Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i have been without net for a while now.. we got capped in the first week cause dave just bought us a new wireless router.. lol

Anyways, im at daves place mooching off his net..

What i do want to talk about tho are super foods!!
as in foods that double as something else..
anyways i read this on the internet and really wanted to try it out for myself..
but they say that Peanut butter can get the sticky stuff off things.. 
you know when u have an unwanted sticker or price tag? and when u rip it off theres a big patch of stickiness left??
Well they say u smear peanut butter over it, leave it for 15 minutes and when you wipe it all off its gone! 
i tired this on my car, i peeled off the rego sticker and was left with a large horrible sticky patch.. tho its really hard not to eat the peanut butter.. or trying to resist wiping it off early cause it wouldnt work.. but it actually does work! 
How awesome is that??
i also heard that peanut butter is also used to make bombs or something.. but im not too sure about that one..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

highlight of the day.. (so far)
webcamming in the same room =D
in all those '2012' type of movies, nothing happened to Australia! but it seems like we're being destroyed first =(

in less than 2 months theres been a flood, cyclone, earthquake and tsunami.. how depressing..
all the places that i planned on going.. skiing in New Zealand, snorkeling at Cairn, and Japan! =(

Monday, March 7, 2011

This makes me want watermelon.. yum

Lazy lazy couple of weeks
i've been pretty sick lately and all i've wanted to do is sleep.. but being stuck at home trying to get better i've gotten very very addicted to 'sims 3'!

but i have so much photos i would like to post up =D
i'll start off with a cupcake website that zombie gore lovers would like =D so warren n son.. click! lol
its called The evil cupcake! and it has all sorts of realistic looking cupcakes that looks like it just came out of the saw movies, i dont want to post up a picture cause i cant look at it ><
but i think its awesome.

 i have lots of restaurant reviews, i havent been bothered uploading the pictures so now im piled up with so much =D
anyways, im going to start off with Sicilians at Parramatta, Eatability link
We went here twice now for Williams birthday, last year was a little disappointing but this year was much much better, overall its decent Italian food for the average price. the desserts were soo yummy tho!
creme burlee was a little undercooked but was still nice, and the serving size was really big too.
Tyler ordered the big 1kg steak and finished it.. and was STILL HUNGRY! lol his a beast..
it was so nice seeing everyone there again tho =)

And with out obsession with Korean BBQ, Steve, dave and i went to eat at the Korean place in Cabramatta on John street =)  
we got the seafood pancake
and the medium BBQ set
korean BBQ to me all pretty much tastes the same, tho i've only been to 2 places.. but this place the lady actually cooks the food for us and serves it to us, telling us what was nice to eat it with.. and so on.. =) very lovely service

Criniti's was another place we tired out at Parramatta for our belated valentines date with Anya and Loc.
they gave us complimentary bread!
Dave ordered spaghetti marinara, Very very yummy! best one we've had actually..
And i went in on a 0.5m pizza with Anya =)
i got the god father and she got the seafood marinara, special for their big pizzas. but it wasnt the best pizza.. crust is much nicer, has more topping on it and isnt as chewy..
thats my opinion anyways..
the table was soooo tiny that we couldnt eat properly.. and kept dropping our forks cause there was just no room..
and the service was horrible, waiter was giving us crap for dropping our forks.. and the waitress got our order wrong and ended up charging us for another pizza that we didnt order, we were about to pay them as well till Anya re-checked the bill!
we then went to San Churros cafe for some churros! and they are simply the best =D

Another place on our list is Hooters! and as we all expected, they were as tacky as they are in the movies.. short shorts, boobies! and the way they serve you, it was really odd to see..
but the food was actually decent! the steak was very yummy!
Hairly and Cat shared a nacho plate.. which was HUGE!
Other dave got some tadertots
i got myself some of their famous chicken wings.. and they were very nice =)
and a very very very big burger...

during our dinner tho they started to dance! 

A place that i am very interested in visiting again it At Bangkok at capital square..
tho i dont believe most of their food they served was authentic Thai food, it really was the best thai place i've been too. we went after hours at around 1am for a friends birthday.. and it was so much fun.
there was a live band playing and the singer was so amazing.
it is such a tiny place tho, we couldnt lean back without touching someone that was walking by or sitting on the other tables but it was such a different experiance.
this is my favorite dish ^__^! Raw salmon, Viet style.. (i say viet cause its the type of fish sauce used in most of the vietnamese dishes) YUMM!!

The Bavarian Beir Cafe was one of the places daves wanted to try for a while now.
this place was really nice as well. me and dave for the special for the day, dave got the pork knuckle (above) and i got the mussels!
big pot
big serve for 23$
But tiny tiny mussels =( but i guess thats why it was a special..
still yummy tho 
And for dessert, i got anything with the word chocolate on it.. and this was sooooo rich and sickenly..
and dave got the apple strudel.. yumm..

that should be all the food blogging.. but what i'm really excited about is the fact that my board game pile is actually piling up..
my mum gave away warrens monopoly without knowing it was his, so she gave us money to buy a new one =) and i bought pictionary as well
we had a game the other night with warren and lana and it was just soo much fun.. i love all these quite night in with my friends..

on Saturday was Tina and neaws birthday and that was such a great day as well.. i love talking to Tina and Lauren.. they are such a big part of my life even tho i rarely see them =)
they are one of my true friends, and i miss them so much already =(

as for neaws birthday, she was so beautiful that night ^__^ we had a great night.. but more on that later when i get my camera back from steve..