Saturday, April 27, 2013

where did all the food entries go?

knowing someone SO well that you both say the same thing at the same time.

That is true friendship.

And to remind myself later what all this means.
i asked lana to help me out on my book. i asked her if my male character were an animal, what animal would he be. and if my female character were an animal what would she be.
i said my answer without waiting for hers
and she answered my question.

And we both said the same thing, an eagle and a black panther.

then we both loled at the idea for 5 minutes or more that we both happened to say the same thing.
i would screenshot it, but i wrote 'egal' not 'eagle' LOL!!!!!!!!!!

but its just crazy she knows me and my characters so well.

Also, im marveled at a lot of other things this week too.
That types of elements can 'move' someone.
it might just be the fact that this week, im feeling like such a women... you know, moody and stuff.
But i found myself crying to the current book im reading... in public.

then i watched a movie, which was shit, but it still managed to scare me, leaving my heart racing and paniced.

Then i listened to music that made me want to cry and dance in joy.

VERY EMOTIONAL NAT lol. but i find it amazing. that something like that feels like such a drug.

i also am amazing at how inspiration comes to me (i only say myself in this because i dont know how other people get inspirations)
but lately, i've found pieces of works, and such of that sort, things that bring me to create more! :)
i love being inspired. just an empowering feeling.

oh, and i saw some old naked photos of myself recently. and felt horrible. not because i was naked.. sorta. but because the person im looking at is not the person i am now. which is good and bad.
who i am now wouldnt do that anymore.. sorta. LOL!
but, the person i am now does not have the confidence to do that anymore... its completely gone. i dont feel sexy anymore, i dont love my body as much as i use to.
and i find that devastating!!!

BAH ! ohwell;
i shall continue my readings and blog some other time. but i think i might change my blog around. its been getting more personal and less um.. subject related?
Night y'all