Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Writers road block

I have finally hit a small writers block. and its sorta killing me on the inside. maybe because its getting much too cold to stay on the computer for long enough to push out a couple more chapters, or that im trying to write a part that i havent dreamt up yet.. so i'd be going off completely improvisation.. Man, stupid blank mind.
but on better side of things, i've picked up a couple of more books to read.
The last song by Nicholas Sparks (its about love and music. stuff im writing about.. so i hope it helps. also, if its as good as save haven, than i am very excited)
Gossip girl, the second book. i dont know about that one. it is very easy to read and follow, but the writing in it isnt the best... still.. it is very easy to get through.
Grace Notes, another book about music. this book complicates my mind just a little, because it has no chapters... so i never know when to stop or start. and im 1/4 way though and its stuck on the same subject, which is death... its making it hard to keep wanting to read it :(
Romeo & Juliet as well as A midsummer's night dream, my goal one day is to finally be able to understand Shakespeare
Jane Eyre on audiobook, which sounds sooo interesting atm, but its soooo hard to follow while im multitasking. but i might purchase a hardcover copy when i get a chance to go into a book store (because book stores are so hard to find these days)
and "the Secret Caselle Baby", lol, tina use to love reading those types of books, and i thought i would actually pick one up today while shopping.. and i read the first line in a random page..
"breathing unevenly, he flung his head back, nostrils flared, eyes half closed before cupping those breasts in his big hands and rubbing......" well.. you know...
After i read that i thought i just had to buy it now.. LOL!!!!!!!!!
its for my research!! i promise ;) hahaha..

and i also have some books my friends have lend me! =D which i should get too one day :( but i keep picking up more books from the library..

Anyways, so, i went shopping today.. and i swear it felt like the weirdest thing to do now. because i had no idea what to do?
i didnt need anymore clothes, i dont need nor can afford any more electronics... i shouldnt really be buying books, mainly because i can rent them at the library. the book i got was 6$ so its not too bad..
and i really dont need or want anything else.. i think the only thing i would have gotten if i were at a place like bunnings or spotlight were material for my cosplay. but other than that, the shops feel like nothing to me at the moment....
Maybe i've kicked my shopping addiction!!!! :O! omg.

Bahh anyways, failed attempt at writing.. i might just go and read or something.

chat soon!