Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rocket salad

I had this at tee's cupcakes and it was amazing!!
It has the spicy, peppery taste of the rocket mixed with the sweet and sour flavour oh the dressing and apple with the slight taste of Parmesan

- baby rocket
- one apple
- Parmesan cheese
- balsamic dressing
- walnuts

And I love to add avocado to it, gives it a nice creamy texture.
This is the dressing I bought for it.

Im sure u can make it from scratch but I think with the price comparison this does really well.

First of all, wash the rocket. Pre packet salads are the most dirtiest veges that can cause horrible food poisoning.

Cut the apple! Presentation wise I would cut them into strips like in the picture, but i also halved them so they fit in my mouth.. Lol

And assemble!
It takes less than 5 mins to make n it costs less than 8$

So enjoy :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

just showing off my new piercing =D

Anyways, I'm so mad that i spent money on something i that tastes amazing last time.. but today was the biggest disappointment ever..

How annoying is that!
  Daves been getting my tiny bottles of alcohol for a while now.. and we're building a collection of tiny little bottles.. teeheh. they are so cute.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a little late..
but another year has gone by..

R.I.P Luis Lovero

i will bring flowers when i can :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its my birthday!

im finally 21, even tho it says on my fb that it isnt.. it is my birthday..

i dont think anyone forgot niether :)
i got heaps of txt messages and phone calls last night at midnight :P

i spent the whole day with dave.. just sleeping.. lol
he got up early to get me another present cause i didnt like what he originally got me..

and i spent 3 hours making my cake :)
you likey!!! =D im sooooo proud of myself!
it took sooo long!! but i actually did it :)

we went to Twelve Spices for dinner tonight with some of my closest friends.

Anya and Loc came by after dinner because they werent able to make it in time and brought me a little make up cake =D
ice cream cake!
and warren got a piercing on his eye!

today was awesome.
i am so happy at the moment!! lost for words really..
today has been so wonderful.. i am so glad to be surrounded by so many people that i love so much. i wish everyday was like today.
Thank you to everyone that came today.. so glad everyone was able to make it on short notice and to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. And also to everyone that got me something. lol i honestly really dont want anything.. :)

look at what i ended up getting!!!
a little blue box ;)
with 2 keys.. (cause im so picky.. dave got me both) lol
something sweet from Anya and Loc, THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!
a photo album from Kyleen and Roland. going to be handy after i develop the photos from this week :)
and a cute little bag from thuy :)

Thank you guys so much. it means so much to me!!!

I feel so lucky..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i was right, it was completely worthless.. -_-''

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

you know that thing you see.. that you just want to take a photo of??
this was for a valentines project i did but it didnt turn out the way i wanted so i might try again soon
I found my old Vietnamese dresses and let lana try some on seeing as i no longer fit into them

Friday, June 10, 2011

IM SO BROKE NOW!!!!! omg i want to cry :(
i never thought how much my 21st is going to cost me.. so now i need to save the rest of my money till then.. unless i pull out of my savings!

by next week i should have enough :)
Anywhos, i finally got a day off today and i decided to get my hair done..
 it was not a dramatic change.. 

on other news.
i finally found what i was looking for..
There was this cereal i had when i was young and when pokemon just came out.

im not sure if anyone has tried it.. im sure everyone obsessed with pokemon back in the day would've but this was the best thing that happened to cereal.
it was cheerio cereal with tiny Pokemon marshmallows. it was DELICIOUS!

though since it was just a fad, the cereal didnt last long. 
Ever since i remembered, i've been researching about a cereal that was just like that one.. and i found it! the thing was, it was only in America!
warren bought it for me yesterday after finding it at the candy shop in Stocklands Wetherill Park.

the only sad thing about this situation is that i do not have any milk at home...

Anyways, thats all i guess. blog soon

Friday, June 3, 2011

i got my polariod!!! yay! im so excited.. but im working 12 hour shifts so i dont have any time to hang out with people to take any pictures :( 
i do not want to waste expensive film on lovos.. LOL

boo... i cant wait to use it :)

i also had an impulse to get some more piercings.. so after an hour at joes.. i came out with 7 new dermals..
it was horribly painful..

i also got myself an early birthday present..
i've been dreaming of the moment where we could sing and guitar hero again.. LOL seriously..
i've been saving for so long just to have that moment again :)
and now my dreams have finally come true!!!!!! IM SOOOO HAPPY!!!

in a week i've spent over around 1400$ >
ohwells, go make more money today ;) LATERS!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We stumbled upon this place for Tims birthday last night..
a little jewel hidden away in Smithfield..
its such a beautiful place, the staff was so attentive, knew his food and gave wonderful recommendations, and the food was lovely. it was pricey tho, thats the only bad thing, mains ranged from 25$+ but you pay for what you get.
i got myself a lemoncello bliss, it was really yummy!! 
sonjae got a strawberry daiquiri, very strong.

for mains dave got himself a veal shank. it had a fancier name but i can not remember it!
it was a slow roasted piece on top of citrus mash. 
tim had carbonara, but i didnt get a chance to try it.
and i had mine made special, linguini with blueswimmers in a creamy pink sauce. YUM!
and some side veges came from someones dish?

for dessert i got a apple and berry tort with ice cream.
it was too sweet for my taste
and tim for a tiramisu

and with our check, we got some sweets :)
the bill came to 220$ for 3 cocktails, house wine, an entree, 3 mains and 2 dessert, not to bad aye?
over all this place must have been the best italian place i've been to. i would say i would preferred to have food from 317, but this place is great!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy birthday timmy!

A lot has happened lately..

1) We got a new 3D TV, sound system, and PS3 :)
its curently in jaz's room. spent 4k on it and haggled ourselves over 1k worth of stuff.. lol!
its pretty awesome tho!

2) i bought myself a Polaroid camera.. Gilly and Neaw had one and said i could get it off ebay for cheap =D! so i just placed my order for it.
yaya!! i cant wait, i've already received the film for the camera but not the camera!!!

3) We're thinking of having a heros and villains themed party.. but we dont know when or what for.. LOL
i would say me and warrens birthday but its such a bad time, seeing as everyone would have to go out and get a costume in less than a month, as well as everyone being extra busy anyways?
but we'll find a date for it :)
SO THINK OF IT!! What Villain or super hero would u be??

4) I dont have any food photo to upload cause its all on daves phone >=(

5) Im not working 7 days a week anymore, but my pay is going to b bumped up! =D YAY
im not free on Thursday and Tuesday..

thats all for now =D