Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Bellabox & other Haul

Another haul entry. i think this will become more frequent because i shop quite a lot.
Well, since i decided to cancel my subscription to 'Lust have it' boxes, i only got the bellabox this month. it feels little less exciting now, i really liked getting surprises in my mail. not AIDS tho, that wouldnt be cool in the mail.
Anyways, this month was a Eco-friendly month, which was fantastic because i've been wanting to switch to a more green and cruelty free lifestyle.
Aurora Spa Rose Otto and Nettle Clarifying Shampoo (50ml), 500ml - $40.00
Aurora Spa Burdock and Rose Revitalising Conditioner (50ml), 500ml - $40.00

 These arent that great, comparing to the last shampoo and conditioner i got last time, these ones are really weak, a little does go a long way.. and because i have so much hair now, i end up using the 2 tiny bottles so quickly.
the product itself leaves me hair really oily. but maybe because i didnt use enough?
LUSH Cosmetics Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (45g) 225g - $29.95

I love lush products, this one just smells funky tho.
AVEENO Daily Moisturising Lotion (29ml) 354ml - $12.99

I love this lotion, it dries really fast. doesnt leave skin feeling greasy.
emerginC Kombucha Cleanser (3ml), 120ml - $44.00
emerginC Phytocell Cream (3ml), 50ml - $105.00

i wasted these products :( i used them all in one go when there was enough in the little packets for at least 2-3 uses. i didnt realise how expensive these products were tho!!
but they smelt nice :)
luk beautifood Lip Nourish (Full sized) (3g) - $24.95

The packaging is so beautiful! i love the velvety feel. 
but the colour is a little weak.
Bonus Product: Phytocare Daily C (30 sachets) - $17.80

Tastes like the crap you have to take when you get a urinal track infection... gross. ><

Total Vaule: $47.92

My Moral Dilemma.

Lately I've been researching on how to be vegan without giving up meat..
i know.. that sounds completely stupid and utterly pointless..
but i have my own reasons to do so.

I really do not want to give up meat because i don't want to substitute it with medication, i don't want to become an angry person, every vegan i know are so angry... they say its because they are angry for the animals, but it just sounds like they need a bit of meat in them. And I'm a foodie.. i don't want to limit myself..

But then, i'd be eating an animal.. and so many products have animal products or been tested on an animal.. its just so hard to get around certain things.

So i've decided to the things that dont effect my health and still help the animals :)
After reading a list of products that still use animal testing, I've decided that after i've used up all my make up and beauty products (because i still dont want to waste them, animals getting hurt just so i can throw it in the bin?)
But after they are all used up, i will buy products that are cruelty free.
I am also going to reduce my intake on dairy and eggs, because there is more suffering in a glass of milk than a piece of steak. 
And i'm going to start using my eco-friendly bags again soon, i was using them before to do my shopping, but i stopped because we needed some plastic bags around the house for little things like rubbish bins. but since i stopped using them, the plastic bags have been piling up again, to the point that i have to go and recycle them again.

My reason?
Every time i be the better person in the situation that involves people, most of the time i get let down, like everyone else..
so why focus all that positive energy on people, when you can help the creatures that cant help themselves...

also, i just love animals..  
no better reason than that

And for my other buys.
Dave bought me a little present the other day :)
But it finally made it here yesterday.
it was on sale, and we had some money to spare :) 

We also bought some little goodies from Zumbos while we were in the city.

We got the 'Happy birthday' cake
the textures really nice, it just tastes like chocolate mousse, although you can taste a hint of passion-fruit.
They finally have flavours that i love!!!! im going to be sad seeing them gone tho

And Dave bought me a dugong from the aquarium on our little date.
Her names Doug, Doug the Dugong..
Now Penelope has someone to play with.
i had to re-name him because dave said that naming him seal after the singer was just too typical for a seal.. so i named him Penelope seal =D
Penelope Seal the male seal.
they arent gay, Doug is a girl..
but they are still defying nature.. because his a seal and shes a dugong..

i wonder what society is going to think of that..
and them giving me lovin =D


Goodnight xox

Biennale of Sydney

I've been lazy with my bloggings that i am stacked up with a bunch of photos from different events that i do want to blog about piling up because i am seriously too lazy to blog.

I'm just not in the right mindset i guess..

Been watching too much 'My names Earl' that the voice in my head is now Earl.. Lol..

Well, im not going to write much, i'll just let the pictures speak for themselves. =)
Well last week, after postponing it for so long, i finally made it to the Biennale of Sydney. 
I drove all the way to Hustville that day to visit Albert's place since he was in town for the week. he sure does have one lovely place.. 

And we took the train to the city and met Stella and Ajay there.
it was such a windy day that day, when i came home to wash my hair, it was still tangled! took a while to untangle since me hair was wet.

 i was a little annoyed that day because i ended up changing a couple of times because of the weather, it looked sunny, so i put on shorts, i checked the weather and it said it might rain, and we all saw the clouds coming.. so i changed into jeans (oh  how i hate jeans..)
And! it ended up being one of the hottest days that week!
 i lent Ajay my camera, these pictures without the watermark are taken by her :)

 And the rest are taken by me.

This one was my favorite exhibit.
there were different pieces with different types of motion sencors on them, some you touch, some you could talk to, and others you could wave your hand over to get the pieces to move or light up.
It was brilliant.
The ways the pieces moved was so soft and beautiful..

i also liked this one.
 Alberts favorite was this one because it was the only thing there was the type of art he was into.
 Another exhibit where you could add a little of your own stories into it.
 i added my own little message too =)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Somewhere in Paris: Audrey Hepburn

its not Paris.. i know, but i kinda liked the title

My friend showed me this picture of Audrey just staring off.. and it got me thinking too..
its so hard to find inspiration these days, but when its there, it can make you do amazing things.

This is my first time being a little more adventurous and actually attempted to use water colour..
Also my first time doing mixed media
I really really hope i can keep producing art.. im kinda dreading the day that this phase will pass and im left with another new or old hobbie to be obsessed over..

its getting a little annoying =/

Also i saw this comment on a picture i uploaded.
So i did.
2 mins sketch while my hand was spazzing out again..
you know those little tremors you get when you have over worked a muscles..
Well its a bitch when you want to draw.

Anyways, i should sleep. gonna get some pho tmr with Albert =D! cause his back!!! YAY