Friday, September 28, 2012

I've been really lazy and busy to blog lately =(

I've been off in my own little world the past couple of weeks.. or months..
probably months..
and then i when i am out of it i am off at an event or something.. and get backed up with thoughts, photos and adventures that i want to blog about..


So i've gathered up some photos.. and i guess i'll just add little captions and stuff explaining whats been happenings.
Every day now we've been getting packages delivered to our place.. (online shopping.. oh the horrors of owning a debit card)
The top package happens to be the merchandise i ordered to sell at my pink ribbon event i'll be holding next month.

Link here!!
Its been a while since i've had one, i stopped doing anything for charity because people put me off them, telling me that the charities are all fake and stupid.
that and when you 'volunteering' for charity, you realise how much this world sucks too..
the only good thing about this charity is its pink. people dont walk past you as if they didnt notice you..

but it feels so shitty not being able to do anything..
so i thought i would try again.. its honestly better than nothing.

Anyways, so i was talking to Ajay about what we should do for the event. money raising ideas.
she said we should have a little 'game' day, where we would pay to play, etc etc.
and Stella told me to make it a fancy Asian high tea, so tea and yumcha!! yummo.

Hope it goes well :)

we'll be donating towards 2 charities that day.
The national breast cancer foundation as well as the cancer counsel..

I had a little idea the other day..

Every smoker should donate as much money each time they bought a new pack of cigarettes towards a charity that helps cancer, its like health insurance, you might need it one day.. it'd just be safer knowing that you're money is going to help you one day.

If you dont like that, just quit. but because people never quit.. 
so if you could spare $15 every day/week then you could spare another $15 per month..

if you wont do it for yourself, do it for the person you love that will one day get cancer.

i dont want to sound rude or anything.. just seeing some one with cancer is heartbreaking..
the ads on TV are shit.. people with cancer dont look like that..
they seriously look way too healthy.. as much as they want to dull it down.

if they wanted to scare people into changing something, they should go and see what i have seen... :(


i'll try lighten the mood..

i read up that 1 in 2 people will develop cancer.
i told dave this infomation..
N: DAVE! one in 2 people will develop cancer.. we're 2 people.. THAT MEANS YOU'RE GOING TO GET CANCER!
D: What! why me?!
N: cause life just isnt fair..

i think i had a more bitchier response to that though.. lol
Anyways, the other box was my new camera.. i seriously need to sell off some of my cameras.. i own too many to keep a count of.

But you know, this was the thing i wanted so much for so long..
and now that i have it, its no longer excited...
you know??

there is nothing left on my wish list...
i have everything i wanted.. o_O
(i just need a house, but we'll talk about that next time lol)

Also.. wtf do i do with it now! LOL!
I'm too busy to go out to take pictures -_-''

 A picture of Dave in his fatter days. because this picture didnt end up in scrap books or photo albums, they ended up on my wall.. and when my brother saw it he asked me wether he has been in a 'fatbooth app'
i said no..

so the next time i saw the picture i noticed my brother added a little note to it..

This has caused dave to go on a diet.
his lost 4 kilos so far :)

 I love this anime!!! Orphen is one my lover <3 br="br">

The other day i was able to hang out with Kyleen and Jiselle!
You know how i mentioned i hate babies, well i love this one..
 She is is just so beautiful :)
Growing up so fast, a little naughty.. but shes just amazing.
 we took her to the park, but this park was too 'old' for her, the only thing she was able to do was go on the swings.
 Kyleens cat Sammy.
And Jiselles plant she grew during school/childcare.
(obviously taken with the new camera)

It was so great hanging out with Kyleen and Jiselle.

Up until the point where Jiselle threw up on Kyleen.. ><!! bahh!!!
It was so awful!!!!
i txted Dave straight after saying that if he ever got me preggas, i will kill him!!!

i hate barf.. more than i hate babies :(

Kyleen was a bit sick so she couldnt smell what i was smelling... i almost threw up too...
But after she was all cleaned up it was all good again..

i just couldnt eat for a while.. ><

 a couple of weeks ago was Dave sisters birthday.
 i finally made use of the cupcake cake mold that Janina got me :)
but i made the wrong type of cake, and the wrong type of frosting.
:( ohwell, trial and error.. 
 birthday girl was still happy :) thats all that matters.

And from my to cook list!!
Because i made Angel food cake, i was left with a lot of egg yolk, so i ended up making Creme Brulees.
we made vanilla, Pandan and Chai flavoured ones.
 The blow torch was on sale, so we thought we'd might as well buy one.
 om nom nom.

i went to Lush in Parramatta with stevey last week after our little bike and Rollerblade session, and ended up spending $100 there on presents.
i bought myself a bar of soap.. its so yummy i could just take a bite out of it..
i ended up licking it though.. isnt as yummy as it feels and smells.. :(
 but it has the funniest ingredients!!! teehehe


i googled it though.. its a real seed! O_O

Finally.. man, its been like 5 years since i graduated..
But it was great, our little girl growing up :)
it was such a long graduation.. went for 3 hours or something..
but i guess we know why Lana loves her friends and school so much, everyone's just so close to each other.. its really sweet.
 Watching her graduate reminded me of so many things from the past.

Our childhood, and how long we're known eachother
the fact that we're all together at this milestone together :)
these 2 girls are just so special to me..
i wouldn't know what I'd do if any thing were to happen to them.
 Flashbacks of my graduation and highschool years flew back at me..

*sighh* i feel so old =(
 Havent seen lanas mum in ages neither!!!
and she also hasnt seen us, it just makes me overwhelmed.. she was a big part of our childhood too, so many mixed memories..

And Karma, be nice, and the world rewards you.
 A thing i love about my job is the customers.. sometimes they are just amazing.
on moon festival night, it was so busy!!
a group of monks came in from Vietnam, and when they left they all of us a bracelet :)

 i also got some free tickets to the masterchef expo!!!
 And some goodies as well from Debbie!! ahh she is so lovely.
She said she waited for 30mins before she was able to order.. but she got me some because i've never tried (or even heard of) this brand.
but apparently they freezeblast these macarons from sweden? and get shipped all over the world.
They are truly dedicate.. very lovely flavors.

Anyways!! its currently 4am.
i've been typing for 2 hours, being distracted from catching up with a couple of people online..
but i finished making 100 cakepops with Debbie and her sister, my new bff Beryl

Nighty night!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Animania 2012

This weekend was Animania!!
This was the first time i have ever been because every other year i never knew when it was on nor did i have a costume to go in.
This year, i had heaps of reminders and actually had some time to make my costume too! =)
i started making it on Monday, and only finished it at 1am on friday night before the event.
the costume was pretty simple, so it didn't take me too long, but i'm horribly lazy and i keep skipping steps which then ended up being messy so it took even longer to fix the cheating steps..

when we were getting ready i only grabbed one of my shoes i needed for the cosplay. i also forgot to bring tape to tape my arm gruads onto me.. so my costume isnt 100% 
i was so bummed too!! im never gonna wear the costume again, wasted so much time making arm bands and i dont get to use it :(
i couldn't had more sleep that night!!! bahh..
 It was also Gillians and Jeremys first time going as well :)
Jeremy borrowed daves old halloween costume and gill borrowed my wig. she looks so good with blonde!!!
We ended up with quite a lot of pictures so im just going to post up some of cosplay i really really liked.
These guys had the best costume!!!
 These 2 girls said their costume took 2 months to make!! i could never imagine being able to keep my focus on one thing for that long.. but they looked amazing!!!
 this girl was super hot!! i want a body suit!!!
 Our own little photo shoot :)
 Gills friend Minh! she was working at the maid cafe there and hung out with us during her break :)

I honestly loved it there.. 
There wasnt much there though, a couple of little stalls that sold a bit of anime stuff, small karaoke place, maid cafe, cosplay contest but mainly a hole heap of cosplay.
i found it really iffy that entry fee was $40 per person.. but i can see why..
if someone else were to make another event like this just for cosplayer.. they would have to hire a hall.. then they would have to hire equipment.. and security.. and a bunch of other stuff as well.
so in the end, we would have to pay around that much to enter anyways.

because unlike the other conventions i've been to, they dont have the advertising sponsorships.. 
Makes a huge difference though..

it was so weird that everyone would come up to us and ask us for photos with them..
i never thought we'd be an attraction there.. never really crossed my mind.
but half way through the day i had to learn a couple of lame kung fu moves just to pose for some photos.. lol.
people would come up to me and call me Kasumi as if they knew me.. 
it was nice.. 

I'm a different person now than i was in high school, i use to be able to dress up like anything and everything and felt amazing being someone different all the time!!
but now i have a normal boyfriend and a normal life.. Lol.. its nice.. but its not the real me.. 
i end up spending so much time sleeping because thats where i am able to be a different person..

it was just nice being able to escape for that little moment.