Tuesday, April 16, 2013

chapter 11

Oh yeah!! on a roll!!! =D! 34 pages into my writing, and 11 chapters down. god.. writing is fun. makes me blush and feel butterflies and all that stuff.

i also spent yesterday reading for 7 hours to finish my book. that was intense. but i don't think reading for that long is good, not that its not.. but that's a lot of stuff to process through all at once. that book was crazy tho.
i ended up picking up 'save haven' when i was in the library cause i wanted something dramatically romantic. and that was the only one there from Nickolaus sparks.
But it turns out that it wasnt as romantic as i thought, it was actually more scary and haunting... to me at least.. because it just reminded me of my past relationship.
and it made me feel so angry... the abusive husband in the story didnt know what he did wrong, he didnt know that hitting her was wrong and he shouldnt have done that in the first place. and that made me so angry because i was in that same spot. i was conviced that he wasnt hitting me or doing anything wrong. he tells me and everyone else that i was the crazy one, that i provoked him. but even so, you should never ever hit a women..
i thought i was strong before, but i know now that i will never be as strong as any man is...
the book just reminded me about all those shit that did happen. and shit did happen.

but while reading the book i kept turning to dave and feeling completely safe that im with a man like him. he is completely perfect... in all the good ways at least :)

even if i found someone who made more money, was hot as hell or gave me lady tinglies, it wouldn't matter, because in the end, he is who i feel 100% comfortable with.

ANYWAYS! should get to my writing. and to sleep... omg i need sleepppppppppp =(