Sunday, July 31, 2011

Got myself 3 new pairs of shoes this week :)

Dave got me a lovely pair of nude heels, I got a nice pair of black formal peep toes from Lana, n I bought myself a pair of knee high boots

More shoe shopping this week!!! Yea ya

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Friday, July 29, 2011

3 more days till m finally uncapped!! N upgraded to 500gigs!!!

I'm going to have so many things to read and update, youtube to watch and plenty of photos to uploads!! Yay! Man.. 2 weeks of capped Internet... I don't think I remember what it's like to have normal Internet now.. Lol

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Road rage

My sleeping pattern is so bad now that I take 2 naps a day.. Sleep from after work till Dave gets up.. Then stay up till midday then nap again before work..
It's a horrible way to waste a lot of time, I hate that I have so much free time to do anything but I only ever get to run errands before I get all micro sleepy and have to take my nap..
today I was suppose to do bank stuff, but Dave didn't get paid so I couldn't put money away :( but I did buy something for my wonderful boyfriend

Something his wanted for a while now, I feel just like sonjae now lol, every time me n Dave go out we always come home with a new DVD, I blame the new tv for that.

Also got something for myself! Yumm..

Well there's been two things on my mind..

That Awkward moment when someone u know goes from an A-cup to double D.. Lol
That's weird.. How do u talk about that..

Also, i almost got into 2 accidents on my way to the shops (8 minutes away)
I can't say I'm the best driver or anything, But I've come a long way since I got my car, I use to drive as tho im getting a new car soon.. So I know what it feels like when people start speeding and being a tiny wiener dick..
But ever since my dad was in the car crash everything changed for me, I keep replaying it back in my head, but with different endings.. Plus, not i feel like I've got so much on stake now..

But this wasn't about my driving..
I was turning on the roundabout and midway into the turn, the car on my left goes into the roundabout too... He clearly saw me.. He was looking at me while he was driving.. Wtf!!
I then drove up the road.. And I was going the right speed.. Yet everyone was still over taking me and driving much faster..
We hit the lights and the car in front of me kept moving forward.. To the point that i was on the line at the stop.. But the light was still red.. (a friend of mine just had an accident because of this problem)
Then! When I was about to turn into The shops.. My light was green.. But the guy on the other side turns in first... I had to suddenly break so I don't hit him.. How did he managed to get his green p's!!

I just couldn't believe that in 8 minutes all that happened..

I dont believe in road rage, it's pointless, but the thing that actually does makes me so mad is that u can do everything right, but some dick can still come and fuck you up.

I'm so tired I can't write properly..
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is the first time in a long while that I've actually been up during daylight, I was hoping to get some paintings n drawings done sometime soon.. N maybe make a new n better mermaid costume for the summer

I've been spending most my earnings on groceries lately, I've also been making Dave a healthy lunch and breakfast everyday now for work :)
apples for breakfast, cause it works better than coffee, lunch varies from French toast with sweet potato mash n avocado to fried rice with tofu n peas .

I bought a big batch of strawberries as well.... Soooo much strawberries!!!!

This year has been the best year for me, I know there has been such downers for my close friends n it's really upsetting knowing they are hurt, but at least hey still have high hopes, n things will get better for them, they deserve the best.
this year has been pretty awesome, I feel like I have everything I ever wanted..
But I have some advise for my little highschoolers that's going through their last year at the moment..

Life goes on!
Lol such a cliche
But it's true, I never really understood that simple line till now.. But even after you lose everything, life still goes on, there are so many moments in life to change anything n everything. So stop stressing.. University isn't everything.. Plus, there are other ways of getting into uni anyways. Plus, like I say to almost everyone, about 50% of people drop out n change subjects, and the rest fail.. Lol

Good luck guys!!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bored, playing around with my iPad

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Why food??

I know it might be the strangest thing ever to think someone would want to put food in their hair/body, but I have so many reasons why I would rather use food than 'off the shelf' products.
In spite of sounding like a complete vegan with this but I really don't believe food had just one purpose.
A cow didn't just grow up n knew it's only purpose was to become beef..?

If a cow could be so much more, than veges can too!

Other reasons why food is better?

One, Cause it's natural!
You know where it's from n if it's good for you internally than it should b good for you physically!

Two, have you actually read the ingredient for some products, what the hell is Butylparaben or Isobutyparaben??

Three, it has less side effects, unless your allergic..

So that's my reason!

On the weekend I had a small dinner party, it was nice having people over, not to mention cooking for people :)

Made myself a very large linguini with white sauce

And for dessert I made chocolate chip mousses
It was a very lovely night, we went through our high school yearbook n hung out till 4am.

On Sunday after work Dave and I made crepes!

Dave bought the pre made ones from the freezer section of Coles. There are heating instructions on the back, but we decided to make it differently to make nuteller crepes!

Cook on a non stick pan, add tiny bit of butter, place crepes onto pan
While the heat is on low, spread nuteller onto the crepe
When crepes are soft and nuteller is melted enough, roll or fold crepe
Make sure you are watching the crepes at all time cause it doesn't take too long to make.

Serve with your favorite fruit

I made 4 but it isnt enough... I'm so hungry!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I declare my lesbian love for Kerrie

I love Kerrie chin yay
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Food for thought, part 1

My favourite complete fruit, why? Because it can do so much for you.
I don’t think many people understand how awesome avocados are because of the look and texture of it, i know when i first knew what it was i was scared at how green and gooy it looked, not to mention the slightly weird bitter aftertaste it sometimes has, but you learn to love right?

Avocado is great for you both internally and physically. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Copper and Potassium. I would describe it as a good fat, tho often mistaken for fat, it actually helps lower cholesterol! Woo..

The Vitamin E in Avocado helps improve the condition of your hair and increases its appearance and feel. (not to mention a butt loads of benefits for your skin, google it!)
Soo lets give it a try =D!
i mashed up an avocado and added a little bit of olive oil to make it more smoother
and i just smeared it all over my hair and rubbed it onto my scalp, i didn't have enough to make my hair completely wet and soggy, but i guess its alright.
anyways, i left it in there for 20 mins and washed it out.. then blow dried my hair..
i know you cant exactly tell with just one wash, seeing as i wash and condition completely the same, but i do notice a slight difference. i have a horrible thing with losing hair every time i run my fingers through my hair.. but my hair actually feels a little more stronger?? (i don't know how to describe it)
but it does feel as frail as it usually does after a light blow dry.

Here are other recipes i found online that is worth a try.

Avocado Hair Mask
- 1 ripe avocado
- 2 tbsp yogurt
- 1 egg
- 1/2 tsp rosemary oil
- 1 tbsp jojoba oil

1) Blend all the ingredients together until smooth
2) massage it into scalp and hair
3) leave for 20 mins
4) rinse with shampoo and conditioner.

also food as a face mask.

Simple avocado face mask
- 1 ripe avocado
- 3-4 drops of almond oil or other fatty oil

1) mash everything together till smooth
2) apply to face, gently massaging into skin
3) let it sit for 30 mins then rinse with luke warm water.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hair in food?.. Food in hair!

Ok so I have a little idea and experiment I think would be a little fun :D

Soo we all know I love food right.. But I also love hair! Haha that sounds weird.. But I love hairdressing...
Anyways after watching 'sheer genius' (hairdressing version of American idol) and there was this one episode that talked about how natural products do something great for your hair.. The thing is tho, I dont know what product they used and how it makes hair better.. So I thought I'd find out myself.

This just means I'm going to be putting lots of weird shit in my hair! Haha it's going to b loads of fun!! And sooo frikin messy...

I wanted to start today but I didn't want to mess up daves bathroom, I would rather have some time at my house to mess everything up haha..

I also found a recipe online that promotes hair growth, I would love my hair to grow so I don't have the urge to cut it, lol if that makes sender.. But I don't know if this works.. But you'll only know if you try.. Right??

2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of coconut oil (coconut cream works too)

1) mash the avocado
2) mix the oils n honey together
3) mix the avocado and oils together
4) rub onto dry scalp and hair
5) leave for 15 mins
6) wash it out with normal shampoo n conditioner

If anyone's willing to try it with me, feel free n tell me how it goes..
I'll have weekly updates and when I get the chance I'll put something new in my hair...
If anyone has any suggestions on what to put in my hair, that isn't bodily.. Then just tell me and I might just do it.. Lol..

Just don't say poo.. I don't want to rub poo in my hair.. That's gross..
I'm sooo sick!! I hate being sick!
But on the better news, I got my equipment today!! But I do not know how to set my camera for it to work..

My new studio flash, I need to know how to set me flash n the camera to slave mode.. Then do something else to it so it works.. But man it's difficult without any info on the net to help, I'll just bring it back to the camera experts ahah maybe they might be able to do it.

Also got my underwater kit, just the basic one for snorkeling, can't wait to use it. It can do down to 10meters.
But it seems a little hard to use as well..

Anyways I should sleep n get better.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Decided to go stay at daves cause my nets out, I can not live without the internet :)

Anyways since I haven't talked about food in awhile I think I'll list my all time favorite foods!

1) lasagna
But I only like a nice sloppy n rich in flavour lasagna, I can't stand dry ones.

2) mushrooms
I love all sorts os mushrooms but Button would have to be the best thing in the world.. U can put it in everything.. N I am so lucky that out of all the veges Dave can't eat, he still loves mushrooms.. Thank god

3) cheesecake
My first cheesecake i tired was one I made, i always thought it'd b weird seeing as it was made from cheese.. But it is the best!

4) raw salmon
I love the taste, texture n colour haha, can't eat salmon any other way

5) pavlova
One of the many foods I can eat in one sitting! Yum..

6) eggs
Good for you and can be cooked so many ways..

7) coconut juice

8) mango pancake
Them ones u get from yumcha, yummy... (I like things I can fit whole in my mouth, cause it's fun to do.. Lol, n mango pancake is one..)

9) avocado
It's my version of butter but healthier, n I love that u can put it in anything

10) durian
I just love it, even tho it's smelly n makes me smelly for a while, it's totally worth it.

Man.. Talking about food makes me so hungry..

I get to go shopping tomorrow with ryan! Yayy.... After taking Tina to work.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Omg I can't live without the internet!

Wat am I going to do!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I really feel like cutting off all my hair lol

So I realized something today :)
I am actually super happy!!!

But here's more lol pics..

I love these bathroom pictures.. They are so funny..


I'm sooo Hungary!
I'm going to go shopping n buy myself to make me feel even more super :D

I want to buy a new dress but I barely wear any of the ones i got now..

I love this dress, I wish I had time to wear it more

Monday, July 18, 2011

man i havent actually been on my computer for so long now.. 

the main reason for that is cause it is too bleeping cold...
im such a summer person.. so the cold is horrible for me :(

that and i dont have enough cute winter clothes!!! I WANT TO GO SHOPPING!!! sigh sigh..
im so bummed that we're constantly saving and not being able to spend..  (tho, i'll b happy when we're in vietnam and goldcoast and we're able to buy everything.. but still!!!)

Though, i've put a deposit down on something i've been wanting for a very long while now.
Rememeber my list..
1) A Tiffany key..
2) 5D Mark II
3) Sigma Macro lens
4) waterproof kit for the 450D
5) a new 'bunny'
6) Ring flash
7) art classes
8) a bigger room
9) 370Z
10) Lomography Diana camera set

Well i can cross of a couple now =D
i just placed an order for a new underwater kit and a studio flash!! im so excited!! tho i cant wait til summer to actually be able to use it..
But till then i think i need to find myself some more models whos are able to take underwater photos..
woo... dreams coming true :D!

if someone were to ask me what i've been doing lately i honestly dont know what to say, cause i dont know where my times been..
its going by so fast..
but i can say that i've spent most of my times watching movies on our new tv.. we've been buying a lot of bluray movies lately..

i've also gotten myself a tablet pen for my ipad! woo.. now i can do this!


i decided to look up planking and found this..
Dude.. not cool..
your head is in a toilet.. Wtf.

Monday, July 11, 2011

So I've got my 5 year plan..

I finally decided what I really want to do and now I've got to work for it.
Im pretty excited, I feel like I've gotten my second chance n this time I. Going to do it right.

So here's to my future..!
If you were in front of me right now... What would u do..?

What would you say...??

...How would you feel?
Would you feel the same as you use to?

I think I'd feel lost..
So today I went over to the lovely Natties house to have a home made birthday lunch for Loc.

Because I had work a 6pm n Loc and Anya were busy till 2pm, we didn't have enough time together as we wanted..

Nattie made carbonara, it was sooo creamy n beautiful :)

For our late entree, Norman made us a bacon wrapped cheese puff

And for dessert was a beautiful chocolate pudding... It was amazing!! I had to steal the recipe off her lol

After work today davie had gotten me some oysters..

With some chicken sweet corn soup

He also made me some brinner..

Tehe Davie's so awesome :)

My iPad failed

Gahh my iPad didn't post up the last entry I posted..
I'll just shorten it

Dave took me out on a date last night because we havent much alone time together lately..
Instead of going to our usual places we decided to wing it n chose at random
We decided to have late lunch at blackbirds, king street

We ordered a Vege pizza

Chicken n avocado pasta

And the reef n beef

It was all a tad disappointing, I love flavor n the food here was a tad bland..

We then instead of just going to the lindt cafe downstairs from blackbirds we walked around n stopped at the chocolate room on Sussex.

I got myself a 'make it yourself' white hot chocolate
I love the thought of playing n creating food but it was hard to drink.. Even with the straw spoon..
Dave got himself a matcha latte

The also supplied the chocolates that tees have as well so I got some.

We got some spicy fish balls n mango pudding from china town then left for home..

Annie was home so we made the jelly I got free from the food n wine show

It smells n tastes just like nesquik