry about transport) and also giving me a little gift.
a 5 in 1 reflector :) worth $75..
so nice of him, something i had been meaning to get some day. when i had money. for now tho, i've just been using foil.. hahaha. or nothing.
but the reflectors are so big i might need an assistant every time i have a photoshoot! O_O

Well i had another little playful photoshoot this week as well..
just with the girls. thanks to lana tho i was able to get the photo i've imagined done for a while!
what an awesome friend she is =D

A friend at work has a tattoo just like that, and i didnt want to sound like a creep and ask the new girl at work to come over and pose half naked in my living room while i take photos of her, so i just drew it on lana =P lolol
but then it did get my to show off my make up skills once again ;) hahaha
Lana had a really bad tan line tho.. it was the hardest thing trying to edit most of that out.. 
But im quite glad, it came out almost as i visioned it.

i wish i were able to get more pics from that shoot tho.. i've got a couple that im able to use that i have to edit later (tan line wise)

Man im so pumped for more photoshoots!!!!

Oh, also the other things that happened this week.
 The fridge at work broke down so they gave me 8 bottles of milk. it wasnt off, but they didnt want to risk using it and making people sick. so we were going to pour it down the sink, in fact, we were pouring it down the sink when my boss suggested i take it home and bath in it instead.
So i did.
Dream come true. i had forgotten how much i've always wanted to bath in milk. Well i didnt after i found out how cruel milk was to the poor cows. but i still wouldnt want to waste what the cow has already suffered for.
my vegan friend told me to use baking soda instead for next time. vegan friendly alternative to a milk bath..
Felt like Cleopatra that night :) only with internet.. lol

Also made some chicken pot pie.
and celebrated ajays belated birthday.
Our plans went from 'meeting at 7pm for dinner at twelve spices'
to 'cooking then eating at home then go out to get dessert' because it was 9pm when we all met up
to 'fuck it, we'll just eat $5 cake from woolies and have a picnic outside and stargaze' because it was midnight
to us drawing tattoos all over each other.. LOL

and i always miss them when their gone :(

But i should get some sleep.. get back to my reading and writing as well..
People need the next chapters!! O_O! (woo.. i've got fans..)

Also.. i finished reading 'the boy in the striped pyjamas' in 2 days..
IT WAS SO SAD! omg.. :(
but i think, that had got to be one of the best things i've ever read. (but i havent read much.. so you know.. )
But that was a fantastic book. i do suggest not knowing what its about before reading it. and if you have happened to watch the movie, the book is def better.
but i will describe how, instead of those other people that just state it and expect everyone to know.
It is written in a little boys respective. so, as an adult with more knowledge, it is so sad to read about how all this shit is happening and the boy is too young to know.

I also finally got up to the sex part in '50 shade of grey' ABOUT TIME..
it took so long to get there....

And dave got my harry potter on my ipad!! yay. now i have some thing to read until my new book arrives in the mail =D

Anyways, nighty night blog world.
and good morning to everyone else in sydney.. hahahah.. its that time again...
8am.. *sigh*