Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello Hello

I've been so distracted lately playing with my imagination that i completely forgot about my day jobs.
Not the one at the cafe.. but the one that involves my special little equipments.
I've got a couple of photo shoots i have to arrange before we travel at the end of next month.. it would be much easier if i had a proper day job, so i can shoot at night or during the weekend. then life would be perfect.
unless i dont get any time for any other hobbies.. =(

but i dont know, maybe im wishing for something i might complain about later.

Anyways, i finished one of the books i borrowed from the library.
The boy with the striped pyjamas, it was soooo good that i ended up finishing the book on the second day. now im interested to see the movie. (first book i read before watching the movie)

i've also gotten through to the sex part of 50 shades of grey.. finally.. bah. took its time.
and also a couple of chapters into the other books i borrowed from the library and another book i've been reading online...

but i feel kinda sad atm that my life revolves around books and not real people..

i need vitamin D and a social life!!! :(

But other than my shriveling social status, i had a very productive week =)
i've finished editing all the of the useable photos from my last shoot i had a while back.

i've gotten to the 4th chapter on the first draft of my story.. although, it need A LOT more work.

And i've been a good house wife =D.. sorta.. ahahah

We finally booked our hotels for Fiji!!! its only a month away now... and im getting very excited.
i can not wait to go there and take photos, write and relax.. HAAHAHA
seriously tho, that is what i really want to do there.

Dave wants to buy me a new laptop =D (cause his the bestest boyfriend ever..)
but we dont know what laptop to get. because all laptops are shit (in my opinion)
they all die after the one years warrenty is over.
but thats just how laptops have been for me..
we are contemplating getting a mac book, seeing as we haven't heard of anyone really complaining about it.. sides anti apple people. cause they're so annoying that way.

i also completely forgot, i was playing around with my eyeliners again..
hoping to get something food enough to use to apply at a tattoo parlor, but i've been too chickenshit to go. but its still fun to play around with.
it was hard drawing on myself tho, esp when i have to do it backwards on the mirror.. stupid mirrors.

look at the giant cucumber!!!!
so crazy..

And my tiny pineapples =D yay..

Friday, February 22, 2013

Soo i thought i would take a few moments out from procrastinating and make a small blog entry.
Janina and i just went to the midnight coles 30mins before it closed to get some food,
i've been craving for a salad lately, so i made myself a giant one.. but its not as satisfying.. :(
 speaking of giant things tho, my mums brought home some very large cucumbers..
i seriously cant get over how big they are...

Last night was the Blink 182 concert, and they were amazing.
but i think i was a little bummed that they were too good. it just felt like watching them on youtube. because they are exactly how they sound.
my camera happened to die right before they sang my favorite song..
but i guess the shirt makes up for it, at least i will have a memory of that song somewhere around the house.. LOL!! Dave thinks its disgusting. i told him to shove it >=[

More money spent on half useless things (if i make use of it, then it would be money well worth wasting, but if not. its just going to waste space in my already space less room)
And i decided not to spend the rest of my money online buying books that will only be read once than given away and actually go to this amazing place we call the local library and borrow books!!
BUT the bad thing about not 'spending money' and actually using cheaper resources, is that it took me forever to find nothing there.
i ended up picking up the only few things i was able to find and stuck with "the boy in the strip pajamas' as a novel to get into.
They didn't even have harry potter..

but i didn manage to find 2 books about writing novels, the read one being the writers handbook, and the 'dummies' book is "how to write young adult fiction for dummies" lol that book is so useless..
and the last book is just a book with pretty flowers.. hahaha i happened to wonder into the art section and contemplated picking that book up because i don't want to transition into my next phase yet.. not yet! i've been going so good so far!

umm, and i guess i'll paste a tiny bit of what i've been writing.. just to prove that my writing isnt as bad as my blogging.. lol

She sets the bottle down on the dinner table and slowly walks towards him embracing him with a tight gentle hug.“I really missed you” she cries into his jacket. He wrapped his arms around her, surrounding her with the scent of his cologne.
“I missed you too” he whispered.

o_o i wish i couldve made that sound more interesting, but thats the ending of chapter 1.. 
i've been so excited writing lately that i haven't had much sleep lately, been up reading and writing away.. 
it just feels so great to finally tell the story i've had in my head for so long :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

What a productive night (my reason for being a lazy blogger)

I am such a lucky person..

I am so blessed to have 2 such amazing best friends..

i literally can tell them anything.. ANYTHING!!!! and we just lol it all off.

i cant believe i've known them for almost all my life..
friendship like that, that strong is so rare..

They are my soulmates :)
and i cant live without them.

i just wished we had more time together like we used to.

Thanks to them though, i was able to FINALLY write my first chapter.. i mean, not that im trying to be a writer or anything, thats a laugh.. lol
but i am finally able to put to paper the stories that have been building in my head for well.. as long as i've known them... (since 1998?)
i've been so busy lately, writing in my little note book that i'm almost out of pages..
 but i've still got a lot more stories to write down :)

almost 2 decades worth of dreams...

but that's the reason for why i sleep around 12 hours a day, if anyone was ever curious..

anyways, my brain has completely shut down right about now, spent the whole night writing and chatting to my girls..
and now its 7.30am..