Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Blog

i've been finding it harder and harder to blog here, mainly because i currently dont feel like the same person that created this blog 3 years ago.

But that isnt anything bad, change is definitely good. Just, noticing the small changes like that makes me feel a little bit odd, it just reminds me a lot that my parents were right from the beginning, and that i should have listened to what they said earlier, but no matter. i am happy with all the mistakes i've dealt with and the ones i havent.

The me 3 years ago..

And the me now.
Although basing these things on merely just appearances doesn't do much haha.

And defiantly not the same person i was 7 years ago ;)
Oh, all that teenage angst. i now know what all the adults were complaining about.. hahaha god i was a horrible teenager.

Well heres a link to my new blog!
If you're still interested in my random rants, photos and everything else about my life then please feel free to follow on =D