Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bun Rieu!

short entry
My dad taught me how to make his version of 'Bun rieu' 
he told me that when he was younger his mother had taught him all sorts of girly stuff like learning how to cook and clean. but he was really grateful for that because he was able to use that knowledge and skill when he was older.
'Bun Rieu' is something Dave and i love! so i really wanted to learn to make it for our future :)

Now, onto some random phone photos.
 My key chains of the states/cities i've been to! though i dont have one from Queensland.. but we'll go there soon. if not then Nathan can send one down for me =D
 Speaking of which, Nathan also got me a gift for Christmas that I've been trying to return because the sales assistant gave him the wrong charm.... it wouldn't be a problem if i didn't already have a radish..
Anyone want to trade me?? lol
*sigh sigh*

 Pasta from barry's work place 'V-loung' this is honestly the best place for a seafood pasta, i got 3 mussels, heaps of prawns and squid that was perfectly cooked for $16..
Lemongrass, ginger and rose tea from 'World Par-tea' cause i've been sick.. :(
 And i had a very very big cleaning session yesterday, i decided to hang most of my delicates and costumes
 but i realised that im missing so many things.. i've lost 2 garter stockings, my bunny tail, some other stuff.. 
BUT! i found my hidden money stash.. LOL now im wondering where else i've hidden money... 
so i guess i can just buy all my lost items.. 

not really.. i put the money in the bank cause it was a lot of money.. 

Anyways, i thought i'd draw a self portrait instead of takin a lovo.. lol

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Dinner

 Well, as promised, the photos from my valentines dinner i made with Dave.
These are also things i wanted to cook on my 'to cook list' so im pretty happy!

This is the first time i cooked seafood.. i honestly don't think I've ever made anything with seafood in it.. (just realising it now.. ) Oh, sides boiling some prawns..
 Anyways, we made some baked oysters, Dave and i made a giant pot of mornay sauce so we used that to top up the oysters and scallops.
 yumm!! the only sad thing about this was the oysters were slightly undercooked and the scallops were a little overcooked :( but other than that it was yummy =D
 they looked yummy too =D
 but i wasn't able to eat much, seafood makes me full pretty fast..

 because we had a dozen oysters we decided to deep fry half of them along with some mushrooms we had
 And for our main, i made a beef wellington with prosciutto and mushroom filling.
We left it in for too long so the beef ended up being well done, but because we got a nice cut it wasnt dry and chewy :) 
Dave was able to finish it but i still cant eat well done meat.
 and with our left over beef i made a beef tartare, just a little sample one cause i wanted to just cross that off my list.
for desserts was strawberries dipped in chocolate, i really wished we had more right now, have the biggest cravings.. yum.

I'll make more beef wellingtons next time i have a little tea party :)
 preparing the wellington, and dont feel gross, thats glad wrap on the table..
 $10 worth of scallops..
 My lovely present from my lovely boyfriend

Now for some random photos.. 
for people who have polaroids and have no idea what to do with them, i have an idea!
 Make a scrapbook =D
 i bought a medium size scrapbook and put about almost over 100 Polaroids in already :)
 i need more stickers tho.. =D
 And i realised yesterday i have a little obsession when it comes to pendants..
 i have an obsession with keys, the reason is a bit too high school corny, but I've always had this thing.. where i had the key to something special.. lol..
And hearts.. because the character in my stories wore a heart pendant..
but, thats another weird story.. 

And for some things i bought in Melbourne
 i seriously have been looking for this for years!! i saw this when i was in high school after we had a black out one night, my parents looked all over the house for candles and they burnt out so fast. bees wax are suppose to last longer (barely burning anything while lit) and its organic, so im so happy i was able to find it :)

 Cute little gummy candy, it came in little lip gloss container.. =D so cute..
 a piece of chocolate from Chokolait =D by the time i opened it it was already crushed.. :( boo..

 And my chocolate from shocolate.. lol these chocolate cafe names.. teehe
these were amazing... soo yummy.. man i need to get more..

We had dinner with Daves parents tonight and we paid for once lol, but they gave us some clothes protectors for my dresses.. and mann.. i never realised how much dresses i had..
i feel sorta bad that i only ever wear my dresses either once or twice.. i feel like i should rent out my clothes so they are being used.. but i dont want people to go clubbing in them and ruin them :( i dont know what to do..

And some mobile uploads.
 a little valentines gift from kyleen! YUMM!
 and after dinner, dave and i spent the night drawing tattoos on each other, but i didnt take any pictures of the ones he drew on me, cause he didnt do much drawing.. lol!!! i ended up scribbling all over our bodies with little mushrooms and stars..
lovo in Melbourne
and a little gift i got kyleen for letting me borrow her Polaroid while i was away

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines 2012

Happy Valentines!!
I just wanted to make a short entry full of photos because i just got back from Melbourne..
And seeing as its valentines right :)
i hope everyone had a great day spent with the people they love!

I'll post up more photos of my home cooked valentines dinner on my next entry :)


Melbourne 2012
This is the first time i traveled to Melbourne and its a pretty big deal to me cause its where all my interest lies..
The city is so artistically beautiful, every corner i walked passed i wanted to take photos of, everywhere i went people were dressed weird! and there were so much food, fashion and art everywhere!
i think that if i seriously were to change something about my life is that i would have moved here ages ago and started a fashion career.

But here are some photos from our Melbourne trip!
I thought this was funny cause i wrote a list of people i want to punch in the face on our other blog, but i think i have to add more to it.
cute little french duck =D
batman street!!

Crown Casino!
1 liter cocktail
Kerrie got arrested.. lol!! no not really.

On the 11th we went snorkeling, one of the things i really wanted to do was to snorkel to see sea dragons because there are only limited areas where you are able to see some.
i wasnt able to take a picture of the sea dragons because they look like seaweed lol! but i was able to take pictures of some other marine life :)

After snorkeling was our trip to the hot springs!
This would have to be one of my favorite things to do! the weather was perfect for it.
we were immersed in these hot outdoor mineral pools in cold rainy weather.. it was amazing!
i think its something everyone should experience, its just so relaxing..

But then again, im so obsessed with hot baths... lol
i guess thats why i loved it so much.

This was our pool and apartment
 our view :)
 the walls were so thin that everyone was able to hear everything everyone else was doing.. lol so Ryan, who slept in the living room could hear me tip toe to the bathroom to pee every night.. lol
 Getting ready for Dave's birthday dinner

We ate at Meat, Wine & Co
 the waitress was the nicest person ever, she did my request for a little birthday treat for Dave and got all the staff to come out to sing to him!! and gave him sparklers :)
 Dave didn't even see it coming, he thought someone else at the place had the same birthday as him.. lol!
 the dessert was amazing!!! creme burlee, chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream, mango something with a berry something, and a chocolate chilli moose with blood orange sorbet
 we look so g..
Happy 22nd Davie :)

And some of my more artsy pictures, i looked like the biggest tourist walking around with a DSLR around my neck all weekend, but it was worth it.