Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bun Rieu!

short entry
My dad taught me how to make his version of 'Bun rieu' 
he told me that when he was younger his mother had taught him all sorts of girly stuff like learning how to cook and clean. but he was really grateful for that because he was able to use that knowledge and skill when he was older.
'Bun Rieu' is something Dave and i love! so i really wanted to learn to make it for our future :)

Now, onto some random phone photos.
 My key chains of the states/cities i've been to! though i dont have one from Queensland.. but we'll go there soon. if not then Nathan can send one down for me =D
 Speaking of which, Nathan also got me a gift for Christmas that I've been trying to return because the sales assistant gave him the wrong charm.... it wouldn't be a problem if i didn't already have a radish..
Anyone want to trade me?? lol
*sigh sigh*

 Pasta from barry's work place 'V-loung' this is honestly the best place for a seafood pasta, i got 3 mussels, heaps of prawns and squid that was perfectly cooked for $16..
Lemongrass, ginger and rose tea from 'World Par-tea' cause i've been sick.. :(
 And i had a very very big cleaning session yesterday, i decided to hang most of my delicates and costumes
 but i realised that im missing so many things.. i've lost 2 garter stockings, my bunny tail, some other stuff.. 
BUT! i found my hidden money stash.. LOL now im wondering where else i've hidden money... 
so i guess i can just buy all my lost items.. 

not really.. i put the money in the bank cause it was a lot of money.. 

Anyways, i thought i'd draw a self portrait instead of takin a lovo.. lol