Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To do list

The past couple of days i've been watching so much master chef (yes, im a little late.. lol) BUT it just made me think of how much i actually don't know about food and cooking!!

so i wrote down a list of the dishes i would love to learn how to cook and perfect and ingredients I've never used
i also realised i don't know how to cook much Vietnamese dishes.. so i would love to learn more Vietnamese and other Asian dishes..

So heres my list..
1) Paella
2) Beef Wellington
3) Scallops
4) Chiffon cake
5) 6 Layered cake
6) Gazpacho
7) Tiramisu
8) Bun rieu (Vietnamese crab noodle soup)
9) Duck
10) Pawpaw salad
11) Ribs
12) Shepards pie
13) Souffle
14) Deviled eggs
15) Coddled egg
16) Home made pasta
17) Baby back ribs
18) Home made lasagna
19) Candid bacon
20) Deep fried junk food
21) Creme burlee
22) Bo kho (Vietnamese beef stew)
23) Choa Tom (Shrimp paste on sugarcane skewers)
24) Chocolate lava cake
25) Mango pancake
26) baked cheesecake
27) curry
28) pesto pasta
29) macarons
30) chocolate tort

Thats my list so far! =D

i hope people are prepared for lots of cake, cause i dont eat cake and there are quite a lot of desserts on the menu =D